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Mat and Douglas’s time as Nikolai’s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai’s machinations their fates are still inextricably entwined they’ve been sold to the same cruel master and are united in their desire to go home But “home” means two different things to the brothers for Mat their little bungalow in Nevada and for Douglas a swift return to Nikolai and Roger the only people he believes still love himBut first they must survive their new master Smythe Hall is a twisted island paradise where Americans affect British accents and slaveboys dress up as slave girls all at the whims of the rich and megalomaniacal Allen Smythe KennedyMeanwhile FBI Special Agent Nate Johnson can’t let the case of the missing brothers lie He knows it’s a waste of resources to chase ghosts down a cold trail but after admiring Mathias “Stonewall” Carmichael ringside and at countless afterparties where he was too shy to say hello he’s determined to solve the mystery and bring Mat and his little brother home

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    Oh Thank You Lord Someone is finally looking for Mat and Dougie FBI Special Agent Nate Johnson is on the case and a man already familiar with Mat Mmmm Mat’s love interest? I am hoping so because the guy already has the hot’s for him and that can only be good because right about now if anyone needs some love it’s MatAfter Episode #10 I have have to admit I was left a little shell shocked and grieving for all that is lost and for all that they could have been but mostly because no matter the outcome they will always be damaged and haunted by what has transpired between them Thankfully Mat still has all his faculties intact which is than I can say for Dougie I am so not his fan right nowNikolai’s fucking diatribe pissed me off He’s reasonable compassionate and calm with an air of concern oh please The man is made of ice words of comfort are only manipulative whisperings He is a contradiction to end all contradictions he claims to love Douglas and in his own sick mind what he feels euates to love but I’m not even going there on that one because I am likely to rant from here to next week You can feel he is anxious about letting Douglas go especially to a man like Smythe but his own superiority complex his pride and reputation in producing a product to a certain standard is far paramount to the narcissistic SOB will I ever feel any sympathy for this man? I do wonder about his past and how he became the man he is now and the authors have managed to alienate me from Dougie so I suppose anything is possible?I know it’s not Dougie that we see Nikolai destroyed him and rebuilt him in the form of Douglas someone unrecognisable from the boy he once was but I loved that boy Douglas is self centred self righteous narcissistic vain proud sound familiar?? and the contempt he shows towards Mat that part of him just turns my stomach and breaks my heart Douglas thinks him a coward and treats him as such I was fuming and even Mat can no longer see any of the love and compassion that once shone so brightly and he feels betrayed and hurt and yes he doesn’t much like him right now eitherMat mentions PTSD and I have no idea how Heidi and Rachel are going to heal these boys because I have nightmares about what they have been through and unless some aliens come down and wipe their minds they will always be broken mentally The authors have subtly and often than not not so subtly shifted and manoeuvred the characters drip feeding the changes until what once was is now unrecognisable with their personalities and mind sets taking a diverse path the get where they are Doulas now cold and callous and Mat vulnerable because of it because he no longer has anyone to believe in him yet he remains strong and still holds out hope that at some point he will have a chance to save Dougie because despite everything he still loves his BrotherI have to say I am glad to see the back of Nikolai and Roger and hope I never see them again unless they get put behind bars incarcerated  with a big brute of a man with a penchant for arrogant pricks now that would make me happy Unfortunately the boys are moving on and it may be that they are moving from the frying pan to the fire but it’s Okay because we have Nate on the case and he is going to save them YAYEpisode #11 and I am still as enthralled and captivated as day one also angry pissed off agitated and a whole dictionary full of other emotions with a lot of crying along the way but I still love it and that’s down the the excellent writing of these two authors who are still dangling that bloody carrot of hope

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    425 starsNikolai work is done now onto the next chapter The brothers are on their way to their new master On the plus side Nate is finally here the one person who kept digging when everyone else stopped

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    This series til now gave me the chills and had me shaking as I read them went beyond my limits if I had any D it can either freak the hell out of you or just disturb you or it could be just what you needed If you’re interested in this kind of reading it´s certainly one of the reads it´s “branded” on my soul Maybe in the next book we will see the brothers have their HEA or NOT

