Wives Cheating Husbands Watching Vol 2 Wives Cheating

Gustav Jorgenson continues his titilating series with this collection of erotic short stories that explore the space between the cuckold and hotwife fantasies Loving wives hope to reignite the cooling embers of their love lives by being with other men in front of their husbands

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    This collection of short stories was hot enough to get me to pay for the first volume The small price tag is well worth the money compared to filtering through literotica or other free story sites for materialFor me as a woman what turns me on about cheating wife stories is psychological turmoil and the empowering resolution and the competition between two men that want her one that wants to protect her and one that wants to be consumed What I don't like about the free erotica you can find online is that its all male centric revolves around weird race dynamics and involves over the top humiliationsm elements Jorgenson's stories are better than that The short stories in this book all focus on one exchange the moment a man realizes that his wife is going to give herself to another man and he's powerless to stop her what's nice about these stories is that the man is neither willing nor completely emasculated by the process He often offers physical resistance to his wife's suitor while trying to psychological resist what he knows is the truth the affair is what she needs and if he lets it go or even finds a way to relish in her indulgence it'll be for both of their own good The stories do not explore the enduring consequences of the affair also they are not heavy on x rated detailed the sexual description is sufficient but not gratuitous that may be why the stories have feminine appeal they're less like watching a full hardcore pornographic movie and like scrolling through a tumbler with a mix of erotic and romantic gifs such that an over impression is created through a collage of snap shots one thing jorgenson does well is move the action through dialogue this ensures that the focus of eroticism is on the psychology the dynamics and not just the sexual acts some of the stories are plausible than other but even with the clearly unlikely stories its easy to suspend your disbeleif and get immersed into the situationi don't mind that the scenes are somewhat repetitive though i can see how some might not like that part of jorgenson's writing it's like listening to a classical theme placed on different instruments but all at the direction of the same conductor what you lose in breadth you gain in depth another thing jorgenson handles well is the dynamics with third parties whether it be a shocked but intrigued nosey neighbor the husban's friends that can't beleive what they're seeing her co workers that know of what happened or her friends willing to cover for her jorgenson uses third parties to increase the tension that drives these stories jorgenson isn't without his faults character development isn't his strong suit since each of the stories is just a snippet of that painful but erotic moment of discovery you don't get to know the characters it wouldn't matter anyway the husbands are all the same outwardly outraged and jealous but inwardly stimulated and curious the paramours are mostly the same sexual alpha males that go for what they want the wives are the least varied characters of all its almost like watching the same three improve actors act out a series of similar but subtly different themes to explore the psychology i like the format but it'd be better if the characters had some depth the worst thing about the stories is that they are all essentially told from a male perspective the stories are generally told from the third person perspective but we are told what the husband is thinking and feeling while we're left to surmise what the wife the paramour and any third parties are thinking or feeling by reference to their speech or non verbal expression Since the action is dialogue driven and Jorgenson does a good job at describing facial expressions and body language its not fatal But its almost as if the husband needs to be watching or else we'd never know what was happening since the women are given the same voice This is really wasted potential because these stories are really about the wife not the husband In each one she is being pursued and deciding to relent In each one she is deciding that the time has come to let her husband know what she's up to and how she plans to proceed with neither guilt nor shame in each one she's the one experiences both the flattery of being desired by one man and the comfort of being unconditionally loved by another yet we only truly get to experience the inward aspects of the emotional roller coaster from the perspective of the husband Ultimately these are good little stories I think that the author would do well to work with an illustrator because the stories lend themselves to illustration He might also do well to run his stories by a woman so that maybe he could tell the female side of the story too But they got my juices flowing better than the vast majority of what I've seen around the internet I highly recomend the collection