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Ten years ago Calamity came It was a burst in the sky that gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers The awed public started calling them Epics But Epics are no friend of man With incredible gifts came the desire to rule And to rule man you must crush his willNobody fights the Epicsnobody but the Reckoners A shadowy group of ordinary humans they spend their lives studying Epics finding their weaknesses and then assassinating themAnd David wants in He wants Steelheart — the Epic who is said to be invincible The Epic who killed David's father For years like the Reckoners David's been studying and planning — and he has something they need Not an object but an experienceHe's seen Steelheart bleed And he wants revenge

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    I got a chance to read an early version of this a little while ago Needless to say I jumped at it The reason for this is that so far I haven't read a book by Brandon Sanderson that I haven't loved That means it's uite likely that I'll get a chance to read another good book which is always welcome OR I'll finally read something of Sanderson's I don't like Which would thrill me honestly Why? Well because Brandon writes so much faster than me It only seems fair that some of his stuff should be crap It just doesn't seem fair that he's brilliant AND fast Unfortunately for my ego Steelheart is another win for Sanderson proving that he's not a brilliant writer of epic fantasy he's simply a brilliant writer Period Simply said Great book Tight writing Nice take on superheroes Nice world creation Absolutely worth your time

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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads45 starsI'm probably going to make Sandersonite heads everywhere explode when I say this but STEELHEART might be my new favorite Sanderson book does NOT duck does NOT run Is it the most beautifully complicated of his works?NoIs it the plot twistiest?NopeIs it the most direct and concise sans anything that could be construed as meandering?YASI love Sanderson Unabashedly But as someone who's spent a cumulative ten years with my husband I can state with authority that 'love' does not mean 'blind to flaws' #sorrynotsorryAnd this was just FUN Which was exactly what I needed after my last several books I'm looking at you Morning Star Meet David David is an orphan who's father was killed in front of him by an Epic humans who began to manifest superhero like powers after Calamity appeared in the sky no we don't know what Calamity is but it might be my new favorite curse word named Steelheart when he was a child suints Okay so it wasn't 100% flowers and rainbows but beyond the sad backgrounds of several of our characters it was freuently hilariousDavid and his terrible metaphors are the source of most of the hilarity I stopped as I noticed something different Motorcycles There were three of them in a row near the far side of the hallway I hadn’t seen them at first as I’d been focused on the guns They were sleek their bodies a deep green with black patterns running up their sides They made me want to hunch over and crouch down to make myself have less wind resistance I could imagine shooting through the streets on one of these They looked so dangerous like alligators Really fast alligators wearing black Ninja alligators Ninja alligators giggle snortsBut David isn't a one man show there's also the rest of the team “Don’t you ever pay attention?” Tia asked “We’ve talked about this”“He was cleaning his guns” Abraham said“I’m an artist” Cody saidAbraham nodded “He’s an artist”“And cleanliness is next to deadliness” Cody added Then there's the genius that is Sanderson Part of the reason I loved STEELHEART was how much easier it was to backtrack the groundwork of his LIES See Sanderson doesn't limit himself to unobtrusively weaving hints about future reveals No no He deliberately leads you astray Sometimes in numerous ways Sometimes he paints a clear picture in the very beginning but then so skillfully undermines the idea that YOU LAUGH AT YOURSELF for having such silly thoughts In 1000 pages of these machinations it's impossible to look back and see where you went wrong The best you can hope for is to find some of your missteps while you throw heavy objects bc you know YOU KNOW it said something about such and such somewhere does NOT make for good document searches but you'll NEVER find it In less than 400 pages? Easy peasyI am learning the darks paths of your mind Sanderson I will not remain your puppet forever SO Do you like supervillains? Do you like adorkable manboys who will not stand back and let evil triumph? Do you like NEVER being able to guess ALL THE THINGS an author has in store for you? Then you friend should give STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson a try It is fantastic Highly recommended Pre review part the secondWELL That was eual parts spectacular and exhausting bc FEELS I was a bit worried bc I thought MISTBORN #2 was OTT teen angsty and it wasn't even YA so what would deliberate YA from Sanderson look like?Perfection that's what Near perfection anywayAnd I'm not just saying that bc I GUESSED THE MAIN PLOT TWISTMy other reviews for this series Mitosis The Reckoners #15 Firefight The Reckoners #2 Calamity The Reckoners #3