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    Nate Mr Police Man Nate who knows Mat from his cage fighting daysNate who had has a crush on Mat 'Stonewall' CarmichaelNate who is supposed to file away the missing person report of the two Carmichael brothers and doesn't want to archive the file uestioning the Las Vegas PD's investigation resultsI AM COUNTING ON YOUSave my boys please5 stars

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    Jahy's Why bother when Goodreads is glitchy review God I've missed The flesh Cartel of madness This is going to be a very uniue infuriating and chaotic season YES MAT DOUGIE NIKO SMYTHE HALL and the waiting game begins

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    This volume is basically a transitional part Mat and Dougie are being prepared to be taken to Allen's house of horrors After the brutal abuse in the previous part this one takes a look mostly at the mindset of the brothers and introduces Nate an FBI agent who has had his eye on Mat as a fighter and is now investigating their disappearanceIt is of the same with robo Dougie hating Mat loving his Master and preparing to be the bestest slave ever for Allen so he can return to Nikolai and Roger as soon as possible Mat is doing his best to cope allowing himself to feel some hatred towards what Dougie has become yet still blaming himself and plotting to do what it takes to save Dougie And is that Nikolai offering Mat some actual helpful advice and feeling some sympathy? Probably but only to make sure his arrangement with Allen to get Dougie back in one piece goes smoothly Roger is harder for me to hate It is hard to remember that many years ago he likely was in the same situation as Dougie but I think he really is sincere in his attempts to comfort Mat Is it too much to hope that Dougie and Roger are together in a HEA that does not include Nikolai?So the boys are off to their new prison which promises to be horrifying than Nikolai's Unknown to the boys there is a glimmer of hope out there and maybe Mat will be able to get some psycho blood on his hands soon I can't wait

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    5 stars I must say this serial keeps its high level at all timesSo that's it The boys finally leave Nikolai's training centre and are about to be delivered to their new MasterSorry guys but I don't feel anything positive towards Nikolai or Roger Nothing I don't believe in Roger's affection and Nikolai's love toward Dougie It's just all sick and pervertedIf you need your partner on their knees servicing you you just look for a BDSM kind of relationship You can even find a willing 247 live in slave and it all can be safe sane and consensual You don't kidnap people and mould them to your liking into your fktoys with an artificial feeling of happiness beaten and brainwashed into them You just don'tSo sorry but I won't give in to Roger and NikolaiAnd thank God Nate is finally in the picture Go Nate ;

