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The Incredible True Story Of One High School Student S Determination To Triumph Against The Challenges Of Autism And His Opponents On The Basketball Court On February The Greece Athena Trojans High School Basketball Team Took The Court For The Final Game Of The Regular Season With Four Minutes And Nineteen Seconds Left On The Clock, And The Trojans Nursing A Comfortable Lead, The Coach Sent Jason McElwain An Autistic Student And The Team Manager To The Scorer S Table He Scored Twenty Points, Including A School Record Six Three Pointers J Mac, As McElwain Became Known, Was Carried Off The Court On His Teammates Shoulders, And A Videotape Of The Game Quickly Found Its Way Onto National Television, Making J Mac A Household Name An Inspiration To People Everywhere, Jason McElwain S Amazing Accomplishment Was Broadcast On CN, ESPN, And Local Newscasts Across The Country, Moving President Bush To Tears With His Courage And Determination The Game Of My Life Is One Of The Few Books Written By An Autistic Author A Riveting Chronicle Of How J Mac Overcame A Lifetime Of Adversity

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    This is a very inspiring story about a high school basketball player Jason J Mac McElwain Jason was diagnosed with autism at a very young age His dream was to be on the high school basketball team But this was a challenge because he is smaller than most of the kids out there is has developmental delays Jason was ultimately cut from the team But Jason always found the bright side of every situation The coach offered him a spot as the team manager to go and get the water and towels He did this every single game up till senior night, and what happened on senior night is remarkable This book is a very good book, however it does drag on and hop around in periods of Jason s life so you always have to pay close attention to every detail.

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    Genre Sports, Autobiography, MemoirRating Wow The Game of My Life is gripping, emotional and packed with fun memories, stories and insights from the perspective of a high school students who lives with autism.Summary As a senior, Jason J Mac shatters expectations in reaching for his dreams on a New York basketball court This is the story of a boy who grew up autistic and brought focus into his life to reach a goal.Main Characters Jason J Mac high school student, autistic, huge basketball fan.Parents caring parents with two sons Mom is overprotective than dad.Josh Jason s older brother, away at college on Jason s big night.Coach Two coaches are critical to the story Both give Jason a chance.Key Issues Goals, Dreams, Focus, SuccessOther Interesting Information News clips and videos from Youtube can be used with this text in the classroom It is great for discussions of focus and embracing differences in ourselves and others.

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    Inspiring story We all could learn many lessons from this heartwarming story J Mac, you are my hero

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    Very touching and encouraging

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    When I watched ESPN s Sportscenter on the morning of February 16th, 2006, I was amazed by what I witnessed The top play of the day highlighted a high school basketball game only 20 minutes from my home which initially caught my attention where an autistic student had scored 20 points in less than 4 minutes The student, Jason J Mac McElwain, became an instant celebrity within his school, town, and eventually the world With this new recognition, he went on to share his story inspiring everyone he came into contact with saying that no matter what life throws at you that you can still succeed at whatever it is that you love With the help of professional writer Daniel Paisner, J Mac collaborated his childhood and growing up with that famous game from February 15th to tell his story of growing up and over coming his autism in the novel The Game of My Life The way the novel itself is set up is very unique and interesting Each chapter contains two sections The first highlights an important section of time in Jason s life from his memory that also include input from significant people during that specific time for example his parents David and Debbie while growing up and friends such as teammate Steve Kerr during high school This is a great addition because we get to hear not only from the mind of an autistic teenager but also those who interact with him nearly every day The second section of each chapter is a part of the game from 2006 told directly from Jason s memory Sections entitled Halftime and Showtime let us enter the mind of the teen during the game the night before he had made headlines Jason s descriptions of fans cheering his name and anxiously waiting on the bench to go into the game were so vivid that I almost felt I was viewing the night s events through his eyes While reading the book, I really enjoyed being able to enter the mind of a teen about my age who has gone through and struggled with so many obstacles in his life Also, I was impressed by the way Paisner was able to put together quotes from others in Jason s life, which added to the amazing depth of the story For instance, in Chapter Two s section one entitled Big Bird named after the character from Sesame Street as well as Jason s first words , we heard about the event not only from Jason s memory he was five years old at the time, so he could remember but from the thoughts and emotions of Debbie, David, and J Mac s brother Josh and how they all reacted when the event happened It added an extra dimension to what happened, and it was a new and exciting way to read an autobiographical book This book also serves as a great motivational tool Hearing about the struggles and victories straight from the minds of an everyday American family facing autism touched me as I read After being diagnosed with severe autism, Jason, with the help of his family and friends, began to be able to communicate with others very effectively and do other things that most autistic children would not be able to do The game is just the icing on the cake With all the odds stacked against Jason, he was able to achieve his dream of just stepping on the court and even after that by scoring 20 points and beating the school record for three pointers in a game by scoring six Ever since the game, he uses the book as well as personal speeches to continue motivating young and old people that whether you re autistic or fully functional, you can always catch a dream.

