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Rather contrived plot,it struck me as being the literary equivalent of a paint by numbers picture It was almost as though the author sketched an outline and then proceeded to fill in the blanks I know English teachers always harp about pre writing with an outline but who really does that Besides, milk cartons haven t featured photographs of missing children for years so it is unlikely the current teen audience would grasp the reference. From what I can recall, I enjoyed it a lot when I was 11 or 12 I remember reading this book very quickly and being quite creeped out at the premise The Face On The Milk Carton Looks Like An Ordinary Little Girl Hair In Tight Pigtails, A Dress With A Narrow White Collar, A Three Year Old Who Was Kidnapped Than Twelve Years Ago From A Shopping Mall In New JerseyAs Fifteen Year Old Janie Johnson Stares At The Milk Carton, She Feels Overcome With Shock She Knows That Little Girl Is She But How Could It Be True Janie Can T Believe That Her Loving Parents Kidnapped Her, Until She Begins To Piece Together Clues That Don T Make Sense Why Are There No Pictures Of Janie Before She Was Four Her Parents Have Always Said They Didn T Have A Camera Now That Explanation Sounds Feeble Something Is Terribly Wrong, And Janie Is Afraid To Find Out What Happened Than Twelve Years AgoIn This Gripping Page Turner, The Reader Will Unravel As Janie Does The Twisted Events That Changed The Lives Of Two Families Forever Another young adult younger even read Janie spots a missing child ad on a milk carton It is her How can this be so Janie is in high school when she is meant to be enjoying life and finding her way, having her first boyfriend and having fun with girlfriends and sleep overs Not all is as it seems and Janie delves into the mystery of her life Things do fall into place easily in this short novel Her neighbour and boyfriend Reeve helps her piece things together There was a lot of to ing and fro ing I was a little old for this one, funny though as I borrowed it through my work university library It is a diverse collection Good for young readers. Why I love it I was shocked to see that one of my favorite books from the 1990 s is a banned book I guess with the subject matter, people don t want kids reading this Listen, I don t want eight year olds reading this either It s geared for teens and sheds light on a very real subject matter child abduction Back in the late 1980 s, there was a lot of child kidnappings going on So much so, the government came up with putting missing children s pictures on milk cartons as a way to catch the kidnappers and bring the children home This story is based on a real kidnapping Filled with emotions and capturing what happens to the kids who got abducted, this is a great book Again, this is shedding light on something American parents had to deal with and important for teens to read about.My Rating 5 stars BannedBooksWeek Toward the end of the book Janie has the thought that this situation is going to go on forever I m with you, Janie This book went on foreverrrrrrrrr.I listened to the book on CD based on a referral from a 5th grader during my school visits, who told me this was an awesome book And I m glad he liked it For me, it was excruciating She loves her family, she hates her family, she loves her family She s a wretched wretched girl because she allowed someone to buy her from her family with a sundae I can t tell you how many times that was mentioned She s not going to contact her birth parents, she ll drive to NJ to see their house, she s not going to contact them, she writes up a letter to them, she s not going to contact them, she puts the letter in an addressed envelope Oopsy, she loses the envelope She s not going to think about them, she thinks about them constantly, everything is okay mom and dad, my life is ruined Blah blah blah blah blah I was ready to slap Janie in the face And how does the book end SPOILER It ends with her mother dialing the number of her birth parents in NJ I don t recall hearing that she was looking in a phone book or staring at a slip of paper with their number on it so how does she have their number memorized Maybe I was fading in and out of consciousness at that point Then she makes Janie talk to them Hi, I m your daughter I sure hope her mom dialed the right number I found this book to be extremely annoying Janie s head was such a mess, but it wasn t an interesting mess, it was a let s repeat the same thought over and over mess And the back and forthing of her moods was about to give me whiplash And then everyone is crying all the time The similes were awful I was thankful to get out of the first few chapters where the word milk was mentioned a hundred times And these kids were supposed to be high school kids If she hadn t been making out with the boy next door I would have thought they were middle school kids because none of them seemed very mature Not that middle school kids aren t mature I love you, my program teens Product DescriptionNo one ever really paid close attention to the faces of the missing children on the milk cartons But as Janie Johnson glanced at the face of the ordinary little girl with her hair in tight pigtails, wearing a dress with a narrow white collar a three year old who had been kidnapped twelve years before from a shopping mall in New Jersey she felt overcome with shock She recognized that little girl it was she How could it possibly be true Janie can t believe that her loving parents kidnapped her, but as she begins to piece things together, nothing makes sense Something is terribly wrong Are Mr and Mrs Johnson really Janie s parents And if not, who is Janie Johnson, and what really happened My favorite book as a little girl I always thought it would be scary to see my own picture on a milk carton and wonder if I d been kidnapped My daughter checked it out to read and I can t wait to see what she thinks of it This book was about Janie Johnson, a high schooler who had lactose intolerance, serious red hair, secret admirers Every once in awhile, the factory of milk cartons put up an image of children who gets kidnapped And when Janie reaches out to try her friend s milk, the image on the milk carton was of her I like this book of its contrast, how while Janie was trying to figure out what happened to her, romance and true love also struck her And sometimes she can t have both I can somewhat relate to Janie because sometimes when I concentrate so hard on something and work so hard on something, my head hurts and burns and I really need someone there for me, to understand me Overall, really enjoyed this book. so i had to read this for the banned books portion of my teen r a class, and i am convinced that this wasn t banned by parents or terrible librarians, but by the students themselves who were like noooooo , don t make us read this it is soooo ba zoring because it is truly.this could have been a five page book oh shit, i was kidnapped when i was three let me ask my parents and if they are not forthcoming with the info, then i will go to the library and do some research end of tale.but nooooooo she backed off every time it could have gotten interesting she was playing heard to get with this narrative oh, i am here driving by the house of the family from which i was stoled no, no drive by real fast while i cover my face i will reconsider this in the next chapter and stop trying to have sex with me jeez ooh, i have found cluesbut i will not think about these clues for three chapters while i freak out about having been kidnapped and why are you on top of me again dude ooh microfilm i am now dating my story in the past, but look a news article about me, but I WON T READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE BECAUSE THEN I WOULD MAKE TOO MUCH SENSE AS A CHARACTER and why was such a big deal made of her lactose intolerance and her avoidance of milk and ice cream at the beginning of this book, but her parents are always feeding her pizza it s all dairy, bitches ugh.i love this lady because she gave me the christina trilogy, but this book was barf. Excellent concept, not so excellent execution The plot idea is absolutely thrilling suddenly realising that your parents are actually not your parents, but that you ve been kidnapped, not knowing how to react, who to turn to or who to trust.Unfortunately Caroline Cooney s didn t quite have the skills to pull it off, and therefore the writing seemed occasionally choppy and the emotions unrealistic.Still, the story itself was really interesting, so I definitely want to read the rest of the series.