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In episode four of The Flesh Cartel Mat and Dougie Carmichael begin their training with their new master Nikolai where they both learn the meaning of servitude and of conseuences for their choicesFor Mat destined to be trained but not broken—to always fight but never win—life with Nikolai is suffering stacked on suffering Nikolai pushes him to the edge but not over; he must never lose the hatred in his eyes Dougie on the other hand is fated to love and crave service For that Nikolai must teach him the pleasures of a pampered sex slave but training a straight man to revel in his gay captor’s touch is no easy featAs if the challenges Mat and Dougie face aren't difficult enough one last complication remains before either brother can submit fully to Nikolai they must first give up their strongest most powerful loyalty their dedication to each other Reader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes Non consent

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    Weaving a web of deceptions tangled in the branches of lies and blowing in the wind of whispers in other words a complete MIND FUCK and I LOVED IT I have spent the last few months anticipating the release of The Flesh Cartel Episodes and since the start of my journey with Mat and Dougie my emotions and anxiety levels have been put through the wringer However this episode see’s us moving on from the debasement and torture and we have firmly landed in the realm of MIND FUCKWe find the brothers as we left them in the last episode Dougie the pampered pet and Mat the bullied guard dog still writhing in pain from his last punishment With the formidable Nikolai now at his best or should that be worst? Mmm On home ground revelling in the challenges he faces with our boys calculating manipulating his mind a constant thought process while he dominates the proceedings like a chess master anticipating every move and Mat and Dougie mere pawns in the grand scheme of things He truly is an enigma and I so want to hate him but again I am hoping that the minuscule glimpses of compassion will lead to something good rather than the alternativeNicolai is pleased with Dougie or Douglas as Nikolai refers to the boys by their full names yet another subtlety to show his superiority Dougie is intelligent and tries to anticipate his masters reuirements without instruction How would he want his pet to behave? He was in fear of performing any task not to the reuired standard but not knowing what to expect was worse because he feared the conseuences Were they all tests? Was he being watched? Was the whole point to humiliate him? or just another mind fuckDougies mind is still running through his text books analysing and debating with himself he knows what Nikolai is trying to do fill his mind with truths and half truths smothering the lies peppered between he wants to alienate him from his past his home and importantly for Nikolai his Brother But can Dougie the student hold out against the experience master manipulator Nikolai? argggFor Mat Dougie is the only reason he has to stay alive and the only thing that will make him submit or at least do as he is told Both brothers see the other as the strong one Dougie see’s Mat’s strength in the way he still stands up for himself despite the futility of it Nikolai will never take away Mat's pride it is his last thread to sanity Yet Mat’s see’s Dougie as strong because he will comply and do so willingly to save himself only Dougie constantly berates himself for his cowardice and Nikolai is slowly sowing the seeds of doubt skilfully manipulating the proceedings subduing Dougie and restraining but not fully taming the beast that is MatThis episode was definitely easier on the heart but trickier on the brain Gone were the throwing the Kindle on the couch shouting expletives and stomping the whole process on a loop until finished Now we have a change in the plot instead of stomping I too found myself analysing brows drawn together tight in a furrow suinting in concentration mode trying to figure out just who was in control of who and what mind fuckery we are going to have next then when you think you have it blow me something different happensYet again another excellent instalment from our favourite writing duo you have brilliantly changed the game Not allowing us to become complacent for a minute Episode #4 another master piece but for different reasons you are now messing with our headsNote to self do not play cards with these authorsSeason #1 DamnationThe Flesh Cartel #1 CaptureThe Flesh Cartel #2 AuctionSeason #2 FragmentationThe Flesh Cartel #3 ChoicesThe Flesh Cartel #4 ConseuencesThe Flesh Cartel #5 Wins and Losses 04th March 2013The Flesh Cartel #6 Brotherhood 01st April 2013 This ARC was Kindly provided by Riptide Publishing For reviewsplease visit our blog Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews you can now also connect with us on our Facebook Page

