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I enjoyed this audiobook Interesting characters, storyline, plot This story is packed with action from the start with surprising twists, interesting villains, treachery, intriguing situations The story would likely appeal to teens, young adults, or fans of superheroes. Let me just say that I wishnovels where written in this genre I love my comic books but novels will always be my first love and there was a series of short story collections I read back in the 1990 s that had super heroes in them and I loved them The stories where by some of the best authors of the time and I would like to say that this one could have been included among them The story is well paced and detailed enough that you get the idea of the world very fast The idea of super beings is one that is hard to write without getting into something that has gone before and sounding overly rehashed but even though some of those elements exist here from both movies and comics the way they are used here is very interesting if not unique at least it isn t as rehashed as some stories I have read in the past where things are almost a word for word copy The Academy is actually the only real issue I have with the book Mostly because in most worlds that have super heroes they have them and, even in the Marvel and DC worlds, they do not press the issue of how bad the government would want to control super powered peoples or exactly how badly they would be discriminated against If we as a race cannot overcome our hatred of ourselves in a world without powered individuals by discriminating race and sexual orientation then how would we as a race react to supers The book is an amazingly fun read and I would love to see another This book is generally good for teens and I would even say younger people Though I would like to mention that the deaths in the book should probably have hadof an impact on Jim than they did Once again this is my opinion and should be taken as such but a young man of his age confronted with death as he was should have had aserious reaction.Either way a good book and one I would gladly tell others to read. Like Millions Of Other Kids, Jim Grew Up Wanting To Be A Superhero Unlike Most Of His Contemporaries, However, Jim Actually Had The Goods A Plethora Of Super Powers That Would Have Been The Envy Of Any Meta On The Planet But When His Tryout With The Alpha League The World S Premiere Group Of Supers Goes Disastrously Wrong, Jim Basically Becomes An Outcast Two Years Later, Jim Is Still Bitter About What Happened To Him However, He Soon Finds Himself The Centerpiece In An Odd Turn Of Events That Gives Him A Second Chance At His Dream But Nothing Is As Easy As It Sounds, As Jim Soon Discovers Among Other Things, He S Made An Enemy Of A Prospective Super Teammate, He S Being Stalked By An Unknown Pursuer, And A Shadowy Cabal Bent On World Domination Has Identified Him As The Only Obstacle To Their Plans It S A Lot For One Super To Handle, Even With A Smorgasbord Of Abilities But If Saving The World Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It I love comic books, super heroes and villains fighting against one another in a perpetual struggle I love conflicted heroes and vigilantes, who struggle against their inner darkness I love villains who do what they do because they don t consider themselves the villains, but the heroes in their own stories I practically learned to read from comic books That s why this book was such a disappointment to me It may have gone a different way had I not loathed the main character so much From almost the very first sentence I didn t like him he had everything Telepathy, telekinesis, invisibility, shapeshifting, teleportation, and on and on and on and on practically everything but super strength which, as the lead pointed out many times, he could fake He was a teenager, which isn t bad in and of itself, but this teenager took out a super hero team without hardly breaking a sweat Not only that, but he and his grandfather decided for him to hold back when trying out for the local super hero team, which was a decision I didn t really understand I mean, if he wanted to be a hero or wanted to be famous, why not show off how awesome you are Or, if you wanted to keep your abilities hidden, why try out in the first place It didn t make sense.That s not the worst part, though it was plenty bad The worst part is that much of the first part of the book was told via flashback Instead of starting the story with the young Kid Sensation, about how he got his first power when a bully picked on him, or about the try outs, or going through high school while all this was happening to him, or training with his grandfather that stuff is told in flashbacks The initial scene has us watching him be a bounty hunter while under disguise as Mohawk We then see his fancy apartment and all his super powers and so on, which just made this I don t know Bestest With The Mostest vibe After that, it was hard to feel sympathy for the character at all Why should we He had all of these advantages and yet still finds stuff to complain about Granted, he s a teenager, but he s a teenager Should he really be besting the premier super hero team And should we be seeing it in a flashback If we had grown up with him, watched him be bullied by mean kids, and how he developed his first powers, and how awkward it was to have all this, then maybe it might have worked Instead, we get page after page of past tense battles and shenanigans which put me to sleep When it wasn t boring, it was almost painful to listen to Last thing off the top of my head at least , I know it s a YA book, but the lead character didn t sound like a kid, not in the slightest The way he spoke as it s in first person POV was way too adult at times, using words like ubiquitous Granted, I know what ubiquitous means, but the average kid isn t going to One shouldn t dumb it down for young adults, but the way the lead character spoke didn t sound like a young adult at all That was another thing which made it hard to relate to him.There are, however, a couple of bright spots The narrator was very good, and I enjoyed his voice I think I ll have to cleanse my audio palette before trying him again, but try him again I shall He had a lot of emotion in his voice, and he did the best with what he was given For the text itself The lead character was African American, which made me really happy There are so few minority protagonists that I feel this must be pointed out I really wish I liked the protagonist at all, but I appreciate seeing minorities in positions of power AND on top of it, the author called out racism within the book, which was great It s not enough for me to bump it to 2 stars even, but it was good to see that I also liked Brain Trust The idea for BT was really quite interesting, but we didn t see enough of him or her.Overall, I would definitely pass on this book While the narrator was excellent, and there were a couple of bright spots, the book overall felt like watching a train wreck, except without