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A Brilliant Literary Debut, Inspired By A True Story The Final Days Of A Young Woman Accused Of Murder In Iceland InSet Against Iceland S Stark Landscape, Hannah Kent Brings To Vivid Life The Story Of Agnes, Who, Charged With The Brutal Murder Of Her Former Master, Is Sent To An Isolated Farm To Await Execution Horrified At The Prospect Of Housing A Convicted Murderer, The Family At First Avoids Agnes Only T Ti, A Priest Agnes Has Mysteriously Chosen To Be Her Spiritual Guardian, Seeks To Understand Her But As Agnes S Death Looms, The Farmer S Wife And Their Daughters Learn There Is Another Side To The Sensational Story They Ve Heard Riveting And Rich With Lyricism, Burial Rites Evokes A Dramatic Existence In A Distant Time And Place, And Asks The Question, How Can One Woman Hope To Endure When Her Life Depends Upon The Stories Told By Others ,, ,, , , , , , , 19, , I cannot write a review that can do this book justice This is what goes through my head I am so happy I give few books five stars, because then when I run into a book this good my five star rating means something You need a strong stomach for this book I have warned you Once you start you will not be able to read or do anything else There is NO humor in this book I always need humor, except NOT here Don t ask me why I just didn t need it I was riveted from start to finish I needed to understand the relationships that lie at the core of what happened I was so focused on understanding the why, I didn t have any need for humor Humor simply doesn t belong in this book This is Nordic historical fiction of times long past there is hunger and cold and darkness That is the way it was And people living in such difficult times did such twisted things The book is NOT spooky, it is atmospheric The writing Similes, metaphors they are all just perfect Stunning writing You will be moved Jeez, at the end No, not just at the end, all the way through And this is very important Do not read this book Please, if you possibly can, listen to it The narration by Morven Christie is totally fantastic The Icelandic is perfect The tempo is slow and it must be slow, so you can think about what is being said, so you feel the doom and darkness of the events This is an excellently written book AND excellently narrated BOTH Phew, after this I don t want another Nordic drama for a long time My emotions cannot take it I have been through a wringer with this one.I assume you have read the book description, so you know that this story is based on true events There is a chapter at the end that explains all the research involved The author closely follows what is known There are different views of Agnes behavior, but the author has totally convinced my of what her study of the facts have lead her to believe This is one of the best books I have read listened to this year After half I have listened to half now I still absolutely love it It has love too One of the few authors that can feed me a love story and please me immensely I am convinced Agnes did not kill the man she is accused of killing But history says she is beheaded for this reason Remember this is Nordic historical fiction Now I will say noI don t know what will happen in the rest of the book, so I cannot possibly give a spoiler You read this book for the marvelous atmosphere and the lines Gorgeous lines A superb writer After 6 chapters This book is beautifully written Atmospheric Nordic historical fiction at its best The narration by Morven Christie is wonderful too Don t read it, listen to it I have only listened to 6 chapters, but there is no way this book can get anything but 5 stars Hannah Kent is Australian, mentored by Geraldine Brooks This book is far better than any I have read by Geraldine Brooks, and I am not disparaging Brooks when I say that. Bleak but beautiful. They will say Agnes and see the spider, the witch caught in the webbing of her own fateful weaving They might see the lamb circled by ravens, bleating for a lost mother But they will not see me I will not be thereOn 12 January, 1830, the last instance of capital punishment in Iceland occurred when Fri rik Sigur sson and Agnes Magn sd ttir were executed in Vatnsdalsh lar in H navatnss sla, for the murder of two men While often painted as monstrous , a cold blooded murderer, a figure of Lady Macbeth style ruthlessness the truth is that there is a dearth of factual information about Agnes Magnusdottir While the instrument of her execution a broad axe has been preserved, little is known about the life of the woman sentenced to death, and publicly beheaded A third person was also convicted Sigridur Gudmundsdottir, whose sentence was later commuted to life imprisonmentThey said I must die They said that I stole the breath from men, and now they must steal mineBurial Rites is the product of a ten year quest to uncover what remains of Agnes Magnusdottir s life Instigated by an exchange visit to Iceland after high school, Hannah Kent spent the ensuing years absorbed in intense archival research, examination of primary sources and retracing of Agnes steps from her birth to her final resting place Kent called the result a speculative biography , a weave of fact and fiction, and her own dark love letter to Iceland While Burial Rites presents the question of whether history has misrepresented Agnes, the novel does not necessarily demand sympathy for her It does, however, offer aempathetic, albeit ambiguous, portrayal of a woman condemned and an attempt to understand what circumstances might have led to her conviction in a double murder The result is an exquisitely beautiful novel Kent s prose is rich and clear, rendering the melancholic, claustrophobic atmosphere of the Icelandic winter and Agnes impending execution in evocative language Agnes herself, awaiting death and exiled at the farm of a minor public servant, emerges from the pages vividlyThose who are not being dragged to their deaths cannot understand how the heart grows hard and sharp, until it is a nest of rocks with only an empty egg in it I am barren nothing will grow from me any I am the dead fish drying in the cold air I am the dead bird on the shore I am dry, I am not certain I will bleed when they drag me out to meet the axe No, I am still warm, my blood still howls in my veins like the wind itself, and it shakes the empty nest and asks where all the birds have gone, where have they goneKent writes with a kind of graceful maturity, a depth of emotion that befits the subject matter This a story about a woman facing her imminent death, a woman with one final opportunity to speak her truth, and Kent captures the desperation, isolation and grief of Agnes with stunning clarity The book is interspersed with Agnes inner monologues, and these sections are the most vivid pouring forth in a steam of raw psychological pain and striking imagery Though she spent much of her life employed as a servant and a period of her childhood as an orphaned pauper thrown on the mercy of the parish, there is evidence to suggest that Agnes was also an intelligent and highly literate woman And this is the version of Agnes that Kent chooses to portray beneath the hard and icy veneer of a woman reviled and silenced, she is compelling, passionate and astute.While living and working alongside J n J nsson and his family, fragments of Agnes story begin to emerge As she confides in T ti, the young assistant priest commissioned to reconcile her to her fate and to God, Agnes version of events takes shape as the remaining days of her life pass Through this gradual unwinding, T ti and the family come to confront the idea that the truth may not be all that it seems While we already know how Agnes story ends, it s this suggestion of dissonance between public opinion and her personal reality that fuel the novel s tension Burial Rites suggests that truth is open to interpretation, and is rarely as straightforward as commonly perceived Fear, gossip and hatred twist the idea of Agnes into something horrifying and loathsome an opinion no doubt perpetuated by the pervasive social, religious and sexual politics of the time To this end, Kent s novel faithfully depicts life in 19th century Iceland, and is immersed in historical detail without the narrative being weighed down or bloated It is clear that care has been taken to accurately represent the conditions of Agnes world, to reconstruct the framework of her life with as much integrity as possible The gaps in historical record, which Kent has fleshed out with fiction, fit seamlessly within the broader context of time and place, resulting in a story that respects its origins We cannot know the entirety of Agnes Magnusdottir s story, but Burial Rites asks us to remember her, if not reconsider how history may have buried her own truth with her body Knutur Oskarsson, who accommodated Hannah Kent during part of the writing and research of the novel, stated I do believe that the execution of Agnes is still an unhealed wound in Iceland, in the history of Iceland Burial Rites is a respectful and moving acknowledgment of that wound a reminder that Agnes Magnusdottir s voice once existed, even if it was lost to time.