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I bought this book after seeing it recommended on the Kindle forums I wasn t sure if I was going to like it or not after reading the description, but I gave it a chance anyways and to be honest, I rank it as one of the better books I ve read this year, if not the best The characters were very well written, the plot was fun and interesting, and I loved the dialogue The Detective was like a character from a 1940 s pulp novel he was full of one liners and jokes, of course, like any good hero, this was all just a mask to hide his true feelings.My only complaint is that it seemed like the mystery was solved a little too soon Maybe this could have happened a little later in the book It s a minor complaint, because everything that happens after the reveal is still just as entertaining.The book was very well written and descriptive without being overly descriptive The author never lingered on things, and the book was never dry it was a fast paced read, and the plot never dragged.All in all, I really loved this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fast paced action novel that mixes in superheroes, mystery, and just enough romance to keep a chick like me happy It was definitely worth the purchase. I really, really wanted to hate this book I am currently writing okay, thinking about writing a similarly themed superhero novel, and I kind of viewed this one as the competition I really wanted to hate it But I couldn t It was just too d mn good It has almost a Watchmen quality, but it takes it to a different level I love anything where the heroes become the bad guys, and you can see their fall This has that element I loved the main character, and just the fact that, power wise, he s probably the weakest super in the book, but I ll be d mned if he doesn t still manage to kick butt.I believe that if this book managed to attract a following, it could reinvent the superhero novel in much the same way that Watchmen and Miller s Dark Knight Returns did for the standard comic book It s that d mn good.And in the greatest compliment I can give any book or movie tv show entertainment is that it has inspired my own work now, as I will be borrowing several ideas of inspiration I received while reading this and incorporating them into my own work.To sum it all up, all I can say is that this book comes with my highest recommendation. Years Ago, A Gene Virus Ran Rampant Across The Planet, Leaving A Small Percentage Of People Gifted Cursed With Extraordinary Abilities And Humanity Itself Forever Changed Suddenly, There Were People With Super Strength And Speed, People Who Could Read Minds, People Who Could Teleport Themselves From Place To Place With But A Single ThoughtSeveral Of These People Joined Together To Form The Seven, The Most Powerful Group Of Supers The World Had Ever Known Led By The Enigmatic Agent America, The Seven Kept The Country Safe From Threats Both Foreign And Internal That Is Until The United States Government Decided The Threat Of The Supers Outweighed Any Protection They Could OfferAfter A War Between The Super Powered And The Normals As Non Powered Humans Are Now Referred , The Seven Have Placed Themselves As The Nation S Rulers, Controlling The Country Through Fear And Intimidation But Now, Someone Or Something Is Murdering The Seven One By One, Single Handedly Attempting To Make Them Pay For All Of The Sins They Have CommittedTo Stop A Killer, The Seven Turn To A Man Who Hates Them As Much As Anyone An Imprisoned Man Known Only As The Detective Finds Himself In The Unenviable Position Of Helping The People He Despises In Exchange For His FreedomA Noir Detective Mystery Wrapped Around The Superhero Myth, Kingdom Of Heroes Is A Character Driven Novel That Will Leave You Guessing And Entertained Until The Very End Jay Phillips, can I be your official groupie I ve never asked a question like that before, but I never quite read a book like this before either How does a bargain, self published, ebook on Kindle about superheroes become one of my favorite novels of all time I m not sure, but it has.The dialogue in this novel is so crisp and witty, so fast paced, it reminds me of watching a Joss Whedon TV show or movie The characters were so much fun and believable The Detective has to be one of the most well written and crafted protagonists I ve encountered in a long time As someone else said in a review, Jay Phillips has a gift for characterization And this is his first book How is that even possible I ll admit it I cried like a baby at the end The ending was so happy and sad at the same time, and it kind of took me by surprise The one death I didn t want to happen happened, but it was so heartfelt and emotional that it just blew me away This is the kind of book that leaves you thinking about it long after you ve finished I was breathless by the end.I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone It is that good and so worth reading Keep this author on your radar Big things are coming his way And Jay Phillips, if you re reading this, keep me in mind when you start collecting groupies. The world is full of books about superheroes, but only a handful revolves around a murder mystery and incorporates neo noir aesthetic Kingdom of Heroes contains most of the stock ingredients of the genre the femme fatale, the morally ambiguous hero, complex plot, hard boiled dialogue, and so on It never wastes a second thanks to short, action packed scenes it s ridiculously addictive.Set in a world ruthlessly ruled by former superheroes known as the Seven, it pulls no punches in presenting a new form of dictatorship We learn about world altering