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The Flesh Cartel returns for a compelling second season with Choices Brothers Mat and Dougie Carmichael thought nothing could be worse than being snatched from their home and brutally dehumanized in preparation for sale as sex slaves But they learn their suffering has only just begun when they’re shipped to their new master’s homeProfessional trainer Nikolai Petrovic is a master of his trade His ultra rich clientele pay him to create perfectly tailored playthings and Mat and Dougie are the latest in a long line of men who have walked into his remote mountain home as terrified victims and left it permanently altered subdued and obedient ready and even eager for a life of serviceTo achieve this Nikolai must take a drastically different tack with each brother Dougie manipulated with affection and denial Mat controlled by pain and fear The one thread in common for both men is choice Nikolai prides himself on never forcing but will Mat and Dougie submit willingly to his vision or will they first need to learn the price of disobedience?This title is part of the The Flesh Cartel Season 2 Fragmentation serial

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    1 or 5Hmmmm 1 or 5 Ok mind made up5 fucked up why the hell do I read such books starsWARNING uoting the book I call review Tell me how not to sufferMaybe I’m a ghost he thought despite evidence to the contrary the feel of his own heaving chest under his palm They killed me and I’m a ghost and this is limbo and they sent me here for hurting my own brother This series is just so wrong on many levels yet I find myself here reading book 3 and will continue upto 19 Everytime I read a book in this series let’s just say all moral pffft What morals? Out the window they go Bye MoralsNikolai is a bastard Like a Psycho bastard I hate him but then again I am intrigued by him “My name is Nikolai” the man said “But you must earn the right to call me that For now sir will do” This book Matt was made to suffer than the last two I was like please just give the guy a break I will kill your brother I didn’t buy the pair of you for him I have no use for him I don’t particularly have time for him And lest you get it into your head that death is preferable understand that I will kill him slowly Over months I’ll pull out every tooth every fingernail every toenail Gouge out his eyeballs Cut off his ears his nose his tongue his balls his cock Cauterize his wounds and leave him to die of sepsis Do you understand?” Dougie poor guy he has suffered to a point he just decided to go with the flow I am so rooting for him to succeed “Undo my fly” he said and when Douglas moved too uickly too eager to play at eagerness Nikolai steadied his hand with his own and added “Slowly SensuallyThis isn’t mechanics it’s worship do you understand?”“The instant I pull free” he panted “you will stroke me to completion You will look me in the eyes the entire time You will hold your mouth open tongue out like—” He had to stop for a moment breathe deep rein himself in “Like a happy dog if you’ll excuse the crassness Don’t you dare let so much as a whisper of disgust show on your pretty face Con se uences So if you can read about Rape Forced Incest Torture Psychos and any other despicable thing there is then by all means read this little gem of a series

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    This series continues to exceed my expectations Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau you are Brilliant The whole concept of this series characters and world building is truly Amazing you have us by the proverbial balls and you ain't letting go any time soon Before reading I have just picked up this book to start reading Season 2 of this amazing series and just reading the blurb from the previous two books was like being punched in the chest all over again I can already feel the tears pricking in my eyesI am so excited to read this but apprehensive at the same time you see I find myself thinking of Mat and Dougie occasionally they slip into my mind when least expected causing a rush of adrenaline and anxiety I want to know how they are how they will fare with the formidable Nikolai Petrovic but at the same time I do not want to flick to chapter one Mat and Dougie have found a place in my heart and as much as I am in awe of Ms Belleau and Ms Haimowitz writing I am scared I know they are going to take me on a journey in Season 2 where I don't want to go yet I must I am enthralled by the love the two brothers have for each other and totally gutted at the possibility that the one thing that holds them together may be destroyed and finally break them My heart is racing in expectation knowing our writing duo will take us further into the depths of darkness and torture with hope being the most compelling of all reasons to continue reading Review I read this not relaxed in the armchair by the fire No I was on the edge of my seat hand over my eyes peeking through my fingers Wanting to read Not wanting to read Tears replaced by anger replaced by tears My heart breaking for these two Brothers separated and being broken down depriving them of the one thing that keeps them alive and gives them hope Each OtherIn this book we get a look into the mind of the Evil Son Of A Bitch Nikolai Petrovic Initially I wasn't feeling cruelty from him like detachment and determination for the task at hand However that small blip didn't last long common sense prevailed and my mind was soon changed He is a Sadistic Fuck Calm and composed a master manipulator and an expert at mind games He relishes the challenge and it's all about power and he is the man controlling it Mat and Dougie are mere puppets with him the puppeteer With the Brothers separated he is stretching and trying to break the tethered thread that holds them together Will Mat and Dougie have any resolve left when Nikolai is so expertly pulling the strings?The POV is constantly moving between Mat and Dougie building the intensity with each being treated to a different yet eually abominable torture For Mat it is of the same used and abused by every horrific act of debasement thinkable How clever of Nikolai he uses pain and torture and sexual abuse to the extreme with no let up no relief and no break it was constant He wants him angry he wants him to suffer and he wants to be the saviour to control the animal inside Mat wanting to Kill But he has to control Mat he has Dougie surplus to reuirements but the key to ensure he meets his objective to train Mat to the specific reuirements of his client and Dougie will be his leverage to guarantee his success Failure is not an option he needs to break down Mat but not render him completely brokenMeanwhile the man I want to KILL is using psychological torture on Dougie breaking him down by sensory deprivation in a room with nothing picking at his mind and sanity Dougie is not strong like Mat mentally he is weak he needs Mat and Nikolai will use this weakness to drive a wedge between them with Nokolai again being the saviour He wants Dougie needy he sees the submissive in Dougie and his inner sadist is salivating at the thought of Dougie prostrate at his feet the perfect slaveWe do get a tiny minuscule glimpse of compassion from Nikolai and it makes me wonder where the authors will take that Dougie maybe? and if so how the hell are Rachel and Heidi going to endear us to such a heinous character? I have given up trying to anticipate where we will be taken next on this journey with Dougie and Mat whatever scenario I try to envision in my head is destroyed by what actually happens It is completely unpredictable never knowing where what or how the only thing we can guarantee is that whatever happens it is a living hell for both the Brothers and for usI have a Love Hate relationship with both the series and the Authors Love to Hate them and Hate to Love them the impact of this series on your heart is immense Mat and Dougie are so embedded in my mind they have crawled under my skin and I feel every abominable act of abuse meted out as fun or punishment Yet I am addicted I can't help myself I keep asking myself WHY do I put myself through this pain? I have come to the conclusion I must be a masochist because I want This is the third book in the series before reading this check outThe Flesh Cartel #1The Flesh Cartel #2 This ARC was provided by Riptide publishing through NetGalley Thank you so very much For reviews please visitSinfully Sexy Book Reviews