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    Well that was disappointingI've heard such great things about all of Brandon Sanderson's books and he's an author I've been meaning to read for what seems like forever So I decided to pick up his recent young adult work instead of committing to a series with several releases already well all I can say is that I hope this isn't representative of all his books because Steelheart really disappointed me In my opinion there is nothing you can get from this book that you can't get from better books about superheroes and supervillains like Vicious and Gone Unless of course you are specifically looking for cliched characters predictable twists and tiresome descriptions of weaponry It was just very meh Sanderson seems to be a competent writer and he starts by setting the opening scene very well It's dramatic people die we get a feel for why David wants vengeance all good The story isn't a new idea it's about certain people called Epics developing superpowers and using those powers to terrorize others and build empires based on fear Then among all of this a group of rebels form to try and take down the Epics one by one and reclaim the world they once knew these people are called the Reckoners David seeks to join the Reckoners because he has valuable knowledge that could be the key to bringing down Steelheart and that is what David wants most of all I personally feel like this is a book written by a man for other men Or boys Whatever I've been lectured for calling various novels boy books in the past I tend to get female readers angrily pounding their chests and asking how dare I suggest that women don't want to read about cars and guns and whatnot And let me be clear they were completely right They had every right to be annoyed that I'd used the term so carelessly and offensively without fully explaining what I mean Because I do see myself as a feminist and don't feel like men and women have to read certain types of books that suit their gender I feel lucky to have a brother who read Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and liked it because I recommended it ^^ButThere are books like this that feel specifically catered towards straight male readers Which I guess may not be a bad thing if you are a straight male reader but as I am not I struggled to like it For one thing there are hardly any women in this book Almost all of the big Epics with the snazziest powers are male There is one central female character called Megan two if you count Tia but I don't and her characterization consists entirely of what a fine piece of ass David thinks she is Of course many women will still enjoy and have enjoyed this book just as many women enjoy the old James Bond films But there's something about cardboard cutouts of male wish fulfillment a hero who is so damn perfect intelligent and has all the best toys; hot ladies; and cartoon y Good vs Evil type characters that just never appeals to me You can get superheroes science and fast paced action scenes in books like Gone by Michael Grant but with detailed complex characters that don't feel like stereotypes You can get a far sophisticated exploration of Good vs Evil in Vicious by Victoria Schwab I would recommend either of those over thissigh Maybe Mr Sanderson just isn't for me

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    This book is so good ❤I cried in this book because of something sad and then it wasn't sad because of reasons but I'm not sure because of I cried because of the REVELATIONS REVELATIONS REVELATIONS They were so freaking awesome that I can't evennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I've seen Steelheart bleedAnd I will see him bleed again Yes we all know that line Those that have read the book This is what David thinks when 10 years ago his father was killed by Steelheart Now David is 18 and he's looking to join The Reckoners I loved everyone one of those Reckoners too They are just ordinary people that won't stand for how the Epics have taken over the world They are evil beings that have damn near destroyed everything and the Reckoners are here to take them out A lot of the world has been totally destroyed by some Epics but Steelheart has his town running smoothly Some think this is okay because they have than most and others not so much When David helps the Reckoners on a hit he finally gets to meet them and gets his chance to prove to them he's smart he's done research for 10 years on these Epics and he means business They let him in after some stuff and it's awesome He's awesome They are all awesome ProfCodyAbrahamMeganTiaDavidI love each of them for their own abilities and personalities This book is action packed with a lot of shootings bombings spy stuff some creepy Epics some weird Epics and one nice Epic They have to find weaknesses to all the Epics because they are almost impossible to kill ALMOST I had a blast reading this book And the ending it was so EPIC that I can hardly stand it Why did I even have a little niggle of a doubt that I might not like this trilogy? Stupidity reigns supreme I guess MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    Actual Rating 45 StarsSo I'm going to start out by saying the only reason I docked half a star is because I felt the pacing of this story was a little uneven It was not detrimental but the most interesting portion of the plot unfolded uickly right at the end of the book it was just a little off balance from the rest of the