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Review featured on www.books n kisses.com3.5 Stars I will try to explain this novella so it is understood where it lies in Alexander s stories We meet Win in What Happens At Christmas as the best friend and cousin of Gray During that story we learned that Win had been engaged three times but it was nothing than a couple of passing comments Now The Importance Of Being Wicked will be coming out which is Win s story So this novella is the short telling of the three engagements that never turned into marriage.The story makes you almost sad for Win but knowing his story will be out soon does help with that because Alexander would never leave him without a true love I enjoyed this little romp Win is a delightful character in the Christmas novel and has a wonderful sense of humor so I can not wait to read his story And I am very glad that Alexander has given us the background we need to know how Win really wants love.Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars, mostly because it s very short This was a very quick and rather sweet read I read What Happens At Christmas recently, and enjoyed it Lord Stillwell is one of the secondary characters, and it s mentioned a few times that he s been engaged a number of times, but never made it to the altar Well, in this story, we find out why Stillwell is handsome, rich, charming and clever of course and even in a supporting role makes his presence felt He s also a thoroughly nice person, which isn t always the case with heroes in HR I m looking forward to reading his story in The Importance of Being Wicked If you read this don t forget to read the author s note at the end Not to be confused with the book of the same title by Miranda Neville which came out at the end of 2012. In A Novella, Viscount Winfield Elliott Narrates His Search For A Bride He Proposes Three Times Felicia Whitingdon Has Youth, Beauty, Style, Grace And A Handsome Fortune Lady Lucille Eustice Is A Widow Of Impeccable Social Standing Caroline Hibbit Is Sweet And Charming In Every Way Any One Of These Intoxicating Treasures Could Make A Man Happy Lord Stillwell gets engaged but doesn t make it to the alter a few times This was a very humorous interlude in the series and whet my appetite for the next book. How lucky was I This novella came at the end of The Importance of Being Wicked Good to hear the rest of the story of Win s three prior engagements. While this novella is certainly not a complete story I still enjoyed it It fills in the background story that was hinted at in What Happens At Christmas and sets up the situation for the next book I am very much looking forward to the next book Alexander s voice is clever and fun. This is a prequel novella for Win s book The Importance of Being Wicked We met Win in What Happens At Christmas This is a novella about what actually happened during Win s engagements and why each was called off In The Importance of Being Wicked, the fact that Win has had 3 failed engagements plays a big part of the plot That being said, it isn t necessary to read this to enjoy The Importance of Being Wicked You can read this either before or after, I don t think it matters, but it s neat to see what s going on with Win and what it is he thinks he wants from life.If it s offered as a free ebook, or a.99 ebook, grab it It s worth the buck if you like the series But, on the other hand, I wouldn t recommend buying this unless you like the series as it s not all that satisfying a read as a stand alone.Note Even though I d already bought this one at full price, in my paperback version of The Importance of Being Wicked, this is at the end. It was nice to read the background story to all three of Lord Win Stillwell s engagements and the one happy ending of the three A few tid bits I liked from his letter to Graynote this is a spoiler since it is at the end of the Novellayou have been warned o view spoilerMy failure to successfully progress from proposal to the altar has weighed weighed heavily upon me and I find myself examining my past attempts to wed with an unyielding eye.Therefore I shall leave my future in the hands of fate and trust that one day I will find a woman who will look at me as if I were the moon and the stars and all things wonderful A look that will come from her very soul to touch mine A look I will return and treasure for the rest of my days.Good Lord, Gray, what has happened to me Have I at last become a true romantic or has there always been a romantic imprisoned within me crying for release In many ways, I have never had the patience to trust in fate, but my nature has not served me well So I will bide my time, live my life as best I can and perhaps one day I shall find what I seek Only when one ceases to search does one find what has been so elusive Ah well, we shall seehide spoiler Lord Stillwell first appeared in What happens at Christmas as a secondary character The author wasn t ready to let this character go, so he s back in this short story novella This book is the prequel to The Importance of Being Wicked.Lord Stillwell takes his responsibility of marrying and producing an heir very seriously Love is not a requirement, but he hopes it will come in time We watch Lord Stillwell go through a series of engagements, none of which quite make it to the alter for one reason or another Will Lord Stillwell ever exchange vows Will he find true love Stay tuned.Victoria Alexander is a seasoned romance author The writing here as good as ever The story is handled with light humor instead of bereft heartbreak I would have given it a higher rating but I thought we deserved a bit of a setup or teaser if you will, into the next full length novel There is a very short sneek peek of The Importance of Being Wicked at the very end Be sure to read the insightful comments by the author, after which you will find a preview.I am looking forward to reading the full length novel and to Lord Stillwell s HEA This was a Netgalley e book giveaway in exchange for a review. Lord Stillwell has me intrigued He is a nice guy, gets along with his parents, and cares about his obligations He also has a funny and romantic side What s not to love I cannot wait to read his story now after learning the backstory of his three failed engagements He dealt with them all sensibly and I think that it is finally, finally his turn Warning to future readers this story does not have a HEA It instead introduces us to Lord Stillwell and gives us a peek into his past so we can further enjoy his story in The Importance of Being Wicked.