events through a short introduction and skillful use of the newspaper clippings, transcripts of recordings and diaries between the scenes Before the change of the power structure a gene virus affected a small percentage of the world population by mutations that manifested as enhanced mental and physical skills Each mutated individual was affected with different abilities, some got immense powers while others useless ones.Philips paints a gruesome picture of people discovering their powers A woman in Peoria accidentally burned her husband alive when her ability to manifest flames turned on as she was climaxing during sex a college student in Houston inadvertently lobotomized his History professor while searching the teacher s mind for the answers to a test a child in Denver was killed when he unknowingly teleported himself onto a major highway Initially, superheroes wanted to protect the United States against crime and supervillains But then the government made a fatal mistake and started to perceive them as a threat to the world s safety and to persecute them Agent America, and his team of powerful mutants, The Seven conquered states and created a dictatorship their leader perceives as a real life Utopia When a mysterious killer murders The Seven one by one in gruesome ways , Agent America offers a deal to Canadian superhuman knows as the Detective who hates The Seven himself Mayhem ensues in the best possible way The novel draws from famous comic book arcs and presents characters similar to Marvel s iconic characters It starts almost like the Watchmen with a brutal murder of the member of the Seven, a brilliant scientist Anthony Barren who flies around in technologically advanced suits When the killer puts his hand on Anthony s most advanced suit, he gains access to the hidden records concerning the strengths and weaknesses of members of the Seven, which include plans to neutralize them allies in a fight an arc inspired by excellent JLA Tower of Babel by Mark Waid You won t have to look very hard to spot characters inspired by Iceman, Captain America, Colossus, or CloakDagger And if like me you re a geek raised on Marvel and DC, occasional nods to well known characters will add another layer of fun to the edge of your seat narrative The action moves at a breakneck pace, from one location to another as The Detective tries to solve the murder mystery and stop the killer The Detective himself is an intriguing character with a knack for the witty that s top of the line as long as you enjoy lines from 80 s B Movies He speaks a lot and I could describe him as a mix of Peter Parker and Deadpool See for yourself if you ll enjoy his voice Nothing like a bullet wound and sex with a beautiful woman to make a man feel the pangs of freedom Or this exchange with a gal who s just about to kill him Oh well, she said At least we had tonight That means something, doesn t it Not to me, he said, smirking for what he assumed would be the last time I doubt I ll even remember you in the morning Such cheesy lines brighten otherwise gruesome and violent reality of survival in the world rules by Agent America You just can t approach them seriously The characterization has enough depth to make the reader care, but it doesn t try to explore the deepest layers of a human psyche Despite some shortcuts, I would never call the Detective one dimensional Unfortunately, I can t say the same about female characters who are shown as hot and flirtatious types who can t resist the Detective Sure, it s part of neo noir canon, but it s also sexist As long as you accept it and turn a blind eye to the flawed characterization of females, you ll enjoy the story Dissect it, and I don t think you ll want to finish it.Kingdom of Heroes is an excellent popcorn fun It s fast, furious and loud If you like Hollywood pacing, superheroes, and crime you re in for a rare treat. I wrote it, so of course, I m going to like it I hope everyone else does as well. 4.5 StarsBut I gave it a 5 anyway, because I m a sucker for anything that appeals to the fangirl in me And whether you like comic books or your interest in such things only applies to the film adaptations, you might want to give Kingdom of Heroes a try.One caveat, sometimes it s obvious that Phillips is a fanboy himself For example, one of the characters in this novel, Anthony Barren, goes by the moniker The Iron Knight and is a genius engineer playboy who builds himself a metal suit that can fly and shoot stuff at people Barren as an adjective has a cousin called stark Get it No Also, Tony is short for Anthony Still don t get it Then there is no hope for you.For those of you still with me, I could see where Anthony Barren might grate into the squeamish nerves of the critic, but critics tend to be irritated by nearly everything, so take the similarities with a grain of salt Or go find a sense of humor if it bothers you I loved it.I also loved the Detective Maybe even in an I want to have your babies kind of way FYI babies are right up there with slow and painful death on the list of things that I want Anyway He s the real hero of this novel, a loveable rogue who exudes a nearly perfect combination of reluctant hero, smartass, and dog petter The Detective s cohorts and gatekeepers along the way were equally interesting I might add, each with a distinct personality and motivation, though perhaps the mystery villain in the stolen armor was the best of the bunch Phillips definitely has a talent for characterization.The plot lures you in with swift world building and an irresistible mystery in the first half, followed by a big reveal around the mid point I ve seen that come as a disappointment to some