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This Book Is Out Of Print And Unavailable In E Book Form For The Full Edition, Including Both Part And Of The Starbirth Assignment, See Starbirth Assignment Shifter Information Below Lock Harford Is Exposed To An Unknown Drug As A Teenager In South America Its Unique Effects Draw The Attention Of British Intelligence, Who Undertake Lock S Development He Has The Ability To Move His Body Through A Different Dimension Using The Power Of Thought, And His Enhanced Senses Detect Living Beings As Energy Pulses These Skills Make Him Invaluable To Military And Intelligence Organisations They Employ Him To Work Alongside Elite Taskforces, Taking Passengers On Covert Operations Using Teleportation, Shifting In And Lifting Operatives Out Of Hostile SituationsLock S Handlers Are Put On Red Alert When A Similar Drug, Starbirth, Appears In The United States And Britain Sold As An Illegal High Distribution Spreads Across The World And The Results Of A Starbirth Pandemic Are Feared As Criminal And Insane Teleporters Shifters Wreak Havoc Lock And A Small Unit Of Covert Operatives Are Given The Task Of Finding The Source Of Starbirth And Shutting It Down, But Their Efforts Are Hindered By Corrupt, Ruthless People With Their Own Agendas Lock Is Joined In His Quest By Jimmy Mackenzie, A Special Air Service Veteran Trooper Their Lives Are Changed Forever By Events Out Of Their Control

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    J.M Johnson has done it again Transmutes the 2nd in The Starbirth Assignment series is non stop action, but unlike a lot of authors Johnson somehow manages a cross genre style of writing She writes sci fi with her feet firmly planted on the ground You ve got Special Services, the SAS, MI5 and I don t know who else battling drug barons in Central America, but both have use of cutting edge weapons and technology enabling their operatives to transmute, teleport and even use their pheromones at will.This last brings another dimension into the story with the beautiful Cheena whose leather look jacket revealed a generous cleavage that was way too close for comfort, and the evil Maria, who is somehow very appealing, despite the fact she can kill with her bare hands My favourite soldier, Jimmy, feels an almost overwhelming desire to take her in the hut, grab hold of her breasts rip off those stupid tight jeans Well, perhaps we should draw the curtain of decency over the rest of that scene.A well deserved 5 Star Keep on churning them out, J.M I can t wait to read the next in the series

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    Another great sci fi thriller from author J.M Johnson I read the first in the series a while back and was anxious to get into the second one The story continued with gifted, shifter Lock Hartford who is working harder than ever to find the Starbirth drug and cease the illegal manufacture to prevent distribution The characters are fleshed a bit and we begin to see of what drives them We re also introduced to several new characters The book is full of action, intrigue, suspense and interdimensional travel The plot is tightly woven and the characters are realistic, particularly for a science fiction novel Once again, a great portrayal of British Special Forces I enjoyed is greatly.