storyOtherwise this is one hell of a bookAfter the world is visited by Calamity average humans are randomly gifted supernatural powers These humans are called Epics and they are not the heroes everyone hoped they would beFollowing a tragic incident the last ten years of David's life has revolved around researching the strengths weaknesses of these extraordinary people When he discovers an opportunity to join an anti Epic rebel group David sees his chance for revenge is closer than he thought possibleThis is how Young Adult stories should be writtenDavid is capable talented in a realistic way He's smarter than average teenager but has a tendency to shoot from the hip fixates on small scale goals instead of seeing the bigger picture David does not suffer from Gary Stu syndrome Which is refreshing to say the least His abilities dialogue are reflective of his age without feeling too juvenile Steelheart presents the reader with a classic good vs evil story on its surface but as layers of the plot are revealed it becomes much than thatIt's fast paced full of exciting action This book invites the reader to speculate along with the characters about how to solve the problems the Epics present The technology world Sanderson creates here is uniue satisfying to read about There were twists I guessed twists didn't so it's safe to say I had fun the entire timeI always enjoy when books rely heavily on logical reasoning instead of drawing out the characters into unrealistic often contrived situations just to create drama You'll find none of that nonsense hereSanderson is a master storyteller it really becomes apparent in how consistently well he writes across many genres I am shamelessly in love with just about everything he writes If an action packed Science Fiction superhero story turned on its head sounds up your alley I would not hesitate to give this book a try

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    Kindle deal for a limited time for 199 11Apr20 at 3rd Read with by favorite buddy reading group Buddies Books BaublesWhy should you read this series in a nut shell❶ David is the most Adorkable yes it is a real word character I've ever read ❷ There are EVIL superheroes EVIL SUPERHEROES❸ Lots of different kinds of action happening Motorcycle chases car crashes one on on fightingetc❹ A really good twist actually about 3 but they were all awesome and I only semi guessed a smidgen of one of them❺ BAD METAPHORSlook they are so bad they are good Like great or at least super funny2nd readBuddy ReadReread TODAY Dec 8 2014 with my fellow Sandersonitus Sufferers Athena Shardbearer Armina Gavin Kat Stark Evengy Desinka Alexa Shandra Annette Nicholas Carole Ashley Eon Kristen Danae and we also hijacked oOSarahOo Last MinuteOn the Reckoners Group Read Thread Original Review October 2013Imagine a world where there are no good X Men What would happen if there are only villains with great powers and no heroes? What becomes of the cities government people in general? That is what Steelheart is about I know better than anyone else that there are no heroes coming to save us There are no good Epics None of them protect us Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely David learned that at a young age the first time he saw Steelheart the day his father died Since then he has lived his life with one goal and one goal only To kill the Epic that killed his fatherThis is my very first Brandon Sanderson novel and I loved it Sometimes it is difficult for me to read UF from a male perspective it ends up being all about big boobs and girls in skin tight clothing and high heeled boots but that couldn’t be farther from the truth here Brandon created a very intricate dystopian world in the wreckage of Chicago now referred to as Newcago He has painstakingly thought out a class system for all of the Epics and the powers they use He has also built a believable resistance of renegade humans that try to fight against them I was definitely impressed with the sheer volume of thought that went into those two items of the storyI was interested in this world from the beginning David is a very likeable character he is a slight know it all but has the hardest time putting a metaphor together which kind of made him endearing to me Once he meets up with the Renegades you can tell he really has been alone for most of his life and protector that I am I just wants him to win Of course there is an older man to look up to has a substitute father figure that helps guide our young David out of his blind hate and need for revenge “It’s good for you to think of this son Ponder Worry Stay up nights frightened for the casualties of your ideology It will do you good to realize the price of fighting” There are some really nice philosophical uestions posed that can make this than just a story of revenge You have the choice to delve in and think of this world on a deeper level or just move on with the story No agenda is forced on you which I appreciate as a readerThere is a cute little crush romance that isn’t uite insta love but is heartwarming all the same and some very interesting developments that I really didn’t see coming The story twisted just enough at the end that I really was surprised I seriously had a moment of woe is that realActionwise sometimes it is over the top for me I’m a girl but my stepson disagrees with my assessment whole heartedly It is an action book for sure and there are a lot of scenes with fighting and motorcycle chases and a final battle that goes on for multiple chapters All in all good storlyline nice pacing solid world building for a first book of a series and great start to the layering that I see will come out in future books in the series All of the characters definitely have a backstory worth developing a little I will definitely have to check out some of Mr Sanderson’s other works if they compare to or are better than this one

