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ANCIENT HISTORYEGYPTMASPERO GASTONDawn of CivilizationStruggle of the NationsPassing of the Empires JEWSJOSEPHUS FLAVIUSAntiuities of the JewsWars of the JewsMILMAN HENRYHistory of the JewsGREECEHERODOTUSHistoryTHUCYDIDESPeloponnesian WarXENOPHONAnabasisGROTE GEORGEHistory of GreeceSCHLIEMANN HEINRICHTroy and Its RemainsROMECÆSAR JULIUSCommentaries on the Gallic WarTACITUS PUBLIUS CORNELIUSAnnalsSALLUST CATOS CRISPUSConspiracy of CatilineGIBBON EDWARDDecline and Fall of the Roman EmpireMOMMSEN THEODORHistory of RomeMEDIÆVAL HISTORYHOLY ROMAN EMPIREGIBBON EDWARDThe Holy Roman EmpireEUROPEGUIZOT F P GHistory of Civilization in EuropeHALLAM HENRYView of the State of Europe During the Middle AgesEGYPTLANE POOLE STANLEYEgypt in the Middle AgesENGLANDHOLINSHED RAPHAELChronicles of England Scotland and IrelandFREEMAN EANorman Conuest of EnglandFROUDE JAMES ANTHONYHistory of England

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    HistoryNot for me Historic information that is a dull read Ok for historical buffs Probably good for Advil Roman interest