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Hell hath no fury like a faery scorned A man out of timeEnchanted by a jealous faery 13th century warrior turned druid Faolan MacIntyre has his work cut out for him In order to break his curse he must entice a woman to fall in love with him His love comes at the highest possible cost howeverfor the woman A woman aloneRebuilding her life after an ugly divorce merchandising director Colleen O’Brien lives vicariously through movies and romance novels When the sexy bespelled Scot crash lands in her living room unannounced her resolve to never love again is sorely tested After admitting her love Colleen finds herself in 14th century Ireland Now she’s scared and alone until Faolan finds her and they are both pursued by their jealous enemy Thrown together by destiny but held together by love Faolan and Colleen must work together if they are to survive But for two headstrong people–a man accustomed to giving orders and a woman who refuses to take them–it’s much easier said than done CONTENT WARNING Faery magic gone awry a plucky Irish heroine and a hot Highlands badass clad in a very small towel

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