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Emily Dickinson Is Widely Regarded As One Of The Greatest Poets In History The World Saw Her As A Withdrawn, Reclusive Writer With A Desperate Need For PrivacyThat S Exactly What She Wanted You To ThinkEmily Dickinson Was Also One Of The Greatest Superheroes Who Ever LivedEmily Dickinson, Superhero Vol Follows A Young Emily Dickinson Acquiring Her Superpowers, And Having To Learn To Use Them While Dealing With A Whole Host Of Issues Ranging From Protecting Her Town From A Horde Of Supernatural Beings, To Dealing With A Gang Of Malevolent Supers The Page Book Is Comprised Of The Following Three Stories Vol , Episode Tomb And Graves In , A Secret Society At Amherst College Succeeded In Bringing The Dead Back To Life And Quickly Lost Control Emily Dickinson, A Young Woman Imbued With Superpowers, Teamed Up With The Town S New Police Officer To Fight The Supernatural Hordes Attacking The Annual Cattle ShowVol , Episode Creation Of A Superhero Emily Tells Her Sister, Lavinia, And Officer Lawless The Origins Story Of Her Abilities From Her Time Training With A Ninja While A Student At Mount Holyoke, To Her Becoming A Patient Of Dr Jackson, And Dealing With The Superpowers She Received In The Process, Emily Has To Quickly Adapt To Deal With A Crime Gang Threatening BostonVol , Episode Austin In Boston In January Of , Emily Travels To Boston To Visit Her Brother, Austin, Enrolled At Harvard Law School While There, The Boston Supers Group Asks For Emily S Help In Catching An Unknown Super Terrorizing The City Not Wanting To Get Involved, Emily Declined, But Soon Found Herself Drawn In By An Old Adversary And His Gang Bent On A Single Minded Determination For Revenge

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    As a superhero, Emily just doesn t cut it.she is MUCH better as a poet

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    Absolutely loving this historical zombie thriller featuring the queen of the ellipsis herself, Emily Dickinson Why don t you have this book yet

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    What great fun Imagine poetess Emily Dickinson yes, that one as a superhero who cannot be killed, cut, suffocated, shot, or smothered She also can never be cold and erupts like a volcano while also seeing in the dark and being able to convince nature to do as she wishes.But she isn t the only superhero There are others and some have used their skills for ill rather than for good.This novel tells several stories of Ms Dickinson and how she tackles increasingly imaginative needs for vigilante justice with various sidekicks including James Lawless, Amherst MA s night policeman Vinnie Dickinson, her sister nurses Fannie and Sophie The Boston Supers Group and A fun, light read.Minus one star for the rather odd pacing.

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    The over the top, very promising premise sickly poet Emily Dickinson was secretly a ninja like vigilante superhero.The pedestrian delivery the new policeman in town does things and then writes about them in his diary, using almost the same words as those in which they have just been described If he d been an unreliable narrator, telling a distorted, self serving version of the story, it would have been one thing, or even if the diary had been the whole of the book, but as it was I just found it dull.The usual editing problems, too.

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    Thank you Goodreads for this firstread giveawayThis is definitely a book unlike any I have read I really enjoyed this and I m happy to be able to add this to my collection.