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One Of The Most Important Theologians Of The Twentieth Century Illuminates The Relationship Between Ourselves And The Teachings Of Jesus In This Classic Text On Ethics, Humanism, And Civic DutyWhat Can The Call To Discipleship, The Adherence To The Word Of Jesus, Mean Today To The Businessman, The Soldier, The Laborer, Or The Aristocrat What Did Jesus Mean To Say To Us What Is His Will For Us Today Drawing On The Sermon On The Mount, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Answers These Timeless Questions By Providing A Seminal Reading Of The Dichotomy Between Cheap Grace And Costly Grace Cheap Grace, Bonhoeffer Wrote, Is The Grace We Bestow On Ourselvesgrace Without DiscipleshipCostly Grace Is The Gospel Which Must Be Sought Again And Again, The Girl Which Must Be Asked For, The Door At Which A Man Must KnowIt Is Costly Because It Costs A Man His Life, And It Is Grace Because It Gives A Man The Only True Life The Cost Of Discipleship Is A Compelling Statement Of The Demands Of Sacrifice And Ethical Consistency From A Man Whose Life And Thought Were Exemplary Articulations Of A New Type Of Leadership Inspired By The Gospel, And Imbued With The Spirit Of Christian Humanism And A Creative Sense Of Civic Duty This book will mess you up, and you will be better for it at least it should Bonhoeffer combats what he coins cheap grace i.e., grace with no demand, no cost, no cross He demonstrates that the life of discipleship is the life of crucifixion But this is not from some pussified metrosexual pastor, wearing his tight button down, throwing around terms like imitatio christi No, this is from a man who did it, who faithfully followed and bore witness to Christ until the end when he was hung naked with thin wireI just read this quote from the camp doctor who witnessed his death I saw Pastor Bonhoeffer kneeling on the floor praying fervently to God I was most deeply moved by the way this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer At the place of execution, he again said a short prayer and then climbed the few steps to the gallows, brave and composed His death ensued after a few seconds In the almost fifty years that I worked as a doctor, I have hardly ever seen a man die so entirely submissive to the will of God. Listened to the audio version of this book and found it very compelling It challenged me in ways I didn t know I needed challenging, which is why it earns 5 stars from me As a lifelong cultural Catholic and for the last twenty years or so actively striving to be Christlike Catholic, I need books which help me to look at my faith from a fresh perspective.Bonhoeffer s eclectic approach to the Gospels reminds me very much of his German compatriot and one of my other favorite authors, Pope Benedict XVI The fact that they are both devout German Christians couldn t have anything to do with that could it Especially insightful in this text are Bonhoeffer s contrast between cheap and costly Grace his exegesis on the encounters between Jesus and the Rich Young Man and others and his challenges to our understanding of our own discipleship.Highly recommended, especially in the audio format I was reluctant to do anything else once I started listening. I have spent most of my life attending what are generally called the mainline Protestant denominations in the US I grew up in the United Methodist Church and I m now a PCUSA Presbyterian I have heard this book quoted or referenced In sermons and bible studiestimes than I can count But I had never actually read it myself so I decided to as part of a Lenten discipline of reading only books on religion during Lent Having now finished, I am surprised at its popularity among liberal Christians Don t get me wrong, I liked a lot it but the message of this book is that the gospel is true, that it is urgent that it be proclaimed, and that all men need to repent and follow it This is so very different from the Stuart Smalley like I m good enough, I m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me school of preaching that I hearSundays than not Here s a couple of sentences from Bonhoeffer Nothing could beruthless than to make men think there is still plenty of time to mend their ways To tell men that their cause is urgent and that the kingdom of God is at hand is the most charitable and merciful act we can perform, the most joyous news we can bring Now maybe your PCUSA or United Methodist or Episcopal Church or ELCA Lutheran church is different from mine, but that s not the message I m hearing every Sunday How I wish I did So why is Bonhoeffer quoted so often I think it is mainly that his heroic life and martyrdom while struggling against the Nazis has made his biographyprominent than his theology And the phrase cheap grace makes a nice sound bite for those who ve never really taken the time to read what Bonhoeffer meant by it And that s a shame because there is much here that we in 21st century America need to hear Anyway, I have the book 4 stars On message and theology, I d give it 5 but it is pretty thick and not easily readable in parts How much of that is due to translation issues from the original German and how much is due to it being just a very academic writing styleI don t know I had the same issue when I read Pope Benedict s book on the life of Christ Perhaps I just have a problem reading German theologians I would also note that this probably isn t the best book for a non Christian or someone who has been away from church a while It presupposes a pretty good grasp on the bible and basic concepts of theology CS Lewis Mere Christianity would be a better introductory kind of book But if you re looking for a meaty, substantive theological treatise, this is a good one. Wow I m so glad I finally read listened