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In episode five of The Flesh Cartel Nikolai is well on his way to undermining the bond between Mat and Dougie but there’s still a long road ahead Training slaves is a process full of setbacks and with these two the situation is complex and precarious than usualWalking the line with Mat is especially challenging Too severe a hand leaves him fearful even broken but too light a touch leaves him disobedient and full of fury Dougie on the other hand wants desperately to end his suffering and loneliness and fear But his unwillingness to disappoint his brother means he can’t bring himself to submitControlling Mat with pain alone is futile so Nikolai must take a defter route by decoding Mat’s deeper desires why does he fight and why does he want so badly to win? By contrast Dougie may need a firmer touch than the pleasure and affection Nikolai has so far shown him To convince Dougie of how much he stands to gain by giving all of himself to Nikolai he must first teach him how much he has left to loseThis title is part of the The Flesh Cartel Season 2 Fragmentation serial

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    The books i Read The books i ReadFuck FuckityFuck Mind Fuck Fuckery on another Fucking levelThis series is so morally wrong if the world was to end today I would have a first class ticket to Purgatory Even while there i will continue to read until i get to meet Nikolai in HELLHe tortures Dougie and then goes and says something like this WTF? “I know it’s hard Douglas I know exactly how very very hard it is I was like you once you know A young orphaned boy all alone afraid no one to love me but a man I hardly knew a man who frightened me terribly But he only ever wanted to help me to care for me to love me and teach me and prepare me for the world All I had to do was trust him Can you trust me Douglas? Will you let me take care of you? Let me prepare you for the world? Let me love you?” Nikolai is a fucking sociopath I Loathe him aaaaaand wait for it for some unknown reason i am starting to like the guy HuhAt the moment i am not liking Dougie Matt on the other hand is my hero Hang in there Matt soon we will Kill them allOn to the next let's see how Nikolai is going to fuck my mind next

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    Choices Conseuences and now we have Wins and Losses More marvellous Mind Fuckery from my two favourite AuthorsOh Nikolai what an intriguing character you are A man with the upmost confidence and determination his foresight and vision are immovable Nikolai has a plan and the details and pieces are strategically being put in place he is stoically commanding and perfectly manipulating the action Now he is moving on to the next phase in his scheming and the boys are being taught yet another lesson and he is cleverly controlling the direction he wants their minds to embrace to make decisions with the the out come in their own favour yes they will seem weak and humiliated by these decisions and no matter what they will submit but they themselves have the power to control the outcome it is in their own hands as to whether it be a painful loss or a pleasurable win The Choices and Conseuences are the tools for them to have the power of winning or the despair of losingDougie’s mind is now full of confusion where truth becomes lies and guarantees become uncertainties and those that you trust become the one’s who betray you Dougie knows Nikolai has his own agenda but in his isolation Nikolai is the only one to offer him comfort but at a cost Mat is still desperately trying to hold onto his pride and to Dougie maintaining that without them his life is worthless but Nikolai is now clouding his forthright conviction giving him alternatives without hope of fruition yet they may be the only thing that can keep him together  In their isolation and separation all they have left are the whisperings of a man who is a master at his own game of manipulationThis episode has probably been the most mentally disturbing for me Heidi and Rachel are really sending us to a place where my heart is hurting for these boys I feel their loneliness and pain and I don’t like it Nikolai’s mind games are evolving a manipulation that is like a virus that is slowly spreading and is severing the tenuous threads connecting the brothers creating doubt in isolation reprogramming them and it is agonising to watch In Nikolai’s mind he is helping them and I am sure that’s true but he is still a sadistic fuck and so smug with it too GrrrAnother cracking instalment to this series you two lovely sadistic authors just blow me away every time I have these books in my hot little hands This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing Thank you I think I love you For review please check out Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews and you can also find us on Facebook

