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With a wedge at last driven between Mat and Dougie Carmichael courtesy of Nikolai Petrovic’s expert manipulations the brothers must each accept their new path forward Dougie a perfect slave sweet and obedient and loving Mat a tightly reined dog snarling and snapping but never allowed to biteUnfortunately no transformation however well planned is without its growing pains Mat’s leash is so tight it’s choking him Dougie is tormented by a little voice inside his head—a fragment of his former self—that he cannot silenceAnd Nikolai’s most difficult tests for the brothers are still to comeThe critical uestion isn’t whether they can pass those tests but whether they even want to Without each other to lean on and live for a bleak future has become bleaker still But Nikolai’s too good to let his slaves slip through his fingers—by death or by despairA noose a nighttime sky a shared lover an unexpected friend A foreboding forest cabin A lavish party with all the debauchery Nikolai’s clientele could want It’s all coming in season 3 of the Flesh Cartel

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    I haven’t got a clue what the fuck is going on any I am a mess blubbering with the hopelessness of it all

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    This series is so fucked up but i will continue reading it “I should beat you for taking liberties” Nikolai panted and Dougie’s whine at that was pure instinctive fear but of course it felt great against Roger’s cock and Roger just ground against Nikolai harder “But I think—” Whatever he was thinking Dougie well Roger drove it right out of his head for a moment “—I think you’ll learn your lesson well enough by the time this day is through” This is season 3 and the beating torture is gone and now we have the Twisted Sick Mind games Nikolai has managed to turn Dougie into something else an obedient little pet with no say at all He now thinks he is in love with Nikolai DougieNikolai is a master manipulator he uses Roger to get Matt to do his bid I want to kill him but then again i want to see what he will do nextDougie is broken broken to a point when Nikolaiview spoilerrapes him in front of another slave while telling him to wash dishes he just takes it hide spoiler

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    Nikolai you're really getting on my fucking nervesThere are no spoilers from Loyalties but there will inevitably be some from Captured Auction Choices Conseuences Wins and Losses Brotherhood and Homecoming Contains cussing and explicit scenes 4 Nikolai could knock him to the mat but he couldn’t make him stay down Starsthe goal is clear kill nikolaiPart of him desperately wanted to be wrapped back up in Nikolai’s arms in Nikolai’s private inner sanctum borrowing Nikolai’s strength and conviction and basking in his loveMe Wow was he always that cruel?Book MhmmMe Well damn It did work thoughBook AyeMat's determined to starve to death and nothing will change his mind Well except maybe one thing Something he didn't expectUnder Nikolai’s guidance Dougie thrives Or at least he thinks he does thoughts of his past and Mat still plague his thoughtsI thankfully avoided reading the blurb as it still heavily contains spoilersOne day you’re gonna walk out those doors and wind up at the feet of another man and you’re gonna spend five ten maybe fifteen years there missing Nikolai for every fucking second of it like your heart’s torn out of your goddamn chest”The characters had separate paragraphs so it was easy to tell who it was talking about The few sentences from Nikolai and Roger's POV was really good and unexpectedThe series is an emotional roller coaster and I don't regret any of itTo see my previous reviews and my next review for The Flesh Cartel please click the links belowCapture The Flesh Cartel #1 HEREAuction The Flesh Cartel #2 HEREChoices The Flesh Cartel #3 HEREConseuences The Flesh Cartel #4 HERE Wins and Losses The Flesh Cartel #5 HEREBrotherhood The Flesh Cartel #6 HERE Homecoming The Flesh Cartel #7 HERE Trials and Errors The Flesh Cartel #9 HERE

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    I keep thinking about Nikolai I hate what he does and he's a sociopath to be sure He's manipulative and seemingly lacks remorse for his sinister machinations but then there are flashes of humanity He clearly feels something for Roger They call it love It's certainly a fucked up relationship but it makes me think maybe just maybe Nikolai has redeemable ualities Maybe just a singular redeemable uality PossiblyI'm in all likelihood giving him far too much credit and it'll come back to bite me on the ass Perhaps his commupence will be delivered by either Mat or Dougie or some combined effort Although Dougie has taken a surprising 180 that I didn't foresee coming this uickly so who the fuck knowsMat I'm counting on you buddy Use your head

