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In the exciting final season of the Flesh Cartel With the help of the FBI Mat Carmichael has let himself be re taken by the Flesh Cartel Objective? Rescue his brother exact revenge and destroy the entire organization from the insideFBI Special Agent Nate Johnson will be playing backup of course but to get Dougie out alive Mat will need to make sure his brother is out of Allen’s clutches before calling in the troops Now that Mat’s back in bondage though there’s no way he can do it alone He’ll have to ask for help from the only man within the Cartel who cares about Dougie’s welfare Nikolai And even knowing it will destroy him Nikolai deliversBringing down the Cartel should have been the hardest part but it doesn’t take long to realize that the real challenge has only just begun Dougie doesn’t know how to be free any and Mat is forced to admit that he may no longer be strong enough to help himself let alone his brother But with loved ones in their corner and their love for each other banked but not extinguished Mat and Dougie learn that you can come home again no matter how desperate the circumstances you’ve left behind

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    25 days of freedom for Mat😍🤗25 days of Hell for Douglas🤬😡Nikolai yes finally let him get what he deservesOn to the next

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    I feel a little crazy right now because after struggling so hard through this series I don't want it to end

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    I love Nate and Mat so much Had I known that a romance like this would be in there too I would have started this series much much earlier Sure it took like almost a full year of torture and violence before we got some romance but it's so very worth itI love Agent Nate Johnson and the feelings he harbors for the physically and emotionally wounded Mat And I love even how Mat reaches out to the handsome agent and tries to reconnect himself with a life before this hell back when he didn't shy away from a consoling touchBut Mat doesn't give up He'll fight the cartel no matter the costs to his own mind and body He is a fighter after all and would rather die than see the cartel winLOL it's hard to write a review for a book in a series You're supposed to write ABOUT the installment you just read but your mind is actually already in the next book spooked by what will happen thereIt's absolutely crazyAnd as for DougiePoor guy we'll see what's left of him in the next bookview spoilerI'm not exactly a fan of Douglas' It's hard to like him with his mind being so far brainwashed that he doesn't even tell right from wrong any But still the shit that was done to him on 25 photographs in this book doesn't bode well for what the FBI will find if they find him And I am so terribly scared for him and for what Mat will feel when they find Dougie hide spoiler

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    5 no messing revengeful starsMat has escaped for 25 days Dougie is being tortured for 25 daysTheres no time to waste With the FBI now involved Mat now needs to get himself kidnapped again to free Dougie and bring him homeBut he needs the help of Nikolai So with a new plan of action they wait to bring down the Cartel once and for all First things first Mat needs to get strong in his mind and body if its stand any chance of working My thoughtsOh yes revenge is sweet so they say Loved everything about this episode The only thing I don't like is waiting now for the next one Can't wait to see how the final series pans out

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    5 starsThe beginning of this last season of The Flesh Cartel looks very promising While I really liked the first few books of the series I felt a little bored by the middle part Luckily the appearance of Nate made the story interesting again and I really enjoyed getting to know him better in this book Putting Mat back in the hands of the Cartel has been extremely frightning but the knowledge that he isn't on his own this time made it a bearable I loved the careful interaction between Nate and Mat and I can't wait to see how their plan is going to work out There is finally a little hope for an HEA here I know that it might get smashed but for now I'm going with it

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    Read this yesterday and I can't believe I'm about to say this but view spoiler I really miss Dougie Even though he annoys the shit out of me I actually miss his voice and seeing what he is up to I hope the next episode has Dougie in it Mat continues to be awesome and I was so damn happy Nikolai got what is coming to him hide spoiler

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    I love Mat with every episode Nate cemented his place in my heart with his little slip with Nikolai seriously sometimes those things just happen I fear there is no way the next part of the plan can go well but for Dougie I am hopeful that the last 25 days have given him a better perspective on thingsEvery chapter has me changing my mind for what I want to see at the end I am on pins and needles waiting for the next one

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    This book was both frightening and beautifulI'm in LOVE with both Mat and Nate I can't wait for their turn in happinessI can feel the next book is going to be intense and heartbreaking yet with the hope and light I was craving through out the seriesOff to #16

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    A review by The Blogger Girls I am really happy that things are moving forward at this point in the story At this point Mat has agreed to be the bait in order to take down the Cartel in order to save Dougie and all the other slaves current and future When he is finally “picked up” by the bounty hunters he is both relieved and worried beyond belief at what he will now have to endure before the feds can make their move He thinks he can handle it after what he has already experienced but he goes through uite a bit before he even gets to Nikolai Meantime Dougie has been gone for twenty five days For every day he has been gone Allen has sent a photo of Dougie to Nikolai in various stages of torture promising to continue until he gets Mat returned to him He plans to take this out on Mat in order to break him for good starting with twenty five injections one for each day The tables are turned when the feds step in and Nikolai is forced to help them take down the Cartel by giving them names locations etc with the finale being a party with everyone involved in attendance when he turns Mat over to Allen Mat is struggling He knows he needs to put on the performance of his life but getting into that headspace is proving difficult with Nate thrown into the mix This continues to prove an engrossing story and I’m still gobbling up the pages I want to get to the end to see what happens when Dougie is recovered as I have many uestions and thoughts as to how that is going to go down So much is up in the air where he is concerned but I feel we are close to seeing that play out This series is very well written never without wonderfully cringe worthy details As with the others I cannot wait for the next installment

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    45 ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONGSTARS Awesome start to season 5 Is it May 5th yet?