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A Saturday morning search of African American newspapers from the 1930s uncovered a startling headline “President Roosevelt Gets Present of Novel uilt Designed By Indiana Woman” Who was this Hoosier uiltmaker? What inspired her to gift the President of the United States with a uilt? What was so “novel” about the bedcovering that Black newspapers across the country carried its story? Where is the celebrated uilt today? Follow the surprising pursuit from a WPA Sewing Room in Marion Indiana to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC and even on to England and France uilter Kyra E Hicks who previously shared the true story of a young slave girl’s fifty year uest to see ueen Victoria and give her a uilt now takes us on a Depression era adventure featuring exuisite uilts made for Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Bonus White House uilt Block included

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    This is a lovely little book Basically an essay but it details the history of a uilt that was sent to FDR Hicks does an excellent job relating the events as well as the history Estella Weaver Nukes This was uite a nice read and a steal for I got it when it was offered freeIf you are interested in uilts you should check this out

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    Franklin Roosevelt's Postage Stamp uilt The story of Estella Weaver Nukes' Preidential Gift By Kyra E Hicks I won this book through Goodreads Postage size fabric was sewn together to make a uilt for the Pres and Mrs Roosevelt This was a thank you to the WPA Program for women that Pres Roosevelt implimented towards the end of the depression There were other programs that the President started giving Americans a feeling of worth and a job Mrs Nukes designed the pattern and it was sewn by the women in the sewing program Mrs Nukes uilt was on display in Ft Wayne and Indianapolis Indiana before being sent to Pres Mrs Roosevelt in time for Christmas at the White House No one knows where the uilt is today It was a wonderful gesture by many appreciative women Great little book

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    Franklin Roosevelt's Postage Stamp uilt The Story of Estella Weaver Nukes' Presidential GiftKindle Unlimited — Kyra E Hicks Dec 8 2019 This was a nice little surprise to read even if it is a mystery that remains unsolved It’s unfortunate that little stories like these almost always end up being unresolved However there was a lot of neat information imparted in this little short readI recommend this book if you are a uilter or if you enjoy looking at uilts Oftentimes uilts can tell a deep rich history of our ancestors that feels like it is getting lost in the latest generationsThree stars

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    I won Franklin Roosevelt's Postage Stamp uilt the Story of Estella Weaver Nukes' Presidential Gift free from Goodreads First Reads This is a very informative short story about the Postage Stamp uilt made for President F D Roosevelt Ms Hicks has done a great deal of research about the uilt's designer Estella Weaver Nukes and how it came to be Unfortunately the current whereabouts of the uilt is unknown It would be wonderful for it to be rediscovered so it could be properly displayed for all to appreciate in a museum uilts are made with many hours of love and labor and often have an iteresting story behind them as this one does I enjoyed reading the history behind this uilt and it's designer who also spent many hours with other uilters to put it together It was interesting to find out what is done with gifts sent to the First Families

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    I'm the author of this book I hope you enjoy this latest uilt history adventure from Black Threads PressThe book does include images of two uilts once owned by the Roosevelts and now in a private collection