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    4 stars now in light of this rating what I’m about to say might make no sense at allI f’ing HATE these booksBy book 3 I no longer feel shock am beyond angernow it’s just rage I seriously want to hurt someone I want to destroy every single person who laid a hand on Dougie and Mat And I vacillate between wanting to shake Dougie Mat out of frustration and of course wanting to protect them save themBut you seethe sick thing is I actually believe that’s the reaction Rachel and Heidi planned all along for their readers To slap them around so hard that they want to retaliate And for that mastery and for inciting the kind of emotions in me that I typically do NOT tap into I commend themKudos for the addition of Nikolai slave trainer sick mutherf’er and a BRILLIANT character in episode 3 I honestly wish I had never started this series It’s sick twisted brutal unrelenting But I didand once I turned that first page I was shackled and became my own form of prisoner I won’t be released from Dougie Mat until the last season’s last episode And for that I’m both terrified of what’s ahead and dreading itbut of courseI can’t wait

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    Nikolai you bastardThere are no spoilers from Choices but there will inevitably be some from Auction and Captured Contains cussing and explicit scenes 35 “You came as baggage with your brother” starsWas this episode supposed to be amazing?As if on cue he thought he heard Mat scream Distant again so distant it all had to be in his head Just guilt that’s all Guilt and insanity Mat wasn't hereMe Well that episode was disappoint Book Don't say itMe Why?Book You'll anger the Book Gods and they will make you crap your pants in the next episodeDougie's scared that his brother will hate him after what he did to keep them together He has pressing issues though there are bugs on his skin tickling itching But they aren't really there he's just losing his mindMat's confused on one hand Dougie wanted to keep them together but had failed on the other Dougie didn't have to cause him so much pain He doesn't know what to feel he'll know though the next time he sees him Either relief or anger will flood his mindWell this episode was a fucking disappointment The series seems so be going downhill for me 5 stars then 4 and now 35 what is going on here? He’d always said he’d do anything for Mat Die Sell his soul Now he really hadAgain with the spoilers in the blurb and the beginning of the e book I skipped them again Although the Title doesn't have any spoilers in it I don't think ;I want to bite Nikolai's dick off Just sayin'Still Madame’s men had performed an essential service They’d taught the boy pain so that with luck Nikolai wouldn't have to In Douglas’s eyes he could be the kind master The good guy The rescuer he truly wasI have no sympathy for Dougie for this episode although I would of probably acted the same way that he didTogether Madame had kept her promise they’d been sold together Every horrible thing Dougie had endured and done on that stage had been worth it for thatMat you're so brave rescues him“Tell me Mathias what do you fear?” Losing him again Failing him again“Bees” he saidOnce at a stoplight he spotted a bird sitting on a wire and stared and stared until it flew away a strange unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach that had nothing to do with the cramping from the plug He realized perhaps eight or ten miles later that it was envyWhy a 35 and not a 3? The actual content was maybe a 3 but because of the clear divisions of the perspectives separated into chapters of the brothers it was a lot easier to tell who was who hence the5 raise Also the rating wasn't higher because it just sucked for me I don't know why it was still interesting but just not good? Huh?To see my previous reviews and my next review for The Flesh Cartel please click the links belowCapture The Flesh Cartel #1 HEREAuction The Flesh Cartel #2 HERE Conseuences The Flesh Cartel #4 HERE

