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When She Was Just Seventeen, The Course Of Celaine Stevens Life Was Permanently Altered With The Murders Of Her Father, Mother, And Brother In One Of A Series Of Mysterious And Violent Explosions Occurring Across The Country Struggling With Picking Up The Pieces, She S Haunted By The Memory Of That Day And Her Promise Of Retribution Against Those Responsible For Her Misery But Just As She Seems To Be Getting Her Life Back On Track, An Encounter With A Mysterious Stranger Promises Her The Vengeance She Desires, Ultimately Turning The Former Target Into The AssassinHowever, As She Soon Learns, All Choices Come With Consequences And The Consequence Of Her Choice Threatens To Destroy The Very Fabric Of Her Being Obviously given my rating I love this book I was torn between a 4 and a 5 star.I am leaning toward a 5 star but there were a few issues for me that made it a 4 star Mind you I LOVED the story overall.THE GOOD The plot was brilliant, and totally sucked me in I love stories that are pure escapism and this was one of those There were plenty of twists and turns which I love Some were predictable but others weren t I was not expecting what happened in the last few chapters at all well I kind of was but I thought it would involve a different character.The characters are well drawn, and relatable, the story flowed nicely and was well written A few minor editing issues, but I have seen worse in traditionally published books BTW ending was a cliff hanger You figure this out as you get toward the end of the book so it s not jarring like it is with many books I was actually hoping there would bebooks in this series and for the last chunk of it leading up to the climax was worried for purely selfish reasons that the author was going to sell herself short and make this a complete read PHEW THE BAD Overall I loved the story but it took me a bit to get into for two reasons but then BAM Suddenly I was zooming through the pages like nothing else The dialogue was overly lengthy at some points and was slightly off character if that makes sense, at times I guess it was sometimes a little formal compared to the narrative I think there should have been a littleworld building to help readers suspend disbelief SPOILER ALERT sort of a nationwide curfew is imposed and I kind of went WTF as if It would take a lotthan that , so strengthening this earlier in the story would help, though as I got further into the book there wasto back this up and strengthen it END the sort of spoiler ALERT There were also a couple of areas where the wording didn t work One that comes to mind is few meaning three, but the author used it to mean two Little things like that suck me out of a story IN FACT I think the author might want to do one final edit, taking some of my points into account, and those of other reviewers as I have a feeling this one will rocket up the Kindle charts as word gets out And we all know how nasty some reviewers can be when a book suddenly gains popularity.THE UGLY Nothing because despite my few issues I like to show both sides this is a brilliant story that sucked me in and the issues obviously weren t enough to stop me reading In fact I couldn t read it fast enough An absolute page turner that kept me up late into the er morning, and one I wouldn t be surprised to see snapped up by movie producers in the near future First time I ever said THAT about an indie book I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.Let me just begin by saying that I loved this book I ve haven t read a book that touched me so much in a very long time Enigma Black was a brilliantly woven story that sucked me right in The interplay between the first person narrative and the third person narrative kept us in loop with all the characters A mix of thriller, suspense, sci fi and a dash of romance kept me up all night.Some of the scenes were so strong and touching, I couldn t help but cry view spoiler The letters Celaine wrote to Chase, his family and Lucy were so heart wrenching Chase s proposal to Celaine was just so beautiful and their subsequent break up just about broke my heart hide spoiler From pagetrotter.blogspot.comI loved this book So GD original HOW have I missed this book Its a hybrid book, which threw me for a minute because how in the world would all these genre s mesh It s science fiction, dystopian, romance, and political thriller all rolled into one And guess what It was awesome I m so glad Sara asked me to read this because I was getting seriously desensitized by the whole dystopian genre How does it work in the literary world again Oh yes, something gets popular and then we are flooded with these types of books with only 10% of being actually good quality But I took a chance on this one and was so glad because the writing is on point The story was fast paced and exciting I easily connected with the characters and felt for them, especially in the end I may have teared up at one point, but I won t be giving anything away as to why Guess you ll just have to read it Hahaha The dialogue rhythm was a little odd at first Not sure why, can t really put my finger on it, but then I got so wrapped up in how just all around amazing this book is that I forgot alllll about it And what sis that it is actually pretty freaking funny too The premise is awesome Lemme just repeat on how original this is Ok done We start off with a young Celaine There are attacks happening everywhere Bombings mostly, but like most everyone we have this cloak of immortality through displacement Well, unfortunately it happens to Celaine and she ends up losing her entire family All she has is this burning need for vengeance Fast forward about a decade and we have a well adjusted Celaine Wellalmost She still has a lot of issues with what happened with her family Totally understandable But right now everything is great She has a good job, nice apartment, awesome friends, she basically is adopted by her boyfriend s family, and Chase the aforementioned bf Ah, Chase We love and like you Enter Blake Blake offers Celaine an opportunity It really is an offer she can t resist The catch She literally needs to leave everything everyone behind and cannot tell them where she s going It s all very cloak and dagger, and for good reason Now the fun stuff begins Basically she is transformed into a super human fighting machine think La Femme Nikita Sydney from Alias Buffy Veronica Mars every single kick ass female with one mission Bring Down The Man In Black He is the one behind all the terror attacks He is the one that has caused a once prosperous country to basically live under Marshall Law He is the one who killed her family There is about to be another attack and it s