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Nicholas Adams wants to put miles between himself and the town of Falledge But on the way out, he spies suspicious activity at the local pharmaceutical plant He investigates a choice that forever alters his life In an on the edge of your seat opening, Nicholas chases an unknown assailant through the laboratory, along fracturing catwalks and spilling chemicals It marks the moment where he transforms into the Black Hellebore and a new super villain is created alongside him Nicole Zoltack s new release is an action packed superhero novel, pitting Nicholas the Black Hellebore against Lewis Lichman aka, Skull Krusher Zoltack creates a multi layered story that seamlessly blends the superhero and romance genres with a touch of paranormal Her villain, Skull Krusher, is sinister and disturbing And this fine attention to development carries over to her other characters, as well If you enjoy action, heroes, diabolical plans, and romance, Black Hellebore is a must read. Nicholas Adams hasn t been at peace since his girlfriend s death ten years ago Every year, he returns to her grave and the little town she grew up in This time, instead of roaring away on his bike, he tries to stop a man from sabotaging a lab and ends up getting raised from the dead by a witch Nicholas discovers his superpowers very soon after and becomes the guardian of the town Yet it isn t as tranquil as it once was, and a supervillain has set his sights on his town of which the woman Nicholas is falling for is the sheriff Even with his superpowers, can Nicholas defeat a seemingly invincible skeleton of a villain and save the place he s come to love again A great superhero story with a classic origin story and hero villain enmity Nicholas reminds me a bit of Batman in that he s a bit dark, but he has a good soul His struggle with his past makes him all theintriguing The sheriff, Julianna is a perfect complement to him She s a modern day paladin I love seeing women in strong roles such as this And the villain, oh, he s terrifying I also really adored Gavina the witch and Ginny who s an old lady that takes Nicholas in They were hilarious.There s a strong romantic plot throughout the story Nicholas and Julianna have a lot of contend with in the past as well as the present It s nicely woven with the main storyline.This is a fast paced and smoothly written book with enough SOCK and extra ZAP I ll definitely be picking up the next book in the series. Once A Year For The Past Decade, Nicholas Adams Returns To Falledge And Leaves A Black Hellebore On His Girlfriend S Grave While Departing Falledge, He Chases After A Man Sneaking Into The Laboratory And Dies For His Trouble A Witch Brings Him Back To Life, But Nicholas Soon Realizes He S Not The Same Man Turns Out, Magic Combined With A Black Hellebore In His Pocket Changed Him Into A Kind Of A Super ManHis Girlfriend S Twin, Julianna Paige, Is Falledge S Deputy, Struggling To Solve Several Murders Nicholas, And His Alter Ego The Black Hellebore, Helps Her, Even As She Helps Him Move On And Even Start To Love AgainUnfortunately, Nicholas Wasn T The Only One Changed In The Laboratory Explosion, And Now There S A Supervillain Bent On Destroying Falledge, And Killing The Black Hellebore But Falling In Love Might Prove Dangerous Than Any Supervillain Black Hellebore a Superb five star read by Nicole Zoltack, it s the first book in the Heroes of Falledge series, it s also the first book by this author I have read, and I plan to now stalk the author and read everything she has written We met Nicholas Adams, he went from foster home to foster home when he was a kid, until he landed in Falledge Where he met the Perrys they were good people to him, they looked after him well, and he met his first proper real friends, Justina and Julianna Paige a set of sisters that would forever be intertwined with his life, sadly not always in a positive way.Once a year for the past decade Nicolas has been visiting Falledge, he has kept to the shadows, not wanting to see anyone, apart from the one he comes to see Justina and Nicolas were the perfect couple when they were younger, until she died and Nicolas ran away from the area He returns every year to place a Hellebore flower on her grave site Never has he had any problems, until this fateful year when he is leaving town he sees someone sneaking into a laboratory and chases after them to try to help Only problem is he ends up dead, and brought back by a witch, who was only trying to help Help isn t quiet what happens and he ends up changing into the Black Hellebore, helping the sheriff to maintain calm, well he will if she allows it As Nicholas he was never able to move on, but maybe as the Black Hellebore he will be able to settle down and possibly find love again Only time will tell. I wanted to quit reading, but I stuck with it Sadly, it didn t work for me.The author introduces things, then doesn t answer them, or partly answers them Things did not develop or build enough For example Juliana asks Nick if he ever killed anyone He is silent So she puts handcuffs on him and drives him to jail She would figure out whom he killed later Then something else needs her attention, so she does not put him in jail, and then she forgets about it.This fits within the romance genre but it s not real feel good Nick used to love Justina who died He has been a drifter for 10 years He feels guilt Now he has a relationship with Juliana, the twin sister.Nick