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    I've seen Steelheart bleed I always love when a book begins with a solid first sentence And this novel was a good example of that PUSHED TO THE NEXT STEP OF EVOLUTION This is my first book by Brandon Sanderson and now I realize why he is so popular and well rated by a lot of readers and reviewers Certainly he has a great style and entertaining style that you aren't never bored of what is happening I am aware that this novel is from a genre kinda new to him since this is a super hero book while he has been writing in the genres of epic fantasy However I wanted to try this author on this particular novel since I am huge fan of super heroes and since this was a prose novel in that genre well I supposed that it was a good way to know if I'd like this author Well the test was successful I loved the book and I am a fan of him already Where there are villains there will be heroes It's uite awesome the setting of this book series where an astronomic phenomenon known as Calamity appeared on the orbit of planet Earth and due unexplicable reasons several people at random got super powers and all of them became evil They are known as Epics and now they ruled the world with iron fist controlling cities and making havok Sometimesyou have to help the heroes along A kid loses his father in the cruel hands of an Epic and he chooses to dedicate his life to find a way to kill that Epic and now a young adult his plans need to get associated to an underground secret group known as The Reckoners formed by normal humans risking their lives to kill as many Epics as possible to free humanity from this villanious menace The way the world was these days you did what you had to in order to survive The United States Federal Government collapsed due the Epics' attacks and now those lands are known as the Fractured States where very little cities are functional yet and one of those is Chicago that later that an Epic known as Steelheart got control over the city now it's known as Newcago that honestly when this book would be translated to Spanish I don't know how smart would be to keep that name since cago is the Spanish for to shit sort of that in Chicago I supposed that one is used to the name and didn't make the association but in Newcago well whenever I read the name of the city I can't avoid to smile a bit POWER CORRUPTS I sometimes wonder if they came along because we thought we could explain everything These Epics have amazing powers whom defy physics such as one epic able to fire a gun and never being out of bullets So anything is possible However the key thing here is that each epic has a weakness So finding out hisher weakness is the key to be able to beat them and kill them However in the same way that the powers aren't limited to the realm of physics the weakenesses can be anything and many times finding out can be an almost impossible task You've got passion to kill but you need to find passion to live The idea of evil super humans isn't new since on the process of the creation of Superman the first super hero in literature he was conceived first as a super villain but since his creators got trouble to get somebody to publish their work during the struggles of keep looking for a publishing house they came out with the twist of making Superman as a hero a super hero What is it to be King if you have nobody to follow you? The young man who wishes to kill Steelheart is named David David Charleston and I think that it was a great idea to name him like that since he is a David trying to kill Goliaths with super powers And Steelheart is one of the most powerful ones ever existed with super strenght flight energy bolts steel converting fields and invulnerability and no respect for any human being Along with his fantastic collection of powers he is supported by a select team of Epics and also an Enforcement army of soldiers ruling the city of Newcago Adding a new team member always upends the dynamic David will join The Reckoners with a bold plan to kill Steelheart David seen Steelheart bleed once so he knows that it's possible to kill Steelheart but knowing the concept and finding out what the heck is the real weakness of Steelheart is another thing David is the new member of The Reckoners and he is changing the dynamic of the team however is that is a good thing is too soon to be certain Don't act because you can act because it's the right thing to do Even there will be many doubts about killing Steelheart or not He is evil sure however Newcago is one of the very few cities able to hold people with basic needs like electricity water food jobs Don't be mistaken Steelheart demands blind obedience to any citizen in Newcago but definitely that's uite better to the situation in other cities where other Epics just destroyed the towns So even if they would be in the position to kill Steelheart is it the wise movement to do in this very risky chessgame where the humanity is now trapped How far The Reckoners can go without becoming terrorists instead of freedom fighters? What terrorist didn't think he or she was the good guy? Steelheart is just the first novel and I have no doubt that this book series will getting better and better

