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Psychiatrist Jade Thatcher Thinks That Returning To Her Small, Australian Hometown To Start Again, Will Be A Healing Experience Until Her New Job Proves To Be Just The Opposite Her Patients Are Linked In Ways That She Can T Explain, And The Hospital Has Seen Too Many Doctors Come And Go It S Not Long Before She Is Lured By A Well Guarded Secret One That Sends Her To A Dark And Dangerous Place, With Little Hope Of Returning

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    Grateful for my signed copy but if I didn t enjoy the book I would have said so Well, it was certainly easy to keep turning those pages made my sick day a little less bleak which accounts for the fast speed through it I liked that the mental illness patients were people before they were illnesses and that in fact there was an arbitrary line drawn between the insane patients and the sane everyone else A lot of truth in that I think.I wasn t mad keen on the romances, especially the one that was an insta love switch from a sweeter one but they were kept light enough not to ruin the whole story there was so much action and drama and fast changes and yet humanity was preserved I was a bit worried about the whole thing becoming a blood bath at one point which is not something I could have enjoyed but within the chaos, key people were determined to stay human.Characters were complicated enough not to be stereotypes, everyone had a back story but it wasn t allowed to hold the plot back so really the balance there was ideal I wonder if the reason the Australianness of the setting didn t particularly resonate with me was because I am from SA and perhaps the book is set further north in not my territory The use of foreshadowing gave away some of the twists but only very gently so the reader feels clever rather than bored to see it coming there were other twists If you like suspense but want to keep your humanity intact for the ride, this is a good one Most readers would appreciate the romance even though I didn t Jade was my sort of a girl apart from that

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    This story will get you thinking twice about conspiracy theoriesand mental illness.The story is about Jade, a psychiatrist who after a failed marriage, takes on a job at a mental facility where not everything is as it seems Filled with complex characters, the story is suspenseful, disturbingly realistic, and will keep you on the edge of your seat I never read anything from this author before and I m looking forward to reading of her for sure

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    Set in a small Australian town, White Walls is a well written psychological thriller filled with a cast of true to life characters Some are flawed Some are weighted down by personal bagage Many are mentally ill Others, downright frightening.The story is about Jade, a psychiatrist who after a failed marriage, takes on a job at a mental facility where not everything is as it seems Filled with complex characters, the story is suspenseful, disturbingly realistic, and will keep you on the edge of your seat But what makes this book stand outis the author s narrative voice that sets the tone for the story Kudos White Walls is a must read for anyone who loves thrillers This story will get you thinking twice about conspiracy theoriesand mental illness A truly fansinating read

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    White Walls is a psychological thriller that had me biting my nails, as my heart raced and my mind tried to foresee the next twist It s a whirlwind of a story that burst off the page and engulfed me it as it surged, twisted and turned.Jade Thatcher is a psychiatrist who after a failed marriage returns to her hometown and gets a job at the Rowan s Home Psychiatric Institution But all is not as it seems and as Jade gets to know her patients, and questions arise and she soon discovers a secret that threatens to destroy both her and everyone around her.The descriptive writing is beautiful The characters are incredibly complex and also very authentic, very real.Once I d started reading, I just couldn t put it down I received this book in a goodreads giveaway.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book The characters are well written and endearing The author clearly has a good understanding of mental health issues and treatments as the story felt very real and grounded.What I really loved was the surprises This story doesn t conform to expectation but travels its own path I thought I had an idea of the story until it changed and became something different I found this intriguing and enjoyed the twist But the surprises didn t stop there The story keeps surprising until a brilliant climax.I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn t put it down The writing is wonderfully descriptive but comfortable to read.HMC is a writer to watch

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    This was an easy read I found the writing slightly amateurish but the story was good Given all the high ratings here, I hoped it would be of an asylum story rather than an American action movie set in Australia thingy, but I enjoyed it.Dr Jade Thatcher was quite lucky because a lot of her plans could have turned against her and her friends E.g She called a policeman from a payphone in a hotel lobby but a baddy had got to him first and answered the call Yet she drugged people that were there to keep her safe so that she could put her plans into action, and left those people defenceless where any good tracker could have found and killed them after tracking the phone call to the place Oh well..And one discrepancy if Jade was married to a doctor Thatcher, how come her brother was also a Thatcher Shouldn t his surname was something else