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    One star again – this time for cheatingSo many things promised so little delivered I paid handsomely for the sitting place in the first row at lavish party with all the debauchery Nikolai’s clientele could want and the Authors just left when the party started to swing One hundred welts with my favourite implement and oh alcohol enema I hope it was good Bordeaux vintage Silly me of course it was – the man of such culture and refinement doesn't go outside Grand Cru Clasee You can’t go beneath Château Talbot 2010 100bottle for enema if you earn than 1 000 000 for selling the man for death by choose correct adjective hideousinventive torture But back to main topic I will be very angry if the Ladies pull this trick again at Paradise Island and the delightful tableau of barebacking biting bondage CBT cross dressing cum play dirty talk enema face fucking flogging frottage gangbang hate sex angry sex humiliation impact play insertion public play sadomasochism single tail size slavery caging confinement and last but not least actual and role play incest will not unfold in all its beauty but will be only mentioned in the retrospective But seriouslyEverybody hates DOUGLAS so do I but probably I do it for a different reason I despise him not for what he became but for the velocity and swiftness of his transition from straight as arrow psychology doctorate to never sated always cock hungry slut ready to abuse Once at the beginning Petrovice neither narrator nor Douglas himself said that Douglas would draw from his academic experience to fight him but it never happened Douglas never resisted Petrovic not mentioning using any kind of psychological skills or tricks from his school In fact I do not believe in the possibility of such transition What makes you homosexual is not a person you have intercourse with even multiply times but the gender of a person you make sex in your dreams It's also hard to believe that his core was so fragile his existence so empty and prospects so bleak and we know they weren't that one dildo and one anal intercourse rape were enough to make him reject his love dreams and humanity his very essence his soulPlease noticed that on the other hand we so far I was in tune with the majority of the reviewers do great injustice to Douglas because we used different scales to measure brothers’ performance It was MATT who was the first to give up to Petrovic's manipulation; he was the first who betrayed his brother FC 6; and how easily Petrovic framed him in this situation Matt is still in his own frame of mind only because Petrovic allowed him not because of any special feature of his character Be honest throughout the entire 11 books Matt hasn't shown any superiority to Douglas any greater endurance not mentioning his intelligence because on this fielded he is a complete failure Recall what prompted him to fuck with Petrovic the first time One threat with Derby’s dose this and Thomas Thistelwood can be googled and he actively by his passive behaviour participated in the scheme to destroy his younger brother The authors wrote that Petrovic always underestimated him but they failed to show at least one situation to prove this opinion De facto absolutely all their interactions showed how much right Petrovic was in his derogatory opinion about older Carmichael’s abilities Matt’s strength and wit are greatly and undeservedly over appreciated In the end in the recognition of his inferiority he will have to ask Petrovic for help to save Douglas As far as PETROVIC is mentioned CF 11 fully confirms what I suspected previously The great “white washing” is in full swing and I can stand this process even less than Douglas’ fears that Matt would destroy Petrovic slave business FC10 The opening scene with Matt and the entire scene with Roger this one before branding should convince as how considered he is and that he even has consciousness and scruples What worse now even Matt thinks that Petrovice loves Douglas in some way I do not buy this I have already explained this uite thoroughly Now I only add that the price for love is vulnerability therefore Matt can be hurt he loves Douglas Petrovic's feelings toward Douglas don't make him vulnerable; I know from the web they will but even then I do not consider his cooperation with Matt in saving Douglas to be atonement for his sins “some “his creations” return broken some in ashes majority never return” It’s not slave business he is trading in death To my surprise currently ROGER is the only person I hate form the entire cast of FC And contrary to the Authors I don’t mind his death in the season 5 The affection and support he is showing toward Matt are so false and dishonest that makes me puke In “the land of misery in the house of slavery” inmates can touch their dicks only for pissing If Roger offers something to Matt it’s on Petrovic’s direct order like Douglas fucking Jeremy Matt should already know it But not he is buying this another example how weak Matt’s intellect is Sad The blurb only confirms may suspicion that we will be offered “dues ex machina” ending The warrior in white armour on the white horse pardon me in white helicopter whose existence nobody suspected for 10 books will come to rescue the hopeless brothers Petrovic has been always right and will remain on top of the gameI will never see my perfect ending the really real punishment for Petrovic not prison or torture but loneliness when all slaves have left him I would like to see Roger but I don't believe that's even plausible on the grounds what we know about him and the cook that's probable leave him when they have the chance to make a choice choice like in the world where they are not threatened with severe biting into unconsciousness To see him empty handed when he learns that he can't built love on rape pain and humiliation; that TPE built without consent never brings real trust and devotion To watch him realize that all what surrounds him is one great lie and he is the biggest liar

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    The brothers prepare to get shipped off to their new owner of whom both are not looking forward to since the new owner Allen seems like a sadistic one Dougie at this point has gotten so irritating to read about because he's totally been brainwashed to become a mindless sheep I still like reading about Mat and glad we have on him this time as he doesn't get a lot of time on pageThis book introduces a new character Nate who is an FBI agent and gets thrown to review the closed case just because their ex foster father plays golf with one of the judges or something Not sure why the cartel would pick the siblings when their ex foster parent have such pull with prominent people which doesn't make sense since they supposedly should have done a lot of research on the twins to even allow for something like this with a chance of happeningIt is getting interesting now with Nate in the picture and introducing another story arc If I were to suffer through another 8 books with just the brothers living lives as obedient slaves I'll probably give up way before then4 Stars

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    4 Stars