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    The Game of My Life is an inspiring book about a Jason McElwain who must overcome obstacles such as autism throughout his life This book not only describes the great game that Jason had at his final basketball game as a Greece Athena Trojan but his struggles early in his life to learn new things and be like a normal kid When Jason was a small child he would always sit in the corner of his kitchen and not speak to anyone but his brother Josh As Jason got older his parents would hope that he would say just one word because experts believe that if a kid with autism spoke in one full sentence he would start speaking regularly To learn ways to limit the effects of autism Jasons parents would bring him to experts all around the country and do what ever they could to help Jason become a normal kid Finally when Jason spoke in his first full sentence he started doing other things such as playing basketball with his older brother Josh Jason got so good at playing basketball with his brother Josh that he eventually became better than his brother and Josh quit playing Jason became the manager of his JV basketball after being cut from it in his freshman year Jason was manager of the JV team up until his last game of his sopho year when he got to suit up and play To be able to make his varsity team in his junior year Jason joined many camps throughout the summer Then when his Varsity tryouts began Jason worked his hardest but he knew he had a back up plan which was to be the Varsity team manager if he didn t make the team Jason ended up not making the team and became the team manager Jason was a very energetic team manager and was never afraid to show his emotions Jasons saying that he would say every game was stay focused Then came Jason s big chance Jason would get to play in the last game of the Greece Athena basketball season the Senior Night game as a senior Jasons big chance came with about four minutes and thirty seconds left in the game When he was in the game Jason didn t want his teammates to just look for him because the players that were on the floor with him were players who had sat on the bench all season like him but they did On his first shot Jason threw up a three pointer and air balled it Then when his second opportunity came Jason shot another three pointer and it went in When the ball went in the crowd went crazy and Jason let his emotions take him over and he ran down the court pounding his chest Jason went on to score 20 points in a span of three and a half minutes including a school record six three pointers Jason could have had another three pointer but his foot was on the line on one of his shots At the end of the game the crowd rushed the court and swarmed Jason The floor was covered with pictures of Jasons face on Popsicle sticks as Jason had his own cheering section for the game Jasons face was all over the news as he appeared on all of the local news channels and ESPN Jason and his family could have never believed what had happened to him just from one day and one game Jason became a national hero to kids with autism and to kids who could never make an athletic team all around the country.

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    The Game of my life by Jason J Mac McElwain is a memoir describing Jason s extraordinary life Jason tells his story about how his autism didn t stop him from achieving his dream In Jason s senior year of high school on senior night of basketball he got to play and showed everyone in that gymnasium what he could do February 15, 2006 in the high school gymnasium in a suburb of Rochester, New York home of the Greece Athena Trojans, Jason McElwain acquired the court for the varsity basketball game Jason was a senior that was the basketball team s manager Jason is also autistic, he was not physically different from everyone else but he developed slower than normal children, however Jason didn t mind he liked the attention As a kid Jason s autism made it difficult to develop normally, he was treated differently and struggled socially Jason loved sports As a kid he involved himself in playing with his older brother Josh but Jason could never keep up with them so he sat out most of the time Jason s mother tried to push the responsibility of helping Jason get into sports on Josh Jason s mother just wanted Jason to be a normal kid She loved her son no matter how he was but she was concerned about his future and how others would treat him Josh loved sports as well that why his mother thought he d be a good influence for Jason Once Jason was independent he started developing his own likes and dislikes Jason tried out for the basketball team and made it He made the varsity team as the manager of the team Sometimes he got so into the game his teammates said his shirt wouldn t be tucked in by the end of the game Jason was played for the senior night of last home game of the season He owned the court people underestimated him because he was the smallest kid on the court He quickly showed everyone what he could do Jason is an inspirational person Jason never let developing slower than others, being teased by other kids, and being a little different from others stop him from being himself and living his life the way he wanted to He overpowered his handicap and proved to not only everyone in the gymnasium but also himself that hard work and determination can and will payoff in achieving a goal People who like sports should read this because it is a remarkable story about a young boy s life and his love for a sport Also this memoir draws people in to read and is very difficult to put down.

