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It Is MelbourneWhile Investigating Organised Crime, Peter Clancy Is Caught Up In A Sinister Plot Involving Drug Importation, Police Corruption, And Some Very Kinky SexAlong The Way, Peter Meets A Young Lawyer And Is Instantly Besotted With Her Unlike His Friends And Colleagues Who See Something Disturbing Beneath Her Wholesome ExteriorEnter The World Of The Thorny Devils Where Nothing Is As It Seems Thornydevils Heralds The Much Anticipated Return Of Hard Living Melbourne Truth Journalist, Peter Clancy Peter Clancy Is An Amalgam Of Characters From Crime Fiction And Film Noir A World Weary Type Sydney Telegraph Very Definitely Earning A Place In The Genre Of Murder Mystery Writing Blue Wolf ReviewsLEASED MAY STTHORNYDEVILS FOLLOWS THE BEST SELLER, HOMECOUNTRY

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    This is a great sequel to Homecountry I loved reading about Peter again Although this book can be read on its own, I think it is better to read Homecountry first That way you can understand Peter better, including his connection to Dave and Sam Those three are so different, but together it really works Just like the first book, this book read like a movie or tv show You can just picture Peter at a crime scene, arguing with police, gathering information, drinking, being hungover, and solving crimes This story about feuds and corruption is interesting and towards the end things get really exciting when Peter finally finds out the true story.

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    I found it a different style to the first book probably polished The story was intense and action driven As for the characters, they were either sympathetic,sinister or intriguing They were a great bunch of interesting characters I liked Slugger the best This book is funny in places which I thought wasn t supposed to happen in a thriller book but you can t be serious all the time Peter Clancy, is at his excessive best and it is good he has a girlfriend in this one I think the author has established himself as a great thriller writer Keep them coming.

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    Homecountry had them talking but Thornydevils is leaving them speechless Jennifer DouglasThe above phrase is one I posted on Facebook explaining exactly how I felt after reading Thornydevils by TW Lawless In my review of Homecountry I write Homecountry by TW Lawless shows the strength of this Australian writers ability to produce a novel that not only captivates but puts you in a place of reality TW Lawless entertains with humor drama, love and a little bit of country lunacy Within Thornydevils TW Lawless has gone from strength to strength I would not have thought this author could produce a novel compelling than Homecountry yet in Thornydevils he has done just this.Thornydevils is book two in the Peter Clancy series, yet it stands alone Set in Melbourne 1989, Thornydevils once again follows Peter Clancy as he investigates local organised crime Still living a hard life, drinking too much and chasing the ladies, Peter continues his job as a journalist for the Melbourne Truth I will have to admit I have fallen in love with the fictitional character of Peter Clancy There is something about this hard drinking Australian larrikin that you just have to love He falls in love easily, showing the soft side of the hard exterior He is a hard drinker who keeps one on their toes, wondering what sort of trouble he will find himself in next TW Lawless has teamed Peter Clancy with some unlikely characters in those of Concheeta, the drag queen, and her boyfriend Ted, Poppy, a lawyer and love interest of Peter s, and Slugger Douglas to name but a few The old favourites of Sam, Dave and the crew at the Melbourne Truth Newspaper all make an appearance, giving you the feeling of being back with the family.Thornydevils is a fast pace novel with twists and turns you never see coming As an author TW Lawless represents Australia and its people exactly as they are honest, unpretentious and hardworking Thornydevils is full of larrikins who at times drop the odd swear word but fit snuggly into the plot There is a little raunchy sex, drugs and a sinister plot which takes you on a journey of crime and bloodshed TW Lawless writes with pure Australian brutality and honesty It is this that creates the strength within his series and has those who read it talking.If you are seeking a true Australian author who throws it all on the table then you cannot go past TW Lawless Homecountry reached the top 20 for books and e books on .com Australian genre , with rankings as high as 7 for kindle and 8 for books It recently reached 3,781 overall on , a position most authors can only dream of due to the overall worldwide competition In the hard boiled category Homecountry sat at number 18, not that far behind the famous Australian thriller writer Peter Corris, who sat at number 11.Although just released Thornydevils is following hot on the heels of Homecountry, giving crime thriller writers competition and readers the thrill they are after.

