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Mat and Douglas’s time as Nikolai’s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai’s machinations their fates are still inextricably entwined they’ve been sold to the same cruel master and are united in their desire to go home But “home” means two different things to the brothers for Mat their little bungalow in Nevada and for Douglas a swift return to Nikolai and Roger the only people he believes still love himBut first they must survive their new master Smythe Hall is a twisted island paradise where Americans affect British accents and slaveboys dress up as slave girls all at the whims of the rich and megalomaniacal Allen Smythe KennedyMeanwhile FBI Special Agent Nate Johnson can’t let the case of the missing brothers lie He knows it’s a waste of resources to chase ghosts down a cold trail but after admiring Mathias “Stonewall” Carmichael ringside and at countless afterparties where he was too shy to say hello he’s determined to solve the mystery and bring Mat and his little brother home Reader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes dubious consent explicit violence non consent

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    Allen is a shit head What he made Mat do view spoilerFight to the death hide spoiler

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    Finally finally finally is that a tiny glimmer of light I see?

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    I love Mat and with each installment I still don't know how Douglas can be saved This was another interesting episode A lot of time passess a number of things changed and once again my fingers are crossed

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    I'm not gonna write much in the way of a reviewJust I need to read on Like NOWSo yeah 5 stars and a love letter to MatMoving on to book 14 sigh

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    45 stars rounded upThe attractions on Allen's paradise island continueThis part was a little bit detached?? Mat once is forced to do unimaginable things view spoiler he must kill people on the arena for the enjoyment of Allen's guests hide spoiler

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    5 Stars

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    It took me a while to pick up this next book in The Flesh Cartel series I really liked the beginning of Dougie's and Mat's story but after a while it turned out to be uite repetitive But I'm still curious to know how their story will end and I have to admit that I was once again pulled right into the story I still keep hoping suffering with them and I really really want to believe in a happy end But these two authors make believing sooo difficult Dougie is completely brainwashed and I'm afraid for his sanity Is it still possible to save him? I'm not so sure But hell I love Mat He's such a great character and I want him to keep fighting In this part of the series the plot finally moved on and I really keep my fingers crossed I can't wait to know how this cliffhanger is going to turn out 3 stars

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    Special thanks to Martin for recommending the series to meThis particular installment was better than I expected I thought it was going to be a dragged out arc like the time spent in Nikolai's mansion The story at Allen's was well paced full of colourful characters and interesting events happeningNate doesn't get any appearance in this story at all so it seems his introduction has been rather short lived and his story doesn't get much presence which was slightly disappointing I hope we'll get to see him soonMat is still always trying for a chance to escape and it seems an opportunity has presented itself again I'm not sure how successful it would be this time round but one can only hope it won't be a repeat of last time I loved this one the story is great no excessive abuse and torture that I can't stomach and finally it's again not some story in which the brothers are always losing5 Stars

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    4 SHOW SOME DAMN MERCY STARS What can I say that hasn't already been said? Dougie is still a twat but I'm loosening up to him a bit My affection for Mat grows with each passing episode I pray his character never gives up because I know he can Swim win his way home to safetyAllen makes Niko sound like the friggin tooth fairy I have nothing nice to say about this psychotic fucking prick so I shall end my review withnow bring on ep 14 damn it

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    What can I say love this series love Mathias “Stonewall” Carmichael the plot is heading off in a new direction Woo hoo and the title as everything to do with the episodeBring on ep 14 I can't wait to read it