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In the season finale of The Flesh Cartel Fragmentation Nikolai sets into motion his plan to break the bonds of brotherhood between Dougie and Mat Time and again Mat and Dougie have proven they’ll do anything to stay together anything to spare the other misery or pain To sever that thread Nikolai plots a strategy cruel and clever than he’s ever employed before And to pull it all off he enlists the help of a willing accomplice MatYou see Mat and Nikolai have come to an understanding Or rather Nikolai has come to understand what makes Mat tick How to wind him up How to make him stop And how very much he’s willing to sacrifice for his brother’s happinessBut Mat is still a loose cannon and there’s no telling how Nikolai’s plan will unfold One thing’s for certain though Nikolai never fails and with Mat’s cooperation or without it Dougie will be hisThis title is part of the The Flesh Cartel Season 2 Fragmentation serialWord count24400

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    This did Hurt This fucking HurtHe succeeded the Psycho fucker named Nikolai broke the brothers in the worst way possible He took pleasure in doing it I need Ty and Zane to get him soonest Here we get to meet a potential client called Daddy A sick pedo guy with some twisted incest fantasies Dougie has been broken completely he has become a shell one that Nikolai is exploiting to the fullest “Yes Douglas For you I will” Because you’re so very special and precious to me precious than any of the others He didn’t say it but Dougie felt it an intense bond between them made up of chains and locks and pain and fear but did that matter any? Was it any worse than what had bound him to Mat loneliness and grief and blood? Mat Mat my hero my heart broke for himNikolai is the worse heartless character everBaseball bat has a whole new fucked up purpose in this book Dougie I wonder what that little Psychology you learnt was for because right now Nikolai outplayed you and your studies and i do not like youMat Hang in there don't lose hope Nate Ty and Zane are coming for you we just have to get through like gazillion books NIKOLAI See you fucker in HELL

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    5 STARS of excellence and I applauded Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz for their writing talents in this last episode of the season I don’t like the pain it has caused me but it is brilliant never the less I know I said last month that the whole physiological twist to the story was the worst book so far shite you ain’t seen nothing yet? I almost put this down never to be picked up again I was a snivelling mess of emotions it is only my FAITH in the authors that this will eventually come good and my desperate need to stay with the boys that I picked it back up and forced myself to read through tears I just didn’t want any pain for these two boys plus as much as I hate it I also love it and it is most definitely COMPELLING reading But FUCK have they not been through enough? I am not sure even a lifetime in therapy is going to cure them of this one and how it gets turned around from here will have to be a stroke of genius Heidi and Rachel I am counting on youNikolai must drive a wedge between Mat and Dougie for his plans to succeed Mat needs to be the one to help him for as long as Dougie holds onto his hope and his love for Mat he will never freely give up to the inevitable Dougie must accept his fate and then at least he can find some happiness and love that Nikolai is willing to give him All Mat wants is for Dougie not to have to bear the horrors of his existence and to at least find inner peace Mat cares nothing for himself at this point and will do anything Nikolai asks just to save Dougie even if that means turning Dougie against him in such a way that it will surely destroy the last thing giving Dougie hope Mats love and protectionNikolia flawlessly manipulated a scene with our two boys and right now I hate him so much I am uite willing to commit murder BASTARD he used the brothers as pawns in a game and played it to perfection and as always with Nikolai there is only ONE Master and only HE can ever be the winnerNikolai is a sick fuck I don’t care what anyone say’s he IS A SICK FUCK and according to him he is not a sadist which I really don’t get? If not a sadist then why? I don’t doubt that he loves Dougie in his own SICK mind but if you love someone and you are not a sadist then you surely would not want to see them go through pain hurt and humiliation Is he then so selfish and focused on his own objective that he would allow it to be a means to an end with failure not being an option or is it just that he has to WIN? Help me here I need to understand? How many episodes?