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    What if Superman was evil?In fact what if all superpowered beings were evil? and that's the premise of this book So If for unknown reasons there were suddenly people granted superpowers and for unknown reasons they all turned into bad guys and they all for unknown reasons had secret strange weaknesses that made no sense then who would fight them?Enter the ReckonersA bunch of humans who ferret out the weakness and then kill the Epic Epic is what these powered people are referred to as btwBasically these Reckoners are just the Great Value version of Batman Alright so society has been destroyed by the Epics and there's no point and in most cases no way for the puny humans to fight back David lives in this city used to be Chicago that's run by one of the most powerful Epics out there Steelheart and he dreams of bringing him down because Steelheart killed his fatherAND ON THAT DAY DAVID SAW HIM BLEED this is importantAs in the whole book is about David joining the Reckoners and convincing them that somewhere in his memory is the key to Steelheart's secret weakness So they can finally Take Him Down Amidst the plotting hiding and fighting there's an awkward love story thrown in with this girl named Megan view spoilerIt really annoyed me that it was incredibly obvious almost from the first that she was an Epic but that it was played out like it was some BIG REVEAL at the end Dude seriously? Even her 'death' wasn't convincing I was facepalming so hard by the time she was in the tunnels as the 'illusion' he was facing that I dented my head a bit hide spoiler

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    This book insanityThis will prove my living under a rock but I had not heard of this author before I went to Book Expo and got told all about his awesome status and let me tell you the praise is not unwarranted Steelheart does not hold back; it's an edge of your seat read with an intensity that reuires you to put the book down regularly just so you can take a breatherThere are book beginnings then there are Sanderson beginnings; the prologue is all it took to make me fall in love with this book Already my heart was pounding I was left gasping and my knuckles were white from clutching the book Sanderson's writing brought me thoroughly and completely in David's world a very dark merciless world and in it I stayed until the last page was turned My advice to you buckle up because it's a wild turbulent rideIn David's world the Epics humans with extraordinary powers have taken over You must abide by their rules to survive and then hope you go unnoticed This may not sound like anything new your average comic book premise even but the creativity is in the details The world building does not falter; with every turn of a page the world comes alive with devastatingly grim yet strangely picturesue details Sanderson paints this cinematic picture of a world corrupted by power Each new Epic introduced is fascinating than the last not to mention terrifying The various powers that range from death by command to illusionists to controlling daylight coupled with the concept of weaknesses are imaginative and utterly compelling Much like Calamity which remains the enigma behind it all yet to be explored but full of promise This all results in an unpredictable plot with no limits or hesitations Not once did I know what was coming next though I learned uickly to not let myself relax for even a second Now let's meet the characters We have a protagonist who's dedicated his life to learning about the Epics his knowledge on the matter turns him into a capable and intelligent character His awkwardness around a certain girl and his terrible analogies offer some comic relief to the story's borderline unbearable tension while carving him into a flawed easily relatable character He soon teams up with the Reckoners a group who is fighting back against the Epics Each member of this team brings forth a memorable personality and a few have an air of mystery that will make you constantly uestion everything about their character The powerhouse in this book however is none other than Steelheart himself He makes his presence known during the first few pages paralyzing us with his sheer power ruthlessness and invincibility Most of the plot especially its mystery is spent on figuring out what exactly could lead to his defeat but finding this weakness feels like an insurmountable challenge My imagination was running rampant with infinite theories and possibilities that made it all the riveting Even though I was on the right track I found myself reveling in the brilliance that was this ending Besides this book is so wildly action packed with wicked fight scenes that are so vicious and intense that you won't care to spend much time predicting anything at all let alone achieve success with idle guesses Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of this book Steelheart is a spectacular read that's impossible to put down; sit comfortably take a deep breath now get ready to be up all night An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    I got to read this early No spoilers but it's FANTASTIC