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With a wedge at last driven between Mat and Dougie Carmichael courtesy of Nikolai Petrovic’s expert manipulations the brothers must each accept their new path forward Dougie a perfect slave sweet and obedient and loving Mat a tightly reined dog snarling and snapping but never allowed to biteUnfortunately no transformation however well planned is without its growing pains Mat’s leash is so tight it’s choking him Dougie is tormented by a little voice inside his head—a fragment of his former self—that he cannot silenceAnd Nikolai’s most difficult tests for the brothers are still to comeThe critical uestion isn’t whether they can pass those tests but whether they even want to Without each other to lean on and live for a bleak future has become bleaker still But Nikolai’s too good to let his slaves slip through his fingers—by death or by despairA noose a nighttime sky a shared lover an unexpected friend A foreboding forest cabin A lavish party with all the debauchery Nikolai’s clientele could want It’s all coming in season 3 of the Flesh Cartel

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    He Won NIKOLAI WON Lyn that hopewas false hope I thought book 1 was bad this is the worst Master knows best Master knows best Master knows best DougieDouglas has been reduced to nothing He is now even comfortable being treated like a dog He barks He is so broken the guy will need year and years of therapyDouglas Nikolai got what he wanted he finally did itview spoiler In the last episode we saw Mat and Dougie escape we saw a little glimpse of hope only to have it all come crushing down It was a trap Nikolai let them escape He finally convinced Dougie that it was Mat’s fault that they did not make it And as a punishment He convinced Dougie to rape Mat And Dougie did it proudly convincing himself that his is being a good boy hide spoiler

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    This book really hurt as in ugly tears and crying my heart out kind of pain I hate Nikolai no in fact there are no words to describe what I feel about that man oh he’s clever he has yet again proved he is the master manipulator but dear God I am BROKEN I feel sick and I hurt Nikolai has destroyed me and the boys What hurts the most is Dougie he is unrecognisable from the boy we first met in episode #1 all his hopes and dreams for a future have been destroyed along with his love for Mat What transpires in this book absolutely cut me to the uick and totally ripped my heart out and I now fear there is no return for sweet Dougie he is nothing but a minion blindly following in his Masters footsteps And now Nikolai is also abandoning him turning him over to a man that seems if possible fucked up than Nikolai although I have a feeling his area of expertise will not be the mind games we have been used to but rather a brand of kink that will involve abuse torture and depravity with Mat being his main focusIt’s strange really because I have been so angry at this series with blood vessels fit to burst and now I feel like I am in mourning physically grieving for the Dougie that was and finding it hard to pity or even like the Douglas that he has become and my heart bleeds for Mat who now has no one and nothing left to live for apart from the responsibility he still feels towards a Brother that he also no longer recognises and who has nothing but contempt for himBring it on ladies it doesn’t get any worse than this

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    WARNINGS RAPE FORCED INCEST WATER SPORTS VIOLENCEI really wish this had been 1 to 3 books instead of all of these little chapter type reads They all would have been 5 star reads if it had been presented that way There have been so many of these that seemed repetitive As a reader I do not become emotionally involved with Matt and Dougie any I have become less interested in the things between page 1 and the end I just want to see if anything different is going to happen I doubt that is what these two authors have worked so hard to create The shock value is long gone now

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    May Dougie's sanity RIP WOOF WOOF AMAZINGLY TWISTED Now bring on season 4

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    OH MY GOD It's 330 am and I just COULDN'T PUT IT DOWNWicked crazy twisted gritty and FKED UP like hell One of the best parts since the beginning 5 HUGE STARSBoth Mat and Dougie must face the conseuences of their view spoiler escape attempt hide spoiler

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    I am absolutely shockedAnd I'm not talking about the usual rape torture and violence in this one It's the complete hopelessness here view spoilerNikolai finally won And Mat brave strong Mat only lives on so he can one day rescue his brother from this hell of slavery His brother who is so far gone in his training that his master's wishes are his only motivation in life Regarding Mat as a shadow from a painful and unworthy past he doesn't even blink an eye when Nikolai asks him to rape MatAnd Mat? Mat takes whatever's thrown at him stoically loving Douglas no matter what horrible things his brother does to him hide spoiler

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    By far the most disturbing episode yet Won't even say anything to avoid spoilers but something has to give really soon here That being said I can't wait to see what awaits the brothers next I am still holding out hope that Mat will come through but not sure he can get over blaming himself for what has happened with his brother I'm not sure what the future can possibly hold for Dougie Douglas at this point but I hate that I am now thinking view spoiler he really should just stay with Nikolai after he leaves his new master because is there ever enough therapy that could overcome I gleefully brutally raped my brother for my master in front of a bunch of psycopaths hide spoiler

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    OMG This one brings some intense and disturbing scenes Dougie Nikolai’s little programmable fuck toy

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    'On for fuck's sake It was like he had a fucking sign on his forehead or something Dougie's Whipping BoyNot that he wasn't willingHe just didn't understand why anyone needed to whip anyone at all' How to describe this season 3 finale?

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    Behold the conseuences of your choices After the cliffhanger we were left with in book #9 we once pick up exactly where we left off with Mat but that doesn’t last long We find out who is driving the car and when I read that my stomach dropped Of coursehow can I possibly keep wanting and hoping that the boys would be okay? I mean they are okay to a point if you believe that and there are times I do I can’t help myself But boys But Dougie Douglas what is in store for you? I am as confused and unsure as you are uestioning that’s what had brought him here in the first place uestions and doubts cracking away at his safety and certainty and what had it gotten him?Clarity Distance Perspective What the fuck was he supposed to do with perspective in a locked fucking car or a locked fucking room in a locked fucking house in the middle of nowhere with a master who wouldn’t let him keep it? With that I am back to wanting this boys to get the hell out of there Will they ever be free? I will admit to still having my crush on Nikolai he is the master manipulator after all but come on Oh goodness the pain is one thing I can handle the pain for the boys but the let’s say thirst is what I can’t I just can’t It’s too much but at the same time I get it Mat I have told you I like your brother than you but dude? You tried and you forgot for a minute but it’s all for Dougie You do it all for him every time but what will become of you? I have asked this before but you have endured so much pain; strapped to that metal chair and thenI’m so sorry Nikolai why do I like you so damn much? I shouldn’t but there is something about you that even amongst the pain and manipulation you force on others there is this side of you that I can’t look away from It’s that side that sadly keeps giving me hope even when you make these boys these brothers do unspeakable things to each other I know your story I know what you are and what you can do but I can’t help the way I feel Entangled in this mysterious power play this twisted fucking bond of blood and cum and pain What sick kind of fuckery inspired people to cheer for forced incest? I knew this episode would be a tough read I got too comfortable and I know better This was right up there with episode 6 and my wanting it to just be over Actually this episode has taken this series to a whole new level it is well beyond anything I ever thought I could or would read I was at the edge of not wanting to read what was happening and not sure if I could take what was coming next But who am I kidding? I am a trained slave just like Douglas is and Mat attempts to be I am a good girl who keeps buying and keeps reading no matter how tough it is I will suffer the pain the nausea and the hopeless desire that this will end bad or good It will end I will have made it through I hope Rating 35 Stars