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    OMG 😮😮What the fuckity fuck is this series 😱🤯🤯 In this episode Matt and Dougie are in the caretorture of Nikolai Nikolai Nikolai this guy is worse than Madame he uses mind games He is manipulative and not the Laurent kind his methods are straight out of purgatory He is sick he is a psycho and delusional Nikolai is trying to drive a wedge between the brothers and he is succeeding To torture Matt he uses drugs and for Dougie he uses rape 😡😡🤬🤬telling himself it is love making Like i said the guy is cuckoo I wanted to kill him but first torture himAtleast Matt is fighting but Dougie damn the guy is has somehow given upJust going to leave this here “I I think I’m ready I don’t know I’ve never done this before I don’t know I’m sorryPlease I’m just tired of hurting”“Shhh I know I’ll never hurt you again if you don’t give me cause Douglas I want to love youremember?” Douglas nodded shakily and Nikolai reached down removing the boy’s hand from hishole Massaged his sides in slow soothing circles Thought of taking him like this but no It shouldbe face to face He gave the boy’s ass a gentle swat to get him moving “Roll onto your back Now“You see?” he murmured nipping kisses across the boy’s collarbone into the hollow of hisshoulder “No pain correct? It feels good?”“No sir” Douglas said watery and weak He sniffled sniffled again No doubt as But Nikolai had taken that away “No pain It’s I wouldn’t call it good sir It’s just it’s full” And then once he’d realized the insult in his words “Please don’t punish me sir I’m sorry You told me not to lie”“Especially with a boy as beautiful as you I like to watch When I take you from behind I may record you or put you in front of a mirror or maybe have someone else fuck you so I can savor“Should I hurt you now Douglas? Or will you grab hold of your pleasure?”“Please don’t”“What did I tell you” he growled “about coming without permission?”He thrust harder faster sped up his hand over Douglas’s deflating cock to match The boy whimpered then moaned then shouted Writhed beneath Nikolai but he couldn’t escape “Please”he finally managed between desperate panting breaths “Please s stop God stop” “Be uiet boyThis is why you ask permission How dare you take your pleasure before your master’s? And then compound your offense by asking me to stop?”“I’m sorry” Douglas cried hands pushing at Nikolai’s shoulders—no doubt subconsciously “I’m sorry Please Please stop please please please please ”“Not until you’re hard again Not until you come—or not—on my terms with my permission”Douglas was full on crying now not merely tears but big sobs ugly sniff Nikolai

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    5 DARK stars This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession This series is addictive It is really hard to put down each and every book The story makes you read and read and don't want to stop until the end hoping it's going to be easier for Mat and Dougie but knowing their suffering haven't reach the highest limitIn Conseuences Nikolai tries to break them both but the lessons they are given are so different They must obey and learn the hard way what are the conseuences of their choices

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    OMFG Mind fck is beyond what this amazing book isCOMPLETE REVIEW TO COMEI loved EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT yes you will have to forgive me But that is how it wasBUT it did make me want to

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    Whoo We're on the riseThere are no spoilers from Conseuences but there will inevitably be some from Auction Captured and Choices Contains cussing and explicit scenes 35 And what if it’s not pretend? What if you’re just a coward? starsMy fucked up brain likeyNikolai Petrovic is a man of refinement He collects fine art enjoys gourmet cuisine and trains boutiue sex slaves for some of the wealthiest—and most morally dubious—men and women in the worldMe I didn't crap my pantsBook Well gee I'm fucking sorryMe Should beBook hmphDougie has finished half his degree in behavioural studies he knows how the mind works Nikolai can't work his way in without a fight or so he thinks Mat's suffering is never endingYay I enjoyed this episode than #3 why? I don't know If I enjoyed it so much why does it have the same rating as #3? Well it does and it doesn't this is a 35 would have been four if the characters didn't merge and #3 was 35 would have been three if the characters merged So see? This one was better although the division of the characters became less clear and the authors seemed to be getting mixed up themselves For example Dougie has been told to get into bed;But at last Douglas ground out“Yes sir”Nikolai smiled tapped Roger once on the shoulder—his signal to rise “Very good Now then finish your food And then get some rest—in the bed if you would You must keep your strength upYou’ll need it for what’s to come”and then Mat's getting out of bed after being told? When did you get told to do that huh?Mat uickly stooped to snatch up the towel“Don’t dawdle in there” Nikolai called after him “You can’t avoid this forever”Avoid what? What have I done this time?God he was going crazy Turning into a beaten dog His mind went over the last twenty four hours trying desperately to come up with an explanation a reason why he could be punished He’d slept in the bed like he was toldI read some of the spoilers because I thought it was the beginning oops Kinda ruined it a little bit though I really recommend skipping them and not reading the blurbDougie you are redeeming yourself I didn't like your brother this episode Bless your adorable submissive soul Keep up the mental blocks“Sir?” he asked clearly unsure of what he was looking at but smart enough by now to be wary of it “I said I’d teach you the true value of my kindness” Nikolai explained “I intend to keep my promise Now come here boy” Douglas obeyedDougie tread carefully Nikolai knowsSurely he was drawing on his knowledge his case studies his academic expertise to protect himself from Nikolai’s influence But what the boy didn't know was how different the classroom was from the real world The classroom was safe controlled an intellectual exercise The real world was real pain real fear real pleasure real needs and desires and thoughts and feelingsNikolai you creepy fuck“Rescued if you ask me From a life of aimless needless suffering From a world of animal cruelty From a loveless existence Douglas Everyone you've ever loved has left you But I won’t Douglas And I’ll always love you if you let me”To see my previous reviews and my next review for The Flesh Cartel please click the links belowCapture The Flesh Cartel #1 HEREAuction The Flesh Cartel #2 HEREChoices The Flesh Cartel #3 HERE Wins and Losses The Flesh Cartel #5 HERE