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    Jason McElwain was the autistic kid in 2006 who got to play in the last game of the season with his Varisty basket ball team and scored 20 points in the last 3 minutes of the game The video was all over everywhere, because it was just so neat to see Mostly, it is Jason telling the story of beong the team manager for several years and how he got into the game and the game itself He talks a little about school and being autistic and just normal life stuff He talks about how weird it was, all the attention he got, how the media just exploded around him He tells about some of the neat stuff he got to go do in the wake of all the attention The things I found the most interesting He talks about how he relates to other kids He talks about getting teased by kids because that s what kids do in high school, boys always tease each other, and most of the time, he was teased the way all the other kids were teased He talked about how he hates it when his mom puts a hand on each cheek and talks right in front of him He knows she just wants him to focus on her and hear what she is saying, but he started concentrating a long time ago and he can hear her from across the room I am familiar with the technique, and I occasionally use it, but kids grow up and you don t have to do things like that forever, if your lucky Even though he didn t have the credits to graduate with a diploma, he chose to graduate with his class He didn t want to keep going to high school even though he could continue until he was 21 He is now 19 He has a regular job at a grocery store and goes to a GED class The teachers have told his parents that they don t know if he will ever be ready to take it, but he has decided that he will just keep trying He talked about having no fear No fear of failure or embarrassment He just keeps trying It was really a feel good book Very uplifting There aren t a lot of books with autism that make you feel good, most are very negative, and leave you with despair, but this made me feel good I think I ll pass it to my mom I also love to read 1st person stuff from autists, because I like the insight into their thought process It helps me imagine what is going on with S, inside his head.

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comMany people probably remember hearing about Jason McElwain on the news back in 2006 He scored a record six three point shots for his high school basketball team That might not have been outstanding for a superior high school player, but Jason was the team manager, not a first string player And, in addition to that, he was a young man diagnosed as autistic In THE GAME OF MY LIFE, Jason McElwain tells his story He shares what he recalls from family stories about his early childhood years, unable to communicate or even tolerate his mother s loving touch Extensive medical testing resulted in a diagnosis of severe autism With the help of dedicated parents, Jason was able to learn coping skills and manage many of his autistic outbursts Sports provided a focus point and an outlet for his energy, and ultimately earned Jason his moments of fame Jason s unique voice can be clearly heard as he tells his memories of early treatments thought to reduce the symptoms of autism He explains the frustration of moving from one school to the next as school administrators searched for the best programs to help him As Jason became interested and involved in a variety of sports, he found not only friends, but also a way to achieve success Always in touch with reality, Jason knew his skills were adequate but not exceptional, and his success came as a chance to just be part of a team But with the care and concern of his coach and teammates, his part on the team gave him the chance of his life and memories that have changed him forever THE GAME OF MY LIFE is an inspiring story about living with an increasingly common condition It is an excellent book for teens suffering with autism or connected to someone with the condition Jason s positive, up beat personality is refreshing, as well as direct and realistic.

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    I remembered the story of Jason J Mac McElwain s memorable game from when it was on ESPN, Good Morning America, and other national news outlets, but this book was a good refresher in addition to providing the backstory of all that led up to that game Most of it is written by McElwain himself, with anecdotes from friends, family, and coaches providing their perspective on the events He chronicles the first 18 or so years of his life, primarily with the focus on his being diagnosed with autism and later how it translated into his obsession with basketball that enabled him to set school records in his first, and last, high school varsity game.Normally, I don t care about basketball, so I appreciated McElwain s in depth description of the terms and play styles of the game, which I don t believe was so much intended to educate casual readers as it was a reflection of how detail oriented his autism makes him when it comes to basketball The progress that Jason makes over the course of the book should give hope to parents of young children with autism, that just because the kids seem lost in their own unreachable world, dedication to finding the proper education and opportunities can open them up remarkably McElwain mentions frequently that he went from a toddler who constantly banged packs of chewing gum together to a young man who scored 20 points, most of them 3 pointers, in 4 minutes of a basketball game, given speeches to many groups, and written a book.