up to her and her partner to stop it This book needs to be made into a movie, for real It reads exactly like one, the imagery was so easy to picture Yeah, book 2 needs to hurry up I loved it Like a lot It s a fantastic read and just so damn thrilling Go read it You ll love it Pinky swear. Enigma Black by Sara Furlong Burr is a high powered urban, science fiction story that includes romance, heart break, action and even cause to stop and think Just how easily would Americans give up their freedom if they thought it were the price they had to pay for safety Set in a future time when a series of horrific terrorist attacks wrack the nation, Celaine, the survivor of one such attack, is given the opportunity to actually achieve the vengeance she promised the rest of her family after they died in the attack A bunch of scientists working for a secret government agency can turn her into a super hero, but she has to leave her old life behind That means walking out on her boyfriend the night he proposes It breaks both their hearts.Her new life, after an operation, consists of fighting training in simulated environments with her super hero partner as they train to catch the Man in Black who is responsible for the attacks Eventually, she gets some real live action and discovers that it takesthan muscle to defeat the killer of her family Is this guy even human The president has used the existence of the Man in Black as an excuse to bring in a curfew and institute border checks between the states The two helmeted superheros, if one dies, they replace them with a new version give the populous hope, but they haven t been able to stop the attacks The next step is marshal law, but some people are asking questions Will the American people stand for it Do they have a choice Burr s characterisation, plotting and pacing are all excellent If you buy this book, you re in for a good read, except for two points One is that some aspects of the story are pretty unbelievable It s science fiction, so I ll suspend my disbelief in the unlikely science behind the superhero transformation, but even speculative fiction must make character actions believable Even putting aside the unlikelihood of a young woman leaving her perfect boyfriend for a very dodgy promise not even backed up by paperwork, Celaine turns into a fighter very quickly Skill is needed in fighting and Furr didn t give her heroine the kind of training or the time required to make her sudden emergence as a fighter entirely believable Why not have given her character some self defence training before they picked her to be the next superhero It would have made a lotsense But I forgave that too because the book kept me turning pages, and the writing took me right into the scene. Thank you, Ms Burr, for providing me a copy in exchange for a review. Enigma Black is mysterious and filled with action and suspense The blurb Goodreads has provided doesn t do this book justice The blurb tells you nothing about what s going on in this book or what the real idea is When I was reading, I realized that I didn t know what direction the book was going so that left me a bit wary and unsettled I like to have an idea of what I m gettinginto before reading, and the lack of information I had made the book seem slow I was blind when going on and my patience drew thin because the book didn t tell me enough in the beginning for me to enjoy the book at my pace.However, now that I ve read the book I fully comprehend what is going on There s an evil dude who s killing people without reason and the main character is desperate to kill The Man in Black for murdering her family Hurting loved ones is a good motive, isn t it Celaine was an amazing character I understood what she was going through and how losing her family has affected her ability to fully open up She may appear strong on the outside, but on the inside she needs someone to rely on to keep her going What Celaine needs is a rock and to avenge her family s death She s a determined person with a kick ass attitude that makes her perfect to play superhero.For her male counterparts, there were tons of guys Celaine interacted with I have no idea who the main male character is but the potential candidates are wonderful I loved Blake view spoiler too bad that he died way too young hide spoiler I would like to thank the author for giving a copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review This book was really different, and I mean that in a good way It was part sci fi, part dystopian, and part romance I love how cleverly all those genres were mixed almost seamlessly into one book It made for an action packed, intense, and interesting story that won t be forgotten any time soon The main character, Celaine, was pretty awesome I really liked her, and she s one of the few female book protagonists that I could see myself being friends with She s caring, kind, and loyal to those she cares about However, she s also flawed, and in need of revenge That need for revenge is what really gets this story going, and it causes many things to happen that otherwise would not have As for the other characters, I really liked Blake, Chase, and Lucy Blake was an awesome friend and partner, and he had a really touching backstory Chase was a good love interest, and you could tell he really cared for Celaine Finally, there was Lucy She was such a great friend, and I was sad to see what ultimately happened with her, even though it was foreshadowed Then, there are the villains There are an unusual number of those in this book, and we don t really know anything about them yet, other than that they are motivated to do evil to gain power Others are just suspected to be villains, so it will definitely be interesting to see what happens in the second book of this series As for the plot, it was really interesting There were a lot of twists that I didn t see coming, which made for great reading There were also lots of really intense action scenes, which I think that this author is really good at However, near the end, there were some assumptions and twists made by the characters that I really didn t care for I get why they were done, but I really don t like when characters assume things, and therefore get themselves into situations that they never would have done before In conclusion, this was a really good story I loved the action, the mystery, the story, and Celaine It kept me on edge while I read it, and was very hard to put down on some occasions However, it comes short of being a great book because of some of the characters assumptions, and things became needlessly complicated, since there was already enough going on in the story without all of that However, I definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for