other reviewers, and though I felt the slight change of pace as well, Phillips keeps plenty of threads hanging and many body parts flying That s enough to require me, at least, to spontaneously generate a superpower just to put the bloody thing down And those threads lead to a fingernail biting, will he won t he climax that seems impossible to resolve, yet somehow wraps up in a way that is both believable and satisfying.In the interest of disclosure, included in this freshman effort are sparse profanity and much less sparse gore In other words, AWESOMENESS.All things considered, you ll feel a bit guilty for not paying at least double the book s retail Yeah, it s cheap, so you have zero excuses Go buy it, now. Originally published here had no idea what to expect when I started reading Kingdom of Heroes, but I certainly didn t expect this epic, heart wrenching, dynamic, action filled story that reminds me of all the comic books I read when I was a kid All right, so I didn t read that many comic books, but this book certainly reminded me of my comic book days The book is very much about people with supernatural abilities vs normal people, pretty much like X men, but in a totally different way There was a lot of mystery going on as well, and I liked the eclectic mix of superhero genre and mystery.The characters were awesome They were well developed and thought through, and each of them had an unique personality The main character is called The Detective, which I thought was strange and at the same time hilarious The other members of the seven were fun as well, and I particularly enjoyed the small snapshots into their history.The author created an imaginative, intriguing world that I thoroughly enjoyed exploring The only downside The plot reached its climax about halfway through, and everything from there was less magnificent than this large build up and the climax that followed There were some other moments afterward that made the characters shine, but nothing as spectacular as in the first half.Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to fans of the superhero genre, fans of comic books and just fans of good old mysteries with a supernatural twist.Oh, and there s a giveaway to win an eBook copy of Kingdom of Heroes. Have you ever read a book that made you speechless, that left you without the words to describe it, where the only word that you could think of was Wow but even that was not enough THAT is how I feel about this book.When I first started the book and realized it was about superheroes with superheroes that you weren t quite sure if they were good or bad I knew I was going to love this book As I got further and further through the book, I knewandthat I liked the main character I just have this thing for cocky, smart allick, anti heroes Each page left me wantingandand the way the book was layed out was great including journal excerpts and a bad guy that you think you know who he is but you re not quite sure but maybe it couldn t be him but then wait right there well he could be but eh maybe not and then you find out and you re like YES Wow I guess what I m trying to say is You should definitely read this book It is by far one of the best I have read in a long time and I don t usually say that unless I mean it Superheroes action each page making you wantandand an ending that just, well, you just have to read it Great job, Jay I sure hope you write something else By the way, I received a free copy of this book so that I could write a review on it I, however, will not write a good review just because I got a free copy My review is based on my true opinion of the book, so please don t hold it against me that I got it for free haha. Jay Phillips is an amazing author.He is like a mix between Stephen King and James Patterson I know for a fact that if a big publishing or press company got a hold of his book, they d have a field day with him The book and his writing are incredible.I love the concept of the book The Supers VS the Normals is just an awesome plot It reminds me of the TV show, Heroes Not only was the plot great, I think he executed it very well There were always things that would surprise me Of course there were some sad parts that I wished didn t happen, but overall it just enhanced the quality of the book Our main character, the Detective, is hilarious If he was a real person, we would be best friends He is so witty and sarcastic, yet outspoken One of the things that is just hitting me now is, we barely know anything about the Detective We don t even know his name, or his past, and neither does he But like I said, that doesn t take away from the book It only makes it greater I also love the layout of the book It alternates between third person narrative than some journal entries that have articles about the world the book takes place in At first when I saw that, I was like, There is no way I have the attention span to read these articles But I did The articles were extremely awesome and provided insight Plus, because my book is written in a similar way, it was cool to see how Jay used the tactic.The ending was freakin awesome You ll love it, trust me.The only thing I didn t like was the amount of profanity in the book I know it was part of the main character, but I still wish that it wasn t asmuch as it was Overall, Kingdom of Heroes is my new favorite book Marvel fans, science fiction lovers, and anyone who has ever watched a super hero themed show will CHEER for it I give it a 9.5 and choose to keep it on my shelves.Jay, I hope a big publisher finds your book, and gives you the recognition you deserve.Seeof my reviews at and see how you can get your book reviewed by me.