books pdf The Ultimate Book of Lighthouses: History-Legend-Lore-Design-Technology-RomanceAuthor Sara Hunt –

The Sheer Beauty Of The Elegant, Lonely Lighthouses Along Our Shores And Their Unspoiled, Scenic Natural Settings Has Captivated Our Collective Imagination More Than Simply Picturesque, The Lighthouse Has Become An Enduring Symbol Of Salvation, Fortitude, And Heroic Folklore The Ultimate Lighthouse Book Is A Panoramic, Lavishly Illustrated History Of These Legendary Buildings And Celebrates The Rich Heritage Of Our Ancestors Courageous Efforts To Guide Mariners Through Treacherous Seas And Storms Over Color Photographs Are Featured In This Fully Revised, Expanded And Updated Edition

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    This really is an ultimate book of lighthouses It is filled with beautiful pictures and also includes the history and status as of the publication of the book of lighthouses all around the world I learned a great deal about maritime travel and tragedy A most interesting fact I found in this book was that Mark Twain actually crafted his pen name from steamboat lingo A depth of two fathoms is called mark twain Another interesting fact is the 5,999 vessels wrecked between 1878 and 1898 on the Great Lakes This book has only whet my whistle for research into lighthouses.