something different and exciting. Sara created a character that even when she exasperated you, you re admiration and hope for her was not deterred The story was drawn to keep you wanting to know what happened next It is a can t put it down just yet book, until you get to the end, which obviously won t be until the sequel is in your hands and read.The story line is interesting, intriguing and emotional The characters give an emotional connection whether it s dislike, love, or hatred You become invested in what they are feeling and doing, so much so that you feel you are right there with them, and feeling their pain or joy.I can actually relate the story line to our country, and what is going on Yeah, it may not be what is actually happening, at least that we know of, but the ideas are not really far fetched Control is power, and as in the story line, while Celaine fights for comfort in control of her future, by avenging the past, the real grabbers are launching tactics to get evenpower, which will actually decimate the control she thinks she will attain It s a merry go round I know, but that s really how life is The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, so we do things to jump the fence, only to find out it s the same old stuff Celaine is beginning to question reality though, as she realizes things she just took at face value, really don t quite add up.Unfortunately, every action we take has a consequence We may not realize what that consequence is at the time, or even down the road, but that won t change the outcome Celaine starts to realize this concept, and thinks about not only the mission she is on right now, but what happens if she accomplishes it How will she feel, and does that end it Since she started to think about all the pieces to this puzzle, and realized some just don t fit, there was no way for her to ignore her gut feeling that what she thinks the end outcome will be, is just not what will really happen.Reading the Kindle edition and watching the percentage bar, I wondered how this was going to end, as I could see I was close to the end of the book I knew there weren t enough pages left to answer all the questions or resolve all the issues Yet I wasn t disappointed with the end of the first book The whole story was remarkable and greatly worth reading Thankfully Sara is working on the sequel.Get the book You will certainly enjoy it Sara does a great job Thanks Sara. Forof my reviews visit All I can say is wow This book surpassed all of my expectations and kept me hooked from beginning to end and I m glad I received the professionally edited copy so I could read it without any trouble This book is faced paced, action packed and took me on an emotional ride.I loved Celiane, she had a dry sarcastic sense of humor which I adored and made me laugh on occasions She was also strong willed and determined but Sara cleverly interwove moments of vulnerability to create an engaging character that I could sympathise with Also because of this vulnerability it justified her actions, which created a solid and strong story line As well as this the two guys, Chase and Blake were total opposites Chase being the sweet, caring, shoulder to cry on and Blake the partner who has had his emotions drilled out of him These two really played with my emotions through out the book as their relationships with Celiane changed but I loved the difference in personality as it made it all theinteresting to read.In Enigma Black the action is constructed incredibly well, it is fast paced but filled with loads of detail that leaves everything easy to imagine and visualise I loved it when Celaine turned into her cold super hero version of herself and the confrontations with The Man in Black were brilliant The start did confuse me slightly as it is written from multiple POV but that was down to the fact we hadn t been introduced to everyone After that I had no trouble and towards the end I had the moment of Oh I get the beginning now which was great as it linked nicely The only bad thing I have to say about this book is the cliff hanger ending It definitely leaves you wanting to knowand I don t know if I can wait too long to find out what happens next Overall this book is an engaging, action packed story that will take you on an emotional ride and keep you hooked all the way to the end I would highly recommend this to anyone and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment Enigma Black REVIEW A Solid Start to a Super Hero TaleYou don t have to like super hero books to like Enigma Black by Sara Furlong Burr it s a solid read whether it s your genre or not It s barely a hop, skip and a jump from the fantasy and horror genres I like, so I m all in I ll try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible At its heart, this novel asks you via likable protagonist Celaine Stevens the question What would you do if you were given a choice to right the wrongs in your past Simple, you would think, but it asks another question, too How would you live with it, if, in righting those past wrongs, it took your current world away, and maybe your future Burr weaves a satisfying and well paced narrative that will have you coming back forThe end of each chapter made me instantly want to start reading the next, always a good sign for me There s very little to nit pick about for those of you who look for such things in reviews For example, I am not a big fan of jumping from 1st person to 3rd person, per se, but Burr takes a consistent approach, and I quickly forgot about that Really, the only thing this book suffers from is that it is the first book in the story While it has its own arc, it has to do all the heavy lifting of setting everything in motion You initially want to get to the superhero part of the story, but it would be unrealistic to jump right to it, so Burr gives you as plausible a way to do so as possible She strikes about as right a balance as can be done, even in keeping with some of the assumptions you can make in this genre of tale I look forward to future stories where she canproperly dive right in, with all the introductions made.If I could give a 4.5 star rating, that would be my preference For those of us who like this genre, it s a great start up and any editing distractions are minimal, so it d be a 5 For those who aren t into thefantastic side of fiction, there may be some leaps and bounds pun obviously intended that seem a little too contrived, but it might be a good one to try to see if you like it, so a 4 Since I m the former group, not the latter, a 5 is going intoand Goodreads.Looking forward to the rest of the Enigma Black series Readreviews at www.mattholgatebooks.comMatt HolgateAuthor of The Dim Realm and Unforgotten