Best The Starbirth Assignment Part One: ShifterAuthor J.M. Johnson –

This is my first read by this author and while science fiction is not a choice genre for me, I found this book to be extraordinary andof a crime thriller Locke, the protagonist, is a professional shifter teleporter via dimensions and works as a consultant with a British Spec Op group assigned to fight crime around the world Locke acquired his skill set through the accidental exposure to a drug and unfortunately, illegals are now manufacturing the drugs in the US and Europe causing chaos and havoc.The book is well written and detailed which speaks directly to the authors background and research She does a masterful job in blending military science, science fiction, adventure and intrigue into an action packed, fast moving and exciting read I am on to Number 2 I recommend without reservation. Quite the military adventureI had a bit of trouble getting into the story, as it focuses heavily on military jargon and tactics Once I got used to that, it was a well paced adventure with a solid, intriguing storyline I wouldn t mind picking up the next in the series. Awesome book I loved the mix of military and sci fi Lots of clever ideas and well thought out scenarios I could see this being a really successful series on Netflix if they found it Interesting read, tugs a tiny bit on my suspension of disbelieve, but that is my scepticism with any ESP, fun read, lots of action, and great to read a story like this from UK viewpoint in stead of the all pervasive US viewpoint. Librarian S Note This Edition S ASIN Is In Conflict With The Starbirth Assignment ShifterThis Book Is Out Of Print For The Full Edition, Including Both PartAndOf The Starbirth Assignment, See The Starbirth Assignment ShifterLock Harford Is Exposed To An Unknown Drug As A Teenager In South America Its Unique Effects Draw The Attention Of British Intelligence, Who Undertake Lock S Development He Has The Ability To Move His Body Through A Different Dimension Using The Power Of Thought His Enhanced Senses Detect Living Beings As Energy Pulses, Making Him Invaluable To Military And Intelligence Organisations They Employ Him To Work Alongside Elite Taskforces, Taking Passengers Using Teleportation, Shifting In And Lifting Operatives Out Of Hostile Situations Lock S Handlers Are Put On Red Alert When A Similar Drug, Starbirth, Appears In The United States And Britain Sold As An Illegal High Distribution Spreads Across The World And The Results Of A Starbirth Pandemic Are Feared As Criminal And Insane Teleporters Shifters Wreak Havoc Lock And A Small Unit Of Covert Operatives Are Given The Task Of Finding The Source Of Starbirth And Shutting It Down, But Their Efforts Are Hindered By Corrupt, Ruthless People With Their Own Agendas Lock Is Joined In His Quest By The Powerful, Infuriating And Immensely Likeable Jimmy Mackenzie, A Special Air Service Trooper Whose Life Is Changed Forever By Events Out Of Their ControlIn This First Book In The Starbirth Series, Jackie Johnson Develops A Brutal Mix Of Suspense, Humanity, Command And Action With A Subtle Vein Of Humour That Keeps The Reader Rooting For Harford S Team These Books Are Crafted To Stay With The Reader Long After The Story Is Finished, A Rare Ability In These Days Of Bubble Gum Fiction, And Starbirth Sits Confidently Alongside The Best Sci Fi Thrillers Her Ability To Merge Sci Fi And Special Forces Intrigue Are Second To None In True Lock Harford Style, She Infiltrates This Man S World With Impressive SuccessThe Series Continues In The Third Book, The Shifter Dimension Don t be like me I unknowingly read the later books before I read this one Had I read this first book initially, the rest would have made so muchsense Because of a youthful accident, Lock Harford is a man with unique skills, and as such, he s attracted the attention of British intelligence Now, the advent of a drug called Starbirth has endowed others with similar skills Harford and his team are tasked with finding, and stopping, the flow of Starbirth into the world s population.Author J.M Johnson has created a believable, frightening world of the not so distant future This book is thrilling from start to finish, and, having read the next couple of installments, I know for a fact you ll want to readExciting read, 5 STARS Starbirth Assignment SHIFTER will thrill devotees of military fiction, superhero reads, and near future action adventure In many ways, this book feels like a throwback to the 1980s hay days of Ludlum and Clancy, with some future tech thrown in The men are manly, the villains are swarthy, the governments are untrustworthy and double dealing even their own people, the Colombians are all drug lords or poor, the women magically cause a man unbridled lust that they can barely control The writing is filled with well written action, with few pauses for deep understanding of the reasons for all this international rushing about An engaging read for this category. Lock Harford is a Shifter, one of the first two humans who have acquired the ability to teleport Being so rare, Lock is aor less highly valued black op for the British government Only the underworld has worked out the formula for the mind altering drug and spiced it up with cocaine The result is a psychoaltering drug called Starbirth With Starbirth addicts wreaking havoc across the US and the UK, Lock and his Black Ops mates are assigned to rekindle a war between a pair of vicious Columbian drug lords The result is a taut, testosterone driven, game of twisted loyalties, high tech hardware, and unexpected betrayals If you like taut, tense military sci fi, this book is for you. Not very goodJumbled up Jumping from one place to another without rhythm or reason Illogical Chemistry does not make sense Won t continue 4 stars Interesting SciFi ReadFirst, I must admit that I am not a scifi fan, especially military scifi But this book was recommended to me and I decided to try it I loved the story, thought the locations were well thought out, and the story planned carefully All of that made for a nice read The author does a good job of managing her characters and their interactions with one another I would recommend this book to any scifi fans who enjoy a little humor along their adventure into a new world I have now, a changed view of scifi.