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Just a terrific followup to the first novel, excellent characters that change and develop as the story progresses and it progresses a lot in this book And I have a new favorite character along with Vel, Jack and the Princess, Victory Anna the coolest steampunk character ever. Okay, I m sold I want the matched set of Velveteen graphic novels with the Jo Chen covers, the Victory Anna pin up poster, the Action Dude action figures play set, a Jackie Frost sweatshirt, and a my other car is the Jolly Roger bumper sticker McGuire has taken the characters and situations she established in the first volume and brought them back for an apocalyptic reunion, creating a full blown comics universe in the bargain Some of the situations and events are as silly as can be imagined on the face of them, but the characters are fully developed people, and before you know it you find yourself really worrying about and caring for them It s a terrific little book, and I recommend it highly to comics fans. I loved this one eventhat Velveteen vs the Junior Superpatriots Told with McGuire s customary wit, quirky humour and intelligence, super hero turned cashier turned super villain turned super hero attache to Oregan, faces the laws of possibility and theconfusing side of physics in this collection of the serial Old friends and adversaries show up and new faces appear Victory Anna is an especial favourite of mine But for the heroine in the bunny ears, this time it s personal The rebranded or the Superpatriots the world ain t big enough for both of them Settle in for the ultimate superhero show down as Vel gathers her army both flesh and blood, and kapok This was sheer brilliance Highly recommend. Velveteen vs the Multiverse continues and concludes, for now Velveteen s story brilliantly All the strengths of the first book remain the strong worldbuilding and analysis of superheroes, the quirky humor, the eternal sense of impending doom, and complex characters This book, however, is where shit gets real Seanan examines Velveteen as a person and as a superhero as the title implies, we do encounter other versions of her, which, of course, inform our understanding of who she is Plot points from the first book pay off in a big way Velveteen and Tag s relationship is put to the test Plus, the introduction of a new character, Victory Anna, a curvy, redheaded gadgeteer, makes this book even better than the first all on its own It s just fantastic I firmly believe the Velveteen series deserves to be as popular as anything else by Seanan McGuire Mira Grant. He Was The Last Great Hero Of His Generation Velma Martinez Velveteen Had Never Intended To Be A Great Hero, But She Was Out Of Choices Hello, Jolly Roger Hello, Bunny Eared Girl Who S Taken Over My Ship Have You Come To Collect The Bounty On My Head I Ve Come Because Dame Fortuna Told Me How To Find You, And We Need Your Help Velveteen Crossed Her Arms The Super Patriots Are Corrupt, And I Think Marketing Is Evil, And They Have My Best Friend, And We Want Her Back Jolly Roger Blinked, Several Times, Before Turning To The Princess Is She For Real She Is, Said The Princess, Sounding Smug She Would Have Been Happy Stayin Out Of The Way For Her Entire Life, But The Super Patriots Forgot The First Rule Of Rabbits Don T Follow Them Into Their Dens They Re Meaner Than They Look Velma Hadn T Wanted To Be A Superhero, Had Walked Away From It All Once Before But When Love And Friendship Call Velveteen To Fight, She Can T Run Away, No Matter The OddsAward Winning Author Seanan McGuire Chronicles Velveteen S Ultimate Battle In This Concluding For Now Volume Of Her Adventures Muchconcentrated and engaging than the first set of Velveteen stories, this one is a read in one sitting kind of thing Appreciating Velveteen might require you to appreciate the same pop cultural tropes and phenomena as the author does which I clearly do, and thus have zero problem with it I might occasionally think about how similar Velveteen is, hero personality wise, to October Daye, but I don t actually mind. I really enjoyed this book It sill has the same silly fun that s a part of the first book, but this sequel starts to get a little deeper into the problems that are set up in the first book It s darker, but no less good or hopeful or ultimately happy Mostly There is ultimately a happy ending, but it s not a fairytale ending where everything is okay and nothing coststhan a cup of coffee Happy ever after isn t easy If it were, we wouldn t fight so hard to have it. More fun adventures of Velveteen I liked this better than book one Too bad book three isn t available in audio. Ahhhh TT its over I want this to be made into a movie or animated series, something which will display its fantastical technicolor world and characters in all their deserving glory So Velveteen is back and she has finally gathered the courage to fight the corrupt Super Patriots Inc There are love triangles which I couldn t hate, a new sweet view spoiler lesbian hide spoiler It s been a long time since I listened to a book essentially without stopping It s been that way with Velveteen vs the Multiverse wake up, feed the animals, shower, get dressed, put on my coat and headphones, go to the train, listen when I can during the workday, train home, headphones off This is a 12 hour book I started Wednesday morning, and finished Friday morning.That should tell you something about Velveteen Imagine a world where instead of Hollywood, the Kardashians, Real Housewives, and the Bachelor, you had The Super Patriots And The Super Patriots had the world s best marketing division And that marketing division used a lot of mind control And it s always on This is Velveteen s world it looks and functions exactly like ours, except with superheroes and supervillains instead of celebrities When Seanan McGuire started writing Velveteen shorts, I don t think she expected her silly superhero stories to resonate so soundly with the world we live in Even her website doesn t listthan the original stories in Velveteen vs The Junior Super Patriots, and now we have a whole other volume that is twice as long as the first And I was sad for it to end.Velveteen is a superhuman whose focus has always been on the human, rather than the super, and she wants to live in a world that reflects that I do, too She is a heroine I could have met on the subway yesterday Seanan McGuire announced yesterday that she s becoming a fulltime author I hope this meansVelveteen.