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A Colorado Christmas To RememberOn The Denver Streets, Officer Paula Lewis Is As Tough As She Needs To Be But Away From Skyscrapers And Suspects, Paula Gives Back To The Community She Loves This Holiday Season She S Moonlighting At The Christmas House, A Turn Of The Century Mansion Transformed Into A Festive Wonderland To Delight Local Children Thanks To Volunteers Like Paula And Zach BennettZach Left His Family S Colorado Ranch To Sign On As A Carpenter At The Christmas House Freewheeling Zach Hopes To Make This Holiday The Merriest Yet From Coaxing Paula Onto The Bunny Slopes To Filling In As A Last Minute Santa And As She And Zach Are Drawn Together To Keep One Young Boy Out Of Harm S Way, Paula Realizes That The Best Gifts Are Second Chances, Happy Endings, And The Kind Of Love That Makes Every Day Warm And Bright

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    What first caught my attention with this book was the super sweet cover art Who can resist a handsome cowboy wearing a stetson on a horse Unfortunately the book didn t really come through for me.Paula Lewis is a cop in Denver Its the Christmas season and she has agreed to volunteer during her off hours at The Christmas House She hadn t planned on the handsome cowboy, Zach Bennett, being there as well Zach has taken some time off from his ranch to help out with the carpentry work at The Christmas House There is instant attraction when these two meet I love Christmas books and was in the mood for a nice, sweet read I just never felt the attraction between these two Their reactions to each other were hot and cold at times And the way they talked to each other at times was abrupt I never really felt the romance The story, though, was very sweet and I enjoyed getting to know the characters It was just an ok read for me though Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for providing me with a copy of this book.

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    Merry Christmas Cowboy by Janet Dailey3 StarsPaula Lewis is an officer with the Denver Police Department An officer took an interest in her when she was young and it inspired her to follow in her footsteps A friend is working with a children s charity and asks Paula for help Zach Bennett comes into town to help a friend with a project and decides to stay on to volunteer with the charity.There is no shortage of characters in this book, but in the end I felt I knew them all at the same depth as I did the main characters of Paula and Zach I knew the basics but not a lot of background, thoughts or feelings I think the character I understood the most was Brandon the teenager, but I have teenagers in my life Paula and Zach have an instant connection and one of the first times they are alone in a room they share a heated kiss which was as steamy as the book got so if you like your romance implied this is the book for you.In the end I went back to the internet and GoodReads to try to determine if this book is in a series Which I could not determine the author s website is not up to date and I couldn t determine from GR I just felt I was missing something the whole time through You know when you are in a group of people and they are talking about something that happened before and you sort of feel left out well that is how I felt the whole book When I read I obsess over details and want the whole scene down to the scent of the candles explained to me, it helps me get lost in the story and in turn helps me escape my daily life if just for a short time This one just didn t help me get lost.I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review.

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    Not Just A Romance This book isn t your typical romance I found there was mystery and suspense in the story line too It wasn t hard to figure out the culprits involved but I found it to be an enjoyable read regardless.Paula Lewis is a Denver police officer who agrees to volunteer as a security officer at the Christmas House and soon learns she is enjoying herself immensely She helps out wherever she is needed to help make this a delightful place to visit during the Holiday season for the public coming through to look at and enjoy the decor Children especially enjoy taking a tour of this wonderful Christmas House.Zach Bennett left his family s ranch to volunteer to work as a carpenter, at the Christmas House, at the suggestion from his friend Jake Turning the former Denver Mansion into a magical place finds Zach enjoying the work he is doing What is even enjoyable is Paula Lewis, very easy on the eyes.Is love in the air for this couple or is it just a close friendship and nothing Being a police officer Paula doesn t have time for a social life Will that change To my knowledge this is the first book that I have read of Janet Dailey s so I can t compare this book to other books of hers I do know that I enjoyed this story line.Heads up for readers that are Christian fiction fans like me There are a few mild cuss words and a few times the Lord s name is used as a cuss word All in all, I think readers will enjoy this story.I wish to thank the publisher for sending me a copy to read and review The opinions expressed are mine alone.

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    This book was a quick, fun read to clear my mind after reading a book with heavier themes The Christmas backdrop adds to the romance between the characters Great for a weekend read.

