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Estrin Lancaster has fled Philadelphia for a life of perpetual motion Now in Belfast she revels than she would like in the company of Ireland's most inflammatory wit Farrell O'Phelan Born into conflict his acute mind is irredeemably twisted by his efforts to make sense of Ireland

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    Oh deary me I can't really recommend thisShriver's novels come in two varieties from my experience the tightly plotted Double Fault Big Brother Kevin and the all out ramble A Perfectly Good Family this And she maintains that all her novels have the same uality so until I've read all of them apart from The New Republic that doesn't look that great just ward off the bigger onesThere was this one female character and I don't think she got off the bed the entire time I don't mean to say she was having sex all the time she was just always lying down on a bedThere were some cool insights but I doubt they'll last so bathed in the meandering and tepidity of so many of the other sectionsAnd the essay at the end is like 'At thirty I used to punish myself for endurance's sake and think that life was only exciting if I aimed directly at misery Now that I am older and wiser this is bullshit' Uh that was always bullshitIf Shriver had Scrivener that might've livened 'er earlier novelser But with all that effort to re type or whatever my novels probably would've read the same way back when I'm not cutting this It took me five days to type and I'm not doing it again

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    At first I found it strange that LS was writing in such depth and with such insight about the Troubles but she has lived in Northern Ireland Not an uplifting book but then what would you expect from her?

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    This book grew on me I found it difficult to get into at first possibly due to not knowing enough about Northern Irish politics and the Troubles The prose style in the beginning seemed opaue which surprised me as I've always enjoyed Lionel Shriver's writing I couldn't figure out which characters I was supposed to care about To be honest the only reason I persevered through the first hundred pages was that Lionel Shriver is one of my favourite authorsHowever I'm glad I didn't give up Around page 100 I began enjoying the book a lot I started to relate to Farrell and Estrin and wanted to know what would happen to them I think if there had been sections about these two characters in the early sections and less time spent on Constance and Roisin the novel would have been easier to get intoI enjoyed spending time with Estrin in the middle and later parts of the novel Based on the author's notes in the back of the edition I read I think she wrote a lot of herself into Estrin To a large extent I lost interest in the political stuff going on and wanted to focus solely on Estrin I was very eager to find out what she would decide to doAs a result I was kind of annoyed to come away from the book feeling like Farrell had been given the last word Lionel Shriver describes Estrin as the protagonist but my impression was that Farrell ended up hogging the limelight While he's an interesting character he's also rather irritating I wanted this novel to be Estrin's story but ultimately I think it was his

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    Do you enjoy long winded multi layered multi POV novels about fractured people and countries and the dualities that we all carry within ourselves and how these bits can contribute to one's complexity and fascination but also can completely undermine any sort of lasting human relationship? WELL I DO I don't know what kind of genre this is but this novel is reminiscent of A Perfect Spy The Untouchable and a handful of other books that I am too excited to remember right now ODC will be a novel that you will either love or hate You will either be entirely captivated by Shriver's ability to capture a person in all hisher complexity and contradiction and write AT LENGTH AND IN GREAT DETAIL about such a person's normal existence Or you will be completely bored and put off by this and say what is the actual point of this novel? I can honestly say though that this novel was revelatory Shriver is an absolute master at creating characters that you love and hate in one breath I identified with Estrin and Farrell and was exasperated by them and was touched and then angry and then crying This novel is EXUISITE and I haven't even gotten to the part where Shriver folds in Northern Ireland and its own fractured peoplegeographypolitics This novel has been recently republished and is hard to find but if you find it please read it Or who knows maybe you will be one of the people I gift it to

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    Read again and againOne difficult book to read but as poetic as it is frustrating Shriver has much to say as she honestly admits and what she had to say is delivered with machine gun accuracy Suffering for suffering's sake is so Catholic Righteousness and bigotry so Protestant One gets a huge dose of both in this book Not too mention about the Irish Troubles than one ever cared to know yet compelling enough to keep watch all the way to the conference and beyond This is the one book I will probably read several times in order to absorb all what Shriver has revealed and shared My own journey similar in some ways word for word; yet complexity than even I have created in my own world

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    Parts of this book were brilliant parts were unintelligible if you don't have a background in Northern Irish politics and some bits were repetitive and unnecessary The characters were complex and interesting though a bit over explained at times The ending was confusing I probably needed to read it rather than just listen as if O'Phelan was having an affair we knew about with Roison I missed it If that was just part of the 1 2 punch at the end it was just weird The whole ending was very dissatisfying

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    Very interesting and confusing as someone who doesn't know much about the Troubles I thought it was a very vivid depiction of the conflicting nature of a place in upheaval how it can be simultaneously terrifying and exciting and ordinary For people who like drama life in such a place as Northern Ireland can be utterly compelling

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    i had been shuffling fitfully through this book for a couple of months yesterday i grabbed it at the half way mark and powered through to the end glad i did

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    Beautifully written engaging characters Lionel Shriver never disappoints

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    Unusual book I found the plot a little disjointed but I also couldn't put it down Not the typical book I tend to read but I did enjoy it