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    Melbourne in the late 1980s, and journalist Peter Clancy is working for The Truth Which, for those of us who were around in those days, in that place, conjures up a very clear vision Booze, coffee, dodgy goings on and journalism from the well extreme tabloid end of the scale.After being promoted to the Crime Beat and provided with the mandatory police scanner, Clancy is launched into Melbourne s seedy side, way back before mobile phones and the internet made keeping track of everyone and everything part of everybody s daily routine THORNYDEVILS builds a strong sense of the time and place without bashing the reader over the head with the details That s helped by the nice touches of dry, wry humour it s very Australian and a bit of whinging about the weather it s very Melbourne.The plot is complex without being complicated It feels right that an investigative journalist would stumble into this scenario It feels right that he d be hanging around with drag queens and barking mad cameramen It feels right that he d be drinking in The Tote It even feels right that two mates from Queensland have to get out of that state and hide out at Clancy s just in time to leap into the action.There is a fair bit of action built into THORNYDEVILS as well Nicely punctuated by a Triumph Stag that may, or may not cooperate, a bit of organised crime shenanigans and some nice lurking presences that never tip into caricature.Mostly though, for this reader, the characters in this book appealed Clancy feels like a good old fashioned journo nothing flash, sadly alone, looking for love in some rather odd places THORNYDEVILS is the second book in the Peter Clancy series following on from HOMECOUNTRY Worth a look, if for no other reason, than to remember the days of The Truth, pre mobile phones, pre Internet, when a drink in the pub on the way home every night was how you kept up with the gossip.http www.austcrimefiction.org revie

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    Set in marvelous, murderous, Melbourne , Thornydevils follows the witty sarcastic journalist Peter Clancy as he pursues the story for his new crime column in The Truth, leading him to the sordid side of this corrupted vicious town.I had not read Peter s first endeavors in Homecountry nevertheless, Thornydevils is a standalone book that let me eager to read of TW Lawless works This book was a cleverly written page turner, full of action and twists that surprised me every chapter Unexpected, this book amazed me from the beginning to the end, even and especially in the last pages, when I thought it was already over Further, the book had a good humorous tone, which doesn t make it less of a thriller.Without a doubt, the best about this book was the wide range of peculiar characters well built, intriguing, smart, deceiving, with deep motivations and feelings, some sinister, others kooky, but all very distinctive, human and real.Overall, it was a very well built and paced story with an intriguing plot that lets you wondering what might happened next, so I congratulate the author and thank him for the copy I received.

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    Set in Melbourne during the late 1980s, Thornydevils is a sexy, action packed romp featuring larrikin and hard living journalist Peter Clancy Peter likes his booze, his women and his coffee especially, I suspect from the scene in Townsville, his coffee, and is an all round decent guy in his own way Working for Melbourne publication The Truth, Peter has found himself promoted to the position of columnist and in the possession of a police scanner and then his adventures with a drug ring begin.Although I have not read the first novel in the series, I found Thornydevils quite easy to read and follow A number of the side characters were well drawn drag queen Concheeta and her boyfriend Ted for example, and just the fact that the novel was set in an era of police corruption and in a time before mobile phones and the internet makes for a brilliant set up Recommended for fans of Australian crime literature.Finally, a big shout out to author TW Lawless for sending me a review copy of his work.This review also appears on my blog, Kathryn s Inbox

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    Thornydevils, Lawless s sopho novel, excels I enjoyed revisiting old friends from Homecountry, as much as I enjoyed the action, which takes Peter Clancy to Melbourne s docks and involves him in the underworld and drug importation Lawless has his own take on the thriller crime genre which is real,fast paced and humorous While Clancy can t be mistaken for anything other than Australian, he still manages to be universal Be warned this is a real I can t put it down page turner.

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    Hard living, burning the candle at both ends, and a heavy drinker Aussie journalism at its lower end, but you can t help loving the character It seems too good to be true when he meets this incredibly beautiful, intelligent lawyer in the course of investigating corrupt police, drug running and a gang war Thank goodness he has a couple of good mates.

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    I really enjoyed this book I like T.W Lawless s writing style, and I fell in love with Peter Clancy It has been over a year since I read Thornydevils, but because of the vivid images Mr Lawless painted with his descriptions, when I think of it, it s like seeing a movie playing in my mind I was hoping for romance between No, I m not going to do that Ha You have to read the book

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    First of all a big thank you to T.W Lawless for sending me a copy of this book Thornydevils is even better than Homecountry the characters old and new are solid and they seem to jump off the page The plot kept moving along at a good speed, making it a real pageturner There were some fascinating twists and turns and a couple of shockers along the way All in all a great read