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    Sweet Christmas TimePaula is a Denver cop Zach is a cowboy visiting Denver for the holidays They get to know each other while helping at the charity Christmas House, an old home decorated for the holidays with a different theme for each room The home is a great success, but Paula does not trust easily and not only Zach but those who would be her friends must push through her defenses There are sinister characters and mysterious happenings but Paula is a woman in charge and you feel confident things will be ok But she is frustrating in her inability to trust anyone Even when she has no reason There is very little back story so you have no frame of reference for her perspective Zach is a great guy and Paula is lucky he s patient The turnaround she finally undergoes helps restore our faith in her as a good person And so it is a warm holiday story.

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    Wonderful book a combination of Christmas and cowboys Loved the book

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    This is a sweet and fun holiday romance with a little bit of suspense I loved every minute of it and was really sad for it to end.

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    Interesting Christmas storyA little mystery and a little romance Kind of a fun Christmas story The cop, the Rancher and the delinquent and how they crossed paths.

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    In Merry Christmas Cowboy, by Janet Dailey, Paula is a police officer in Denver She s volunteered to work security, as well as generally helping out, at The Christmas House Zach is a rancher who also does carpentry work, he s in Denver to help a friend After being pulled over by Paula, he is just as intrigued when he meets her at The Christmas House also Not needed at his family ranch for a while, Zach decides to stay on in Denver for a while, also volunteering at The Holiday House Besides being for a good cause, it also means he ll get to see of Paula.As Paula and Zach start to know each other, they also start to enjoy each others company and It s been a while since Paula has any kind of social life, but Paula can t help if Zach is hiding something from her back on his ranch As Paula and Zach alternatively fight the attraction and attempt to give in to it, they are drawn into the life of Brandon, the teenage boy living with his Grandma who runs The Christmas House They are worried about the path he s on, who he s hanging around with, and what kind of future he ll have Between the romantic dance Zach and Paula are doing, Paula s mixed signals, knowing what they want but neither of them sure enough to reach for it, and dealing with Brandon and some mystery s at The Christmas House, Merry Christmas, Cowboy is a sweet holiday read that will keep you on your toes Will Paula and Zach find a way to be together, or is this destined to be a holiday romance only Can they find a way to reach Brandon and help him off a destructive path Janet gives us a lot of interesting characters in Merry Christmas, Cowboy that help strengthen the story Paula and Zach alone were a bit ho hum and even if they could feel the attraction I had a hard time capturing it I never felt like I had a good grasp on Paula and her storyZach jumps out at the reader way I felt the romance between Zach and Paula had a bit of a too slow build up, so it was a bit hard for me to get into the book.I liked the concept of the plot, The Christmas House and the mix of a bit of mystery into the story line.Merry Christmas, Cowboy is a clean Christmas romance, the heat is there but what happens behind closed doors stays off the pages and I think that worked well with Zach and Paula s story.I d recommend Merry Christmas, Cowboy to romance readers looking for a light holiday read.

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    Merry Christmas Cowboy Paula Lewis and Zachary Bennett met originally when Paula a police officer stopped behind him in a parking lot because the street he turned down was a street that was closed to the public and the sign blew down The second time they meet it is at the Christmas House to benefit Denver area charitable programs They are both there volunteering their time She is there as their main security for insurances purposes and he is there to help his friend who was making the sign for the home Then he stays on to carpentry work Edith the elderly lady who talked her into doing this is also playing match maker to both of them At the same time they are helping Edith with her grandson Brandon Brandon seems to be running with the wrong crowd At first Zach does not care for him Paula on the other hand has always been there for him like a big sister after nabbing him on a few minor law infractions Part way through this story Zach takes up for him and Paula starts to question what Brandon is up to They just know they both want to help out Edith and Brandon Paula and Zach are running from each other or is it that they are running from their feelings Or is Zach hiding something Paula wants to like him but on the first day Zach drops a picture of a woman out of his wallet that Paula hands back to him So she starts to wonder if he is attached and therefore she is too worried about losing her heart to want to chance getting hurt She has no one but herself and her job, he has a family back home on his ranch When she wants to risk it all with him he starts to go forward and then he says no she is not ready Which makes her worry all the that she was right all along about the picture This story was good but I felt like I was but not great I would have only given it a 3 stars though I felt like it was missing its emotional connection between the couple for a romance Was missing that spark because they were chasing each other than not I just felt cheated at the end.Provided by Netgalley