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    White Walls, a suspense thriller, by HMC drew me in instantly with an assortment of interesting characters As the book opens, we get a peek at the possibly paranoid delusions of a very disturbed man, George Barter, an artist who won t leave his home even to purchase art supplies I knew I liked this book immediately when I could easily picture George arguing with the store clerk on the phone and then, in an angry tirade, tearing up his own art with a pair of scissors Each character has a definitive voice that comes through in HMC s artful and realistic dialogue HMC alternates the third person viewpoint skillfully to give readers a glimpse into the minds of several characters quickly We meet Samantha Phillips, a young woman and daughter of a notable psychiatrist with a personality disorder, Dr Jade Thatcher, the main character with issues from her own past, Anne, a light hearted and friendly nurse, Freddie, a patient who has childlike tendencies, Dr Clancy Green, a crotchety stickler for the rules, and Morty, a kind easy going nurse, just to name a few, who will all have one thing in common, the mysterious Rowan s Home Psychiatric Institution Without giving too much away, I will say that Jade Thatcher finds herself in a great deal of trouble, which she did not anticipate when she came home to Fairholmes, Australia to make a fresh start after her divorce With the best intentions, she is soon immersed in Rowan s shadowy past, unsure of whom to trust, and struggling to survive long enough to uncover the secrets that will allow her to finally help her patients to heal.The I read, the intriguing the plot became This book made me speculate about what was really going on and to challenge myself to figure it out before the end of the book This book was great fun to read, and I didn t want to put it down HMC has a degree in psychology, which adds to the realism of the novel, but is also the source of my only complaint I wish she would have given details regarding the psychological aspects in the resolution of the book Nevertheless, a great read, and I highly recommend it.

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    First I would like to thank H.M.C for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book like loved this book, I have read a few psychological thrillers but this one was different I think it helped that she has a degree in psychology.Jade moves back to her small town of Fairholmes after personal problems and she takes up a job at the local psychiatric hospital where she meets her patients and things aren t what they seem but Jade thinks they are paranoid, delusional and suffering from the illness with which they are in there for Right from the get go you get sucked into the mystery surrounding the patients and the story behind them and the hospital H.M.C writes the characters with such love and precision, that you can t but love them as well, and it all gels together Twist after twist keeps you turning the page to see where it takes you and who is behind what and how it all comes together in the end, I loved the characters they have a voice of there own and H.M.C executes it perfectly Congratulations on a wonderful debut you have a fan here who will read anything you write thank you for the opportunity to read this book.

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    White Walls by H.M.C is a truly excellent psychological thriller, set in the a mental health institution Psychiatrist Jade comes with her own baggage and personal problems The new job in her hometown is not proving as easy as she has had hoped for Somehing just doesn t add up, suspisions and paranoia set in and trace beautifully the existing twilight or the grey areas if you so will between mental health and disease.HMC has written some memorable and fascinating characters with great background stories of their own and plotted the main story masterfully I found the reading experience somewhat hypnotic I am not surprised the author has a background in psychology, the insights into the patients and into Jade show a very empathetic and knowledgable mind The pace and the suspense are well kept throughout without ever becoming uncomfortable or over done.Skillful and just right this is a remarkable debut novel.Very impressive.

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    Generally, I tend to steer clear of psychological thrillers More often than not, I find them quite pretentious just trying too hard to be as smart and clever as they can.Then something happened that altered my view on this particular reading niche I was introduced to White Walls , the debut novel by H.M.C.I found this book to be a thoroughly enjoyable and compelling read Although the pace did slacken a couple of times, most noticeably around the midway mark, the writing style, progression, and rich cast of intriguing characters carried this strong story along very nicely, leading to its extremely gratifying conclusion.Congratulations go out to this fantastic new author, who has crafted an admirable tale and reinvigorated my interest in this genre