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    Still dark Still disturbing I still loved itIn this one the brothers have been purchased at auction after an excruciating display for the buyers It takes three days for the new buyertrainer to come pick up his purchases and in the meantime horrors await the boysSafety seems to appear as they leave the auction house but it’s truly the beginning of the end for the two Here they will begin their real training What we witness is painful and the only thing that seems to keep them going is the thought of escape and keeping the other aliveRape torture

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    REALLY GOOD BOOK IN MY OPINION NOT AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TWO BUT STILL BRILLIANT CHOICES OR CONSEUENCES those are the options for Mat and Dougie Brothers fighting to survive the horror of what has and what will be done to them at the hands of their mastertrainer Nikolai Nikolai is a manipulator of the mind and wants to break one brother while seeking to have the other brother come willingly to him He exploits Mat and Dougie's obvious love for each other by coercing them to do his will without hesitation 'This was no life worth living and he reached the point where he'd have ended it if they'd let him even knowing that would mean leaving Dougie behind' Nikolai's treatment of the two brothers is different separating them to divide their loyalty towards each other 'He always said he would do anything for Matt Die Sell his soul' With Dougie Nikolai is determined to chip away at his soul until he makes him loose faith in Mat and rely on his master Dougie while lying in his isolated cell believes all hope was fast disappearing 'Dougie's hallucinations were getting worse It didn't help that he knew now how very real monsters were that terrors did lurk in the dark thought so far they'd all come in human form' The master manipulator wants Dougie to feel alone and builds his fear while he is trapped in isolation with only his thoughts to comfortdisorientate him Would I recommend this book? Yes I would to all lovers of dark reads Will I be buying the next in the series? HELL YES Already pre ordered o arrive on the due date I cannot wait now

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    Lower rating this time because this is turning into a BDSM story which I don't normally enjoy reading The writing and development however is still top notch

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    First SeasonThe Flesh Cartel #1 CaptureThe Flesh Cartel #2 AuctionSecond Season begins with this book #3Per Riptide PublishingReader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes explicit violence non consentFair warning this is NOT MM Romance This is a psycho sexual thriller which includes rape and torture Please proceed with that knowledgeOne of my updates described this as a speeding bullet and holy hell it is Each episode has just flat out been one hell of a ride This speeding bullet will hit you hard with pain torture mind fucks and god this underlying gut twisting need for these guys to hang on It's like you know you you'd already be totally gone but Dougie and Mat just can't lose itnot yet Then at the same time losing it would be the best kindness they could getYou WILL feel these books these characters this crazy intensity that doesn't slow down for one minute THE CHARACTERS They killed me and I'm a ghost and this is limbo and they sent me here for hurting my own brother Dougie A PhD grad student isolated with only his devastating guilt for company he is being prepared to meet a psychological master and it didn't escape him how fucked up his worldview had become when the thought of being claimed by his new owner was something to look the fuck forward to Mat The Fighter His endurance is his worst enemy; then he meets Nickolai who plans to teach Mat to endureeverything Nikolai preferred transformation and ascension to brute terms like breaking Nickolai A fucking twisted fuck Who's character is this? Rachel Heidi? Damn I know I hate this guy without uestionbut THE STORY Out of the fire into the frying pan Yeah that about sums this one up THE WRITING Again if a story with this level of intensity wasn't written perfectly it would be a glaring problem In my opinion this is written perfectly In fact beyond perfect The hidden twisted mental turns just kept screwing me to my chair I wantneed to look away but I can't begin to put this series down Bring me The title Choices seemed innocent enough heh The next is Conseuences Holy hellA very sincere thank you to Netgalley and Riptide Publishing for providing me with a early release version of this book in exchange for an honest review Take a look at my MaleMale Romance Book Blog

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    This book to me as it slaps me over the head Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Me to the book Leave me alooooone I have a total love hate relationship for this series The torture and sexual assaults are so gut wrenching and visceral that it is actually horrible to read But I can't stop Maybe I'm like Mat looking for a fighting chance Or maybe I'm like Dougie hoping for a glimmer of kindness But holy hell this was another intense ride Hey Rachel and Heidi I think I see a tiny little bit of hope you left over there Stomp on it for me okay? Yep that's it You got it In this episode we get a better look at Nikolai And I almost want to like him to believe he's not as bad as everyone else who's had Mat and Dougie in their power but that's not true is it? A civilised monster is still a monster His logic and his intelligence don't make him a better man Because while he's being almost kind to Dougie considering the circumstanceswhich Nikolai could change of course if he really wanted at the same time he's torturing the hell out of Mat Which is the logical and intelligent thing the brothers reuire different training after all See? A monster And that's the very clever thing about this series You think they're only fucking with Mat and Dougie's heads? No way They're fucking with all our heads as well I hate it I love it I hate it please

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    Oh boy how to rate this?Did I enjoy it? NoWas it well written? Very much soSo 5 stars for Mat and DougieI swear if they don't make out of this shit in one piece I'm gonna be REALLY mad