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Permaculture Two delves deeper into the concept of consciously designed agricultural systems Author Bill Mollison describes new approaches and solutions that have evolved around the world Ways in which plants can modify climate and many forms of pollution are discussed Highly productive low energy systems are made clear in this fascinating book that offers some concrete solutions for saving Mother EarthIf there is a single claim that I could make in order to distinguish Permaculture from other systems of agriculture with the notable exception of keyline concepts it is that Permaculture is primarily a consciously designed agricultural system a system that combines landscape design with perennial plants and animals to make a safe and sustainable resource for town and country A truly appropriate technology giving high yields for low energy inputs and using only human skill and intellect to achieve a stable resource of great complexity and stability Permaculture Two is about design not gardening or livestock per se but as elements in a system intended to serve man and the ends of good ecology Good teachers have nothing to give but enthusiasm to learn; they cannot with the best will in the world give their students knowledge Thus it is ‘how’ to design rather than designing your site which I am attempting here both individual and competitive enterprise and ‘free’ energy have faiIed us Society is in a mess; obesity in the west is balanced by famine in the third world Petrol is running out yet freeways are still being built Against such universal insanity the only response is to gather together a few friends and commence to build the alternative on a philosophy of individual responsibility for community survival”ContentsDesign in LandscapeSoil ImprovementBroadscale TechniuesDesign for Difficult ClimatesStructuresWaterworksFree Range Poultry DesignPermaculture and Community

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    This is an amazing resource from the seventies It's also amazing that of these proven techniues for saving energy through design and increasing the yields of any type of land have not been widely adopted in the last 40 yearsCompared to the first book this one is much designer friendly as well as readable The downside for me is that he does not address temperate climates such as mine That's OK though it is truly important for the people in arid climates to realize the massive potential they have for taking advantage of the positive elements of their environment and eliminating the negativesThe other trick to reading this is to realize that he is designing in Australia and so when he is giving designs with a northern exposure that would translate into a southern exposure here in the northern hemisphere There are many ingenious designs for anyone with any size of property to develop I would also highly recommend watching his five part series on YouTube called Global Gardener This is a great introduction to the concept of permaculture and the breadth of its applications There is actually a cold climate section to that series which I appreciated When you want information find your nearest Permaculture Research Institute PRI resource We really could feed everybody on the planet reverse desertification and live less stressful and fulfilling lives Who wouldn't want that?

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    Interesting information but the specifics are applicable to the arid climate of Australia where Mr Mollison hails from than our maritime climate

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    I realize now that I am setting myself up for issues when I read permaculture books because as much as I care about the principles these are all bigger properties where they are talking about things that I could not possibly incorporate here and in Mollison's case focused on Australia with a totally different flora and fauna However for anyone with interest in engineering or architecture or with a bigger property there is a lot here He is not the most fluid writer and he comes off a bit grouchy but there are reasons for that

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    Good in depth introduction to the concept of permaculture