is a superhero, thanks to help from a witch A cat and a bad guy fell into toxic chemicals making them super monsters Nick fights them.There were occasional word usage errors For example The purpose of today was TO FOR the people to see him DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Kindle count length 4,303 271 pages Swearing language mild Sexual content none Setting current day Falledge Copyright 2013 Genre paranormal romance. Nicholas Adams must face his demons as he returns to Falledge in Nicole Zoltack s Black Hellebore.Zoltack has created a classic superhero and villain for her novel Nicholas Adams has the typical tragic and troubled past and a strong moral code as he morphs from man to super man The villain also transforms from a disgruntled employee to a creepy and vicious villain who has his eyes set on good ol revenge.Although the basis of the superhero villain story is familiar, Zoltack has introduced wonderful paranormal and romantic twists to the storyline My favorite character is Gavina, the witch She s a touch batty, but she adds a delightful sense of comedic relief Julianna Paige is a strong heroine, although her wishy washy attitude toward Nicholas got a little old toward the end I would ve liked to have seen a littledevelopment in Julianna and Nicholas s relationship and how it grew through the course of the novel.The novel started out fast pace and ended the same with a slight slowdown in the middle Zoltack kept me guessing on how the Black Hellebore would ever defeat the villain, and I thought how he did was ingenious And that ending gave a hint of whatis to come for the Black Hellebore and Falledge Black Hellebore by Nicole Zoltack spins a refreshing superhero tale with its fantastic paranormal elements I look forward to reading the next book in the series. I really liked this book about a man trying to fight his past and becomes and unexpected superhero Nicholas has been running away from Falledge,the girlfriend he thinks he killed and her twin sister who reminds him of her, for 10 years He s haunted by Justina and tortured by her memories 24 7, but longs to be home, wherever that is He returns for his annual visit to Justina s grave and while trying to leave town on fumes i his motorcycle, he s see s someone breaking into the local lab and pursues the person That is where is life begins to change, he becomes the Black Hellebore, for the reason behind the name and the how, you ll have to read the story No spoilers here Throughout the story a growing love interest between Julianna and Nicholas develops, but he needs to deal with Justina s memories to allow it to grow This was a true superhero kind of story that keeps you interested and wanting to know what happens next I m about to pick up the next book in this series, White Hellebore, to find out what happens This can be read as a standalone, but it does leave an opening for the next book without a major cliffhanger. Absolutely incredible I could not put this down Read it in one evening Everyone has skeletons in their closet, Nicholas Adams was no different Plagued by the death of his girlfriend he ran away from the only home he had ever known Justina was his whole world She brought out the very best in him All he had ever asked was for her not to do drugs, as both his parents had died from using This causes a chain reaction of events that propels him to leave the ton of Falledge.He returns to visit her graveside and other events cause him to stay.He is exposed to chemicals, brought back to life by a witch, ends up with super powers and falls in love with Justina s twin sister Julianna.A never ending whirlwind as Nicholas helps Julianna get rid of the mob that is threatening to invade their town A revengeful man exposed to the same chemicals is on a killing spree, offing everyone responsible for his termination of work and exposure to those same chemicals I am impressed with how Nicole Zoltack has created a super hero with real life problems Many plot twists and this will keep you on the edge of your seat. BLACK HELLEBORE was my first foray into the superhero world While I m not sure I ll pick up the genre as a whole, I will definitely pick up the next in Nicole Zoltack s Heroes of Falledge series Things I LOVED her characters They all felt real to me something that surprised me for a comic book, super powered, paranormal romance mix It was also a quick read In my time crunched life, it s refreshing to pick up a novel that s not heavy and deep, yet is still entertaining and interesting Things I m not sure about I m too unfamiliar with the genre to really understand the nuances of it and to fully appreciate all the action and subtleties However, learning these things via Miss Zoltack is something I am looking forward to.Readers who enjoy fast paced entertainment with intriguing characters top my recommended list for this novel.Thanks for helping me stretch my literary comfort zone, Miss Zoltack I read this at one sitting of two and a half hours which will tell you that it is worth the five stars I gave it I look forward to reading books two and three in the series, but point out that Black Hellebore can be read as a stand alone and it does not end with a cliff hanger The synopsis supplied is well written and the story does not disappoint You will identify with Nick or Julianna, according to your taste, and I guarantee that if you can accept the existence of a witch and magic you will enjoy the experience of following their adventure.