the compulsive can t look away aspect This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review. Cool, just, damn cool Yes he has a lot of powers, and yes he s still being something of a pain about not having all of them, makes sense as people always want what they don t have I like him being cocky, because it s a good defense from the crap in the world.Up there in my meta books, fun read, looking to getting the other books Two years ago Kid Sensation Jim had a disastrous tryout for the Alpha League, the world s premier super hero team He s spent the last two years working as bounty hunter Mohawk and trying to develop and hone his abilities He quickly gets pulled into a plot involving a mysterious group of evil doers who are trying to take down the league and rule the world.I thoroughly enjoyed the novel I thought Jim was a likely kid who stuck by his principles and generally tried to do the right thing He has a unique lineage, being descended from alien royalty and the world s greatest telepath, and this has gifted him with a plethora of abilities His skill set was almost too much, so much so, that an entirely new power is introduced, utilized, and quickly forgotten about within about ten pages At one point his mentor, Braintrust, comments on his skills and remarks that Jim doesn t need teleportation AND super speed because they are basically the same thing I found myself agreeing with him and probably would have liked to see Jim make due with only a few good abilities and give the other characters a bitbreathing room.The pace of the book was good and very easy to follow There are moments where the novel jumps to the evil doers perspective and I don t think that really advanced the story and probably could have been omitted There is also a twist at the end that was easy to figure out and the moment it happens could have been fleshed out a little bitJim is very mature for his age and often makes very rational, adult decisions so perhaps it was handled in line with that It was very refreshing to read a novel told from a male s perspective and I appreciated that there weren t any real attempts to slide in a romance sub plot.I was given a copy of the novel in exchange for a review. I don t often stumble upon a good superhero novel, but this one had all the one points for me sympathetic hero, interesting setting, and a cliche in just the right way plot After a disastrous tryout for the Alpha League, Jim plays superhero in the shadows But he s not a vigilante he has his grandfather and a powerful superintelligence called BT helping him capture and turn in supervillains secretly It s only when trouble really begins to rise that he realizes he ll have to embrace who he is Kid Sensation in order to save the world.I loved Jim s voice throughout the piece he comes across as very human in spite of all the powers he has and all the training his grandfather has given him He and the other characters bring the story to life, and it s rather larger than life in some ways, just like a superhero comic might be.If you enjoy comics and superheroes, I highly recommend this story. This is a world where super powers are not quite as uncommon as our world, it is a cool mix of YA and superman.Jim is a normal teenage boy with all the usual teen issues to deal with, along with something extra, he seems to havesuperpowers than all the other heroes put together and this doesn t make his life any easier.I really enjoyed this book and didn t want to stop listening, unfortunately life got in the way and I had to take 2 sittings to finish the book. When Jim, otherwise known as the Kid , tried out for the superhero league, he didn t expect to become a fugitive Now on the run, Jim uses his myriad of superpowers to stay anonymous while still being a good guy When the forces of evil deign to track him down for their own nefarious ends, Jim is caught between the struggle of good and evil and must face temptation, broken alliances, and blossoming romance.Sensation was a genuine surprise to me I generally don t read male POV I do make a few exceptions the Shift series by Kim Curran is also does excellent teen boy POV BTW and I did have to read the blurb a few times, trying to read between the lines of what might actually happen in the book Of course, the cover is gorgeous, so that decision was easy P What can I say, I like colourful, shiny things.Hardman is a competent, confident writer with only a few mistakes often seen in newbie tomes there was a distinct lack of character voices two different characters both happened to say Voila when unveiling something , and overuse of unneeded parenthesis and a startling and annoying repetitious habit of cutting a long story short Basically an awfully high percentages of sentences began with essentially , over, frankly speaking, ultimately, in essence, in short, needless to say, and so on It seemed like superfluous word padding, and unfortunately after reading some author blog posts I also see it s a habit in non fiction writing as well.There was also some issues with deciding what to include as dialogue and what to summarise, but it didn t really impact the overall story and I expect Hardman to get better as he writesI ll also add that Jim s narrative voice didn t seem particularly teen but I will also point out that there is such a thing as a mature teen boy, and he hadimportant things to worry about than girls and sex and whatever else teen boys think about seriously, I m not one, so I don t know.The plot of Sensation was really great, a strong typical coming of age plot for a teenage protagonist anonymous superhero fugitive I would have likedangst, especially when it came to Jim s absent father, and there seems to have been an entire aspect missed concerning his mother as well Unfortunately, as usually is with boys stories written from a male author, the book seemed to revolve entirely around males The only females present were either sexually interested in Jim or pretending to be , or his mother I guess I m probably not the intended audience though, as I highly doubt many teen boys would give a shit how many women show up in the novel and what they talk about.Overall if you want to read a YA book from a teen boy perspective, and you want to see what a really well written self published novel can do, I do recommend Sensation, though I don t think I ll be reading the sequels Thanks to the author for providing this review copy for an honest review. Received a free copy for a review Damn good program Sensation by Kevin Hardman was pretty darn decent At first, I was extremely hesitant, especially when the Wanted poster of Kid Sensation the protagonist came to light He had so many abilities, I was afraid the book was going to be about this over the top hero, with no faults, and just an extremely predictable plot.A lot of this story was predictable, and normally that would annoy me From view spoiler the love interest betrayal to the deadbeat, out of the picture father that just so happened to be the superest of all the supers, to even Jim s multitude of abilities, hide spoiler