to this compelling book Now I need to read my old print copy with pen in hand to mark up all the gems that inspired and challenged me. Whew My brain is mush.It has been really helpful for me to read this book alongside my friend and mentor We have gotten together over the past three weeks and oncethis Friday to discuss what we ve read and how our lives as disciples differ from Bonhoeffer s definition of a disciple UPDATE 9 14 18 I came across this article which helped me better understand Bonhoeffer s theology We need to be discerning readers A Reliable Guide I m not going to attempt to review such a classic work Rather, I thought I would comment on what I thought were some striking themes in Bonhoeffer s work.One thing is the theme of unqualified obedience to Christ One of Bonhoeffer s chapters is The Call of Discipleship and I think that may have been an evenappropriate title for the book The call is both a gracious call, one we need but don t deserve, and a call to implicit, unqualified obedience in following Christ, as in the case of the rich young man In various ways, we want to follow Jesus and For Bonhoeffer, it is Jesus alone.His chapter on the enemy was interesting in light of his eventual participation in an assassination plot against Hitler The book discussion group I was in all struggled with reconciling what he wrote about unreserved love for the enemy with his actions against Hitler From reading Metaxas biography on Bonhoeffer, it may be the case that he didn t reconcile these but simply saw this as a tragic necessity for which he was prepared to accept judgment not only by men but God.Finally, one of the striking themes of this book is the idea that discipleship is inescapably lived out in the visible community of the church In fact, he cannot think of sanctification in purely personal terms but only in the context of the church Whereas we may tend to think of the church as instrumental in our growth in holiness, Bonhoeffer would see the bride of Christ being prepared for her wedding day, that bride being the church.As you can see from the edition, this one has been on the shelves a long time I read about 100 pages in college and then set it aside Perhaps that was enough challenge for a young disciple Thanks to the Dead Theologians Society reading group for helping me read the whole Indeed a great book Bonhoffers work is dripping and saturated with the spirit of a martyr, which hasn t loss a bit from his freshness and his relevance to the present.The deep love to his Lord, and his genuine esteem for God s word, are without doubt the items that stand out visible trough the entire book.Bonhoeffer explain the difference between what he calls the cheap grace versus the costly grace.Particularly trough the light by the chapter about single minded obedience I ve been exposed as a Christian.A memoir by G Leibholz about Bonhoffers background and life with his dead as a martyr trough the Nazis at Flossenb rg round off this remarkable work.Since then, Bonhoeffers name has been tightly link together with the cost of discipleship Chapters like the body of Christ and the visible community, at least for me, are especially preciousThis book isn t a dry theologian paper, but muchthis is like an early morning call and even an alarm call for the church today Every Christian should read this work, even for non Christians would I dare to say its a rewarding reading experience.Of course I give with pleasure 5 stars to it A wonderful and fascinating book, written by a charismatic and outstanding personality. My full recommendation. Where does one begin This is a book that will profoundly change your understanding about what it means to be a person of faith in the world Bonhoeffer challenges us to look beyond the values of this world, and asks us are we willing to embrace the true cost of discipleship His analysis of cheap grace, and its corrupting influence reminds us that there are times that we have to challenge the powers of this world, that there are times when to be a good Christian means we can t always be a good citizen Bonhoeffer wrote in the shadow of evil, made even worse by the reality that many so called Christians were only too willing to serve Adolf Hitler and his evil regime Bonhoeffer makes it clear to the reader that cheap grace is at the heart of such fatal compromises of faith, that allow evil to flourish It is through understanding costly grace, that we can embrace discipleship that will allow us to witness to this world in such a way that we are freed from the powers of this world.Bonhoeffer s words are just as important today, as they were in the dark days of the Nazis, and will always challenge us in our faith. Having read Eric Mataxus s brilliant biography of Bonhoeffer 5 stars skip this review go read the biography I had to readof what Bonhoeffer wrote It is tough reading Good food, but vegetables when my brain occasionally wanted chocolate The book is divided into 5 sections 1 Grace and discipleship2 The Sermon on the Mount3 The messengers4 The Church of Jesus Christ and the life of discipleshipThe book is worth your time if you re interested in deepening in discipleship Section 1 was the most helpful in terms of laying out Bonhoeffer s central argument He puts grace freedom in the midst of imperfection side by side with discipleship pursuit of perfection at least in the area of devotion and service This tension will eventually strike any Christian if s he is thoughtful and lives long enough.The exposition of the Sermon on the Mount could be a book on its own Lotsin Matthew 5 7 than I ever saw through my own eyes.The balance of the book is about how to apply all this to living in the ordinary sense of our lives and our associations.This is one that will require several re readings to fully consume.