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    oh no no no no no noThere are no spoilers from Brotherhood but there will inevitably be some from Captured Auction Choices Conseuences and Wins and Losses Contains cussing and explicit scenes 45 “He felt high Relaxed Unafraid Loved” starsDid that just no no that didn't happen screams“Boys in your position Douglas you’ll soon learn get exactly what they deserve—nothing nothing less every timeMe Well I wasn't expecting thatBook You weren't expecting something messed up from Heidi and Rachel?Me Well yes but it's only the 6th episodeBook Your point is?Mat only has one thing left in which to reduce Dougie's misery His trust But when he's asked to do something awful will he do it? Or will their love for each other last longer?Dougie is still being broken in Nikolai is still trying eventually he will break through but when and how is not known Will Mat be the key to his downfall?The answer that everyone is dying to know is NO I didn't look at the blurbSuch power And soon Nikolai would have it entirely under his control His pet warrior His championI freaked out half way through and again at the endI feel for you Mat You always get the worst end of the stick I really hate you NikolaiI really really really doThis episode is better than the majority of the others in the series hence the 45 I have to say though they do write smashing worksThe perspectives didn't combine in this one They seemed to be set into chapters this time and hopefully will stay that way To see my previous reviews and my next review for The Flesh Cartel please click the links belowCapture The Flesh Cartel #1 HEREAuction The Flesh Cartel #2 HEREChoices The Flesh Cartel #3 HEREConseuences The Flesh Cartel #4 HERE Wins and Losses The Flesh Cartel #5 HERE Homecoming The Flesh Cartel #7 HERE

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    Mindfuckery at its FINESTNikolai accomplished what I thought could not be accomplished Yes Douglas For you I will Because you're so very special and precious to me precious than any of the othersHe didn't say it but Dougie felt it an intense bond between them made up of chains and locks and pain and fear but did that matter any? Was it any worse than what had bound him to Mat loneliness and grief and blood? I'm officially eating my words because the man is diabolical And I still like him He's a sociopath don't get me wrong but strangely likable or maybe I've drunk too much of the Kool Aid Crack like addiction continues

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    Rachel and Heidi certainly delivered on the mind fck this time as always THIS WAS CERTAINLY ME BEFORE AND AFTER THE DARKNESS I HAVE JUST READ I loved every word of this volume FULL REVIEW TO COME AFTER I'VE SLEPT ON IT THAT'S IF I CAN SLEEP??

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    Good gawd This was painful So so painfulAnd yet I cannot look away I cannot stop I cannot give up HOPEThe manipulation is pure genius Not only between the brothers but to the reader as well

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    I have never in my many decades of reading read anything as hopelessly dark as this series view spoilerNicolai has broken everything and everyone I can't conceive of a punishment evil enough for him hide spoiler

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    This series is absolutely breathtakingIt's insanely good because the psychological aspects totally go under my skin Did you ever wonder why there are cults who collectively commit suicide? What would convince them that this was a sane decision?Why do people follow cults in the first place?In THIS series you get an answer to why would a healthy young man become a submissive sex slave outside of a BDSM context where the guys actually WANT to be that?How can a person's thinking and emotions be changed in a way that he accepts being a property and thinks of it as a good desirable thing?How can the LACK of pain be something so sweet and desirable that it makes you love your TORTURER just because he doesn't inflict pain on you anyAnd how can you feel you DESERVE pain if your torturer does decide to punish you?The complexity of a brainwashing relationship is drawn absolutely well hereAnd boy am I in love with Mat He's unbreakable but he is the tool to his brother Douglas' transformation into a willing slave and he is powerless to do anything about itThe moment when Nikolai puts Mat's broken body on the bed and gives him a picture of Mat and Dougie's family to hold on to seriously broke my heart Mat clutching the photo to his chest drawing from those happy memories when his present is a painful degrading hell really made me cryI absolutely cried for Mat Jeez I always keep saying how I like some drama in my stories and how characters need to suffer in order to make a book a great read but this is way beyond anything I'd ever wish on any characterI love you Mat Don't give up I won't stop reading until you're safe tears5 stars and a favorite

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    5 Angry Sad I don't know what the hell I am feeling StarsI think this was the most heartbreaking episode in the series so far What happened to DougieI was so pissed but O M G my poor MattieMy emotions are all over the placeI am so sad pissed and hurt Niko you are HORRIBLE and I HATE you

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    35 STARSWell Nikolia won again I suppose if you keep someone in a constant state of fear that person will eventually break Otherwise I find it difficult to believe that he would have succeeded in his mindfuck so damn easily It's also a bit difficult to believe that anyone could survive some of the physical abuse without medical assistance So yes this installment was a little bit difficult to believe It was a stretch for sure Hence the 35 stars