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On The Manhattan Bank Of The Hudson River, A Small Lighthouse Made Of Steel And Painted Bright Red Proudly Protects Boats With His Faithful Beam One Day A Great Expanse Of Gray Steel, Which Also Shines A Bright Light Into The Fog And Darkness, Is Built Over It The Little Red Lighthouse Feels Insignificant And Useless In Comparison But Soon Learns That Small Can Be Mighty

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    Typically, books that give personalities to trains or plows or other equipment don t really excite me much Buildings seem to be different I loved the little house Virginia Burton wrote about This book about a lighthouse was really good too, I thought I like the thought that everything has consciousness Obviously they don t think or use words, but purpose gives it meaning I love the Marie Kondo show tidying up and one of my favorite parts is when she kneels on the ground and greets the home You can feel a space, if it s happy or not I love the practice of when you have finished using a thing, to thank it for its service It s communicating you are finished with it Well, I thought the art work was lovely for this book and I really enjoyed the personality of the little red lighthouse that I didn t know was still under the bridge outside of NYC I love the pictures of the fog on the river at night and the light that can shine out of the lighthouse to illuminate it This book made me feel good.The kids were rather bored by the book It was too subtle and too slow for them The niece was able to relate a little to the lighthouse, but I coaxed a 2 star out of her The nephew gave it 2 stars also Where were the robots, or animals or monsters No So, yeah, I like the book It did not translate well for my kids into modern life, sadly.

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    Beautiful illustrations in black, red and blue tell the story of a lighthouse, a bridge and a boat The illustration that shows the fog as a bending man with his woolly hand cupped around the boat is wonderful Ideal for children who love boats and the sea.Read on openlibrary.

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    One of many favorite books we discovered thanks to Reading Rainbow Straightening books in the back room and my eyes fell on this A charming tale about realizing size has nothing to do with importance or usefulness A fun book to read aloud due to repetitive words and sound effects And best of all it is based on a real lighthouse and bridge in New York A brief check showed me RR has now become digital with a Skybrary.

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    Published in 1942, this tells, in a rather inventive way, the story of the little red lighthouse which still stands proud beneath the George Washington Bridge Originally there, pre bridge, as a guide for those sailing the Hudson River, the personified lighthouse feels obsolete with the dawn of the great Bridge but finds that it is far from redundant and still needed by the people of New York Together, Bridge and Lighthouse are there as guides throughout the night to the boats of the water and those of the skies The story itself is nice and I like the idea behind this message of teamwork alongside recording a real series of moments in the history of the place but, absolutely hands down, it is Ward s astonishing illustrations that make this such a wonderful book They depict an age of invention, advancement and achievement in a way which reminded me of the same style used in those propaganda postsers of the Second World War.

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    Once upon a time, there was a picture book about a real little red lighthouse Some time later, well after the book s publication, when it was announced that the lighthouse would be razed, there was an outpouring of letters from children who had read the book and had grown to love the little beacon So many letters, in fact, that the decision was reversed, and the lighthouse still stands to this day.This, then, is the picture book that saved the lighthouse.Swift has penned a lovely story about a very proud and useful lighthouse whose world is turned upside down when it is dwarfed by a gigantic bridge Although the premise is simple, the story is quite memorable The book s text and images both explore the little tower s very human emotions as it tries to understand itself in its changed environment There is also room for both empathy and healing, here, and help from an unexpected source I won t spoil the ending here, but there it s wonderful, heartwarming and emotionally satisfying.

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    I really enjoyed the watercolor illustrations The prose was almost like poetry, which sweetened the reading experience A nice message, too I recommend

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    This is an amazing book I first heard it read on the Captain Kangaroo show in the mid 1960 s and loved it so much I asked my parents to buy it for me They did, and now I have bought it for my daughter, my nephew and my niece And the best part is that the Little Red Lighthouse is still there, on Manhattan under the great gray bridge the George Washington Bridge A wonderfully imaginative book that I would recommend to anyone who has children to read to.

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    The Little Red Lighthouse stood on the banks of the mighty Hudson River, guiding the boats on that massive waterway as they passed the island of Manhattan Proud of his work, the lighthouse shone his light at night and sounded his warning bell in the fog, keeping everyone safe When the Great Gray Bridge is constructed right next to him, our lighthouse finds himself dwarfed, and begins to feel that he has no purpose But when a tug boat gets in trouble in the fog, it turns out that the lights on the bridge are too high up to be of use to those on the water The lighthouse is needed after allOriginally published in 1942, and a classic of American children s literature ever since, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge is one of those books I somehow missed reading as a child, and have been meaning to get to as an adult for many years I have read author Hildegarde H Swift s Newbery Honor book, Little Blacknose The Story of a Pioneer , but not this one, even though I have lived a few blocks from the eponymous lighthouse and bridge for a number of years Finally, prompted by the fact that a friend an I will be visiting both this coming weekend, I picked it up How glad I am that I did I found Swift s story poignant and her writing lovely, and I found illustrator Lynd Ward s watercolor artwork gorgeously expressive This is definitely a book that deserves its status as a classic, and is one that I wholeheartedly recommend, to those looking for picture books about lighthouses, about the need to feel needed, or about the utility of older, traditional ways of doings things, even when newer ones have been invented.

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    This delightful tale is about a little lighthouse who is quite proud of the job it does, warning ships away from the rocky shore When a great grey bridge is built, with a much stronger light, the lighthouse believes it has been replaced But the moral of the story is that there is a place for both kinds of light and both are needed The book is filled with many wonderful illustrations which add immensely to the enjoyment of the story Though written in 1942, it still should appeal to children today.

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    This is a classic children s book that explains the importance of a lighthouse and who takes care of them I loved every page I turned.