Guardian of the Earth House Elemental Phases 2 MOBI ½

Elementals Water Earth Fire and Air are only the beginning Elementals support everything from Darkness to Time secretly maintaining the processes of nature Only now the Elementals are nearly extinct Two years ago the Air House released a plague that killed ninety percent of them With their society in chaos and so many of their kind dead they can’t find their Phase Matches the other halves of themselves Without Matches they can’t have any children and without the Elementals the world will end AgainTessie The Quintessence isn’t technically an Element and its Keeper isn’t quite the Divine creature of legend Mainly she’s just a half human bartender in Mayport Beach Florida Tessie has spent millennia trying to stay hidden from Elementals and other supernatural beings but her enemies are closing in Now she has no choice but to turn to the Elementals’ leader for help Honorable super powerful and way too appealing the King of the Earth House seems annoyingly perfect But since the guy owns a castle the least he can do is pony up a spare bedroomJob Consumed with saving his people from extinction Job King of the Earth House isn’t thrilled when the Quintessence shows up in his office demanding sanctuary Tessie’s chaotic mix of human slang tacky clothes and feminine curves baffles him To make matters worse she does something with her vast powers to make it seem like she’s the Phase Match he’s spent a thousand years waiting for Neither of them can undo the connection and the fake Match begins to feel plenty real as Tessie fills up Job’s lonely palace with laughter and daytime TV But Tessie’s enemies are still after her and now they’re setting their sights on JobBook Two of the Elemental Phases

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