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Thousands of museum visitors have viewed the Bible themed uilts stitched by Harriet Powers 1837 1910 at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston In 1882 Mrs Powers completed her Lord's Supper uilt a piece seemingly lost to history What became of this uilt? Is it in a family's private possession? uilter Kyra E Hicks has imagined what Bible stories Mrs Powers might have told through fabrics to create the Lord's Supper uilt Included here are 12 blocks featuring stories from both the Old and New Testaments 1 The Lord's Supper 2 The Creation 3 Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil 4 Sarah and Abraham Visited by Three Angles 5 Moses and the Ten Commandments 6 John Baptizing Jesus God is Well Pleased 7 The Devil Tries to Tempt Jesus 8 Jesus Gives Thanks and Feeds More Than 5000 9 The Road to Jerusalem 10 Jesus' Triumphant Entry 11 The Crucifixion 12 The Accession This pattern can be enlarged to make either a wall hanging or bed uilt

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    I should start by saying that this book is written by my sister so it was going to get a great rating no matter what Imagine my surprise when I read the book and discovered that it told a historic tale of a 19th century Black uilter who's talents resulted in uilts that are on display in two different nationally known museums How cool is that The author imagines that there is a third uilt focused on the Lord's Supper from the Bible that has never been foundShe re imagines that missing uilt and creates a pattern for it that is displayed in this bookI recommend this book for anyone that is fond of history or of uilts

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    I am the author of this pattern book Hope you enjoy making your choice of a wallhanging or bed uilt