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    NO MAJOR SPOILERS INCLUDED APART FROM MAYBE THE UOTESYet again another amazing angst filled volume of Flesh Cartel It had me gripped until the very last word and now I am screaming out for I absolutely adore this series and all the mental torture that comes with it I will admit it is the first volume which has made methroughout one of the scenes I won't tell you which one as I hate to ruin it for others who have yet to read itMat and Dougie pull at my heart strings each time I read another volume As their story unfolds and their misery is evident in every moment of each volume my heart cries out for them to stay strong and not give upFREEDOM from the pain and torture is all they want along with the chance to be reunited with each other Nikolai knows this and exploits their emotional attachment to break down their barriers and get his own wayNikolai's mind games continue to intensify with both brothers throughout this volume It is nice to hear about both bothers in this volume as the last two I found focused on one brother than the other which meant I was anxious for the other brother not knowing what they were going through FAVOURITE UOTES 'he dreamed ofPain and ecstasyNikolai looming above it all like the world's most polite puppet master''God he was completely fcked Not a person any just a tightly wound wire figure made up of tangled nerves and need''at least he hadn't beggedThat counted for something right? It had to It was all he had left''Because as much as Mat wanted to believe there couldn't be anything worse than this he knew it wasn't true There was always worse Better the devil you know' WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO OTHERS? Definitely if you have a strong mind set and love dark reads The mental and physical torture is uite intense at times but for me that adds to the excitement If you don't mind feeling like thisthen you will be fine with this seriesThere aren't many books I stay awake all night to grab the moment they are released The Flesh Cartel series have me addicted enough to do that Now to start the countdown till The Flesh Cartel #6 Brotherhood Not long now Yey

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    Hang in there Dougie There are no spoilers from Wins and Losses but there will inevitably be some from Captured Auction Choices and Conseuences Contains cussing and explicit scenes 4 “You have no idea how beautifully you suffer” starsWhat fuckery is this?He'd be the fighter Nikolai wanted him to be Except secretly he'd be fighting for his own causeMe Well that was a mindfuckBook YesMe Will it get worse?Book whispers yesMat is suffering mentally and physically When given the chance to stop the pain he doesn't take it and must face the conseuencesDougie failed Nikolai again the conseuences getting severe Failino Nikolai again and again He's given the chance to stop but he's not uick enough or genuine enough ConseuencesRemembered to skip the blurb no spoilers cat calls This series is just messed up was physically and now mentally Although I can't tell which is worseNikolai is working hard to get them under controlThe next step was severing the boy's connection with his brother Until that happened Douglas would never truly be his Fortunately he knew precisely how to go about thatIt's hard to tell who's perspective it was who were reading because there is no clear divide and their situation is similar Also it is written beautifully heh hehTo see my previous reviews and my next review for The Flesh Cartel please click the links belowCapture The Flesh Cartel #1 HEREAuction The Flesh Cartel #2 HEREChoices The Flesh Cartel #3 HEREConseuences The Flesh Cartel #4 HERE Brotherhood The Flesh Cartel #6 HERE

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    So I'm feeling kind of sick to my stomach after just finishing this one What in the world do I rate it? 5 stars for the authors' ability to take me into this messed up world But I can't honestly say I enjoyed it That's personal taste and no reflection on the delivery of the plot Ok so I'm going to go with 3 stars I have one to read today and then I have to make the decision whether to continue with the series or not I'm starting to feel as mind fucked as the characters themselves

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    groansI haz a shameI think I'm starting to like Nikolai I know Don't look at me like that I have no excuseWait Yes I do He weakened my resolve with the chastityAnd statements like this Sometimes winning isn't about fighting it's about not fighting It's about understanding what your opponent wants And maybe you'll find a way to keep it from him without him noticing or maybe you'll find a way to give it to him that costs you nothing Either way you win You win and he doesn't even know he's lost Which is a win in and of itself Diabolical but smart or should I say cunning?Shit Maybe I'm getting Stockholm Syndrome by proxy Can that happen?Meh it was probably the the chastity

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    Even madnessI absolutely hate Nikolai's voice and the poison he plants inside Dougie's headMat however is my hero I absolutely love himWhat a plot Can we please get a good guy soon?4 stars

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    This series is Mind Fck Very dark not an easy read but I can't stop to read

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    Oh Nikolai you crazy bastard I just want to punch you in the face every time you open your mouth The mind games keep going in this episode as Nikolai continue his uest to sever the brothers' loyalties to each otherPoor Dougie just barely keeping hold of himself As much as he knows what is happening to him the constant abuse and mind games are wearing him down Nikolai keeps watering those seeds of doubt as to how Mat would feel about Dougie's actions Nikolai tells Dougie that he was once just like him that he is the after picture that he will mold Dougie into if only Dougie lets Nikolai love himMat on the other hand may have found a small chink in Nikolai's armor Mat still hanging onto his pride and doing whatever he has to that will bring him back to Dougie is told by Nikolai that he has to learn how to manipulate his new master Nikolai is still walking that line with Mat to keep him fighting but ensure obedience I liked that we were really given a deeper look into Mat's thought process here and it gave me hope that Mat just may be able to figure out a way to save them

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    Mind fking continues How much longer are Mat and Dougie going to survive to stay sane?? I hate Nikolai and I fking don't care about his supposed affection towards Dougie It's sick He's sick