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    Per Riptide PublishingReader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes non consentFair warning this is NOT MM Romance This is a psycho sexual thriller which includes rape and torture Please proceed with that knowledge in mind THE WRITING So here's the thing You're not only reading about the characters being controlled; YOU are being controlled Many times throughout this series I've found myself thinking ah ha I see what's going on here only to find I was being played Damn authors Just know if you're reading these books you're offering yourself up for manipulation If you're willing it's sublime THE CHARACTERS Nikolai We'll practice everyday Nicolai had said To comfort him? Threaten? Dougie Butbut he doesn't know what I've done here Does he? Such sweet insecurity Mat Please Mathias grunted out No lessons today THE STORY In this episode Dougie is his own worst enemy Mat is just so fucked And Nikolai is ughhhhh indescribable This is a serial releaseFirst Season DamnationThe Flesh Cartel #1 CaptureThe Flesh Cartel #2 AuctionSecond Season FragmentationThe Flesh Cartel #3 ChoicesThe Flesh Cartel #4 ConseuencesI want to thank Riptide Publishing for providing me with an advanced copy eARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewTake a look at my MaleMale Romance Book Blog

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    Too short needing MORE right NOW this serialization is killing me The hateful Nikolai continues his mind fuck of brothers Mat and Dougie I feel just so involved with these characters 'Nikolai thought on that for a moment Mathias's fear had returned but fear for his brother or fear of the needle? Both most likely A fine line indeed he was walking The trick would be discovering how to keep him there hateful but pliant without pushing him too far again'

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    A rape with mind fking pep talk is still a rape Oh how I hate this sick perv And Mat and Dougie are so different I can't wait to see their transformation how will it work? How will it be different?

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    Holy crap So now we're into the training phase Stupid me this is where I thought that Dougie at least would begin to find well not comfort exactly but maybe an end to terror And I know that I shouldn't be thinking Well when he gets Stockholm Syndrome he'll be happier but seriously at this point it seems like Dougie's best option This story twists all my logic up and completely fucks me over So yeah Dougie I'm screwed up enough that I want for Dougie what Nikolai wants I want him to be a happy slave Except watching Nikolai driving doubt into Dougie's mind doubt that Mat can respect him for taking the least line of resistance doubt that Mat can forgive him for what happened at the auction doubt that Mat even cares is horrible Necessary but horrible A part of me just wants Dougie to give in to accept what Nikolai is offering because he's not going to be able to think his way out of this Note to everyone you probably don't want me beside you in a hostage situation I don't think I would be very good for morale At least Mat wasn't being tortured as much in this episode I thought foolishly Because hell that scene when view spoilerNikolai orders Mat to inject himself with the syringe hide spoiler

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    Okay well first off I have to uote Larry The Cable Guy Lord please forgive me and may God bless the Pygmies in New Guinea Larry The Cable GuyI'm afraid I'm like Mat I want to kill somebody There is no sense in me re inventing the wheel with the synopsises You all do a much better job at that than II'll just go with feelings and right now I'm just in an irritated state of pissed off I hate anyone or anything that has so much control I guess I can forget ever being someone's sub All that being said I am on steroids and I can guarantee it will take me a bit to get the rage off As usual and oh so like Mat and Dougie I just settle into the read and BAM it's done Yes I can definitely say there are two sadists writing this bookThough they are brilliant at it they also seem to be brilliant at keeping even the harder bunch of us tightly in their grip Just saying LOL Oh and for the romantics here the only HEA I expect and hope for are a bunch of people bloodied up and under the control of Mat and Dougie Anything else is just not acceptable There's my two cents Now I need a drink