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    I am not even sure what I just readHere is what I know DougieWHY??? You keep disappointing me and MatI am so SORRY you stepped up for your brother I love you each bookNikoWTF I am so confused by youLoved reading this with my girl Em

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    Wow This was an especially hard read Even so than at the beginning of this ordeal it seems the only way out would be suicide but Douglas is way too far gone desperately searching for some meaning in his new slave life that he doesn't even see the wrongness of it all anyHOWEVER I seriously doubt the realism of Nikolai's household A dozen slaves who run the place? And not one of them would ever come to the realization that Nikolai tortures people and needs to be sent to prison? It would just take one phone callNikolai can't be everywhere at once controlling a DOZEN people at the same time not to mention the jealousy among them I just don't believe thatAccepting this kind of power and influence as the framework of this plot makes the story even scarier and hopelessIf someone just killed Nikolai they'd ALL be free Don't they see that??Damn I'm not even halfway through the series but I'm than halfway on the path to insanity LOL5 starsBtw some sex scenes here are spectacular cough

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    Torture check; killing with kindness check; non stop mind manipulations full speed ahead Roger steps in now to console Dougie and offer clarity of his situation It was very sad to see Dougie giving in and actually seeing himself wanting to please and serve Nikolai as opposed to just doing it to avoid conseuences just as Nikolai promised would happen He truly seems to have broken down mentally as at this point he doesn't seem to be able to figure out the right from the wrong and seems to have given in and begun to actually care about Nikolai It was inevitable we knew it was going to happen eventually but it is still heartbreaking when it comes to fruition Unfortunately we have the same going on with Mat only for opposite reasons He had finally given up hadn't eaten for 10 days and was on the brink of suicide Again cue Nikolai's favorite pet Roger who has been caring for Mat attempting to get him to eat etc After the almost suicide attempt Roger knows it is time to kick it up a notch and Nikolai puts the final plan into place All I will say about this is that Roger is just as effed up in the head as any of the pets and I was sad and disappointed to see this side of him Nikolai uses him against both Mat and Dougie though in different waysWe also meet another pet here Jeremy who was uite candid with Dougie but I'm afraid he could be a real trouble maker in the future He explainsremindswarns Dougie of what the future could hold with being sold to another master and the potential for coming back to be saved by Nikolai These are such uick reads though I can honestly say they are just about the right length Small doses of Nikolai are probably best though waiting for the next episodes is a tin bit of torture in itself

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    Sorry but they're both dumb fucks Mat gets a bye but Dougie's too stupid to be a graduate student in psychology So basic are these techniues that an observant child could have figured it out Of course Dougie provides some hot slutty action but other than that this episode just proves how long the serial will drag out and I really despise just about everyone right now Character empathy is at a nadir

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    45 stars rounded upEven if Mat again didn't play the main role in this instalment I still think he's the heroI love him and Mat would obey but he wouldn’t cowerObey and bide his time but Nikolai didn’t need to know the second part Or maybe he already knew the second part but thought he could still come out on top in the endYes Mat was done underestimating Nikolai But Nikolai had always underestimated Mat and that would be his downfall All in good time“I’m ready to do what you want I’m ready to be who you want”Nikolai nodded not smiling not showing any emotion at all not even victory Just acknowledgment “Let’s begin then”You and me You versus meMat nodded too “Yes let’s” I can't wait to see what happens next between Mat and Nikolai and how long Mat still can fightAnd I still don't like Dougie Get a grip boy

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    Just devoured the next chilling episode of Mat and Dougie's story Nikolai is as manipulative as ever he fools Mat into eating again by threatening Roger this time Dougie is transforming into the mindless devoted slave that Nikolai desires The aura of hopelessness and inevitability pervading these books is so intense I just hope that Mat is correct in believing that Nikolai underestimates him You think too much Douglas You say you know your place but you don't It's not your place to worry about the future and it's not your place to ask uestions and it's not your place to wonder about your place In the world In this house In my heart Your place is just To Accept