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It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls in this hilarious novel It’s the biggest dance of the year and I am HOPING my crush Brandon shhhh wants to be my date But time is running out What if he doesn’t say yes? Or worse what if he’s waiting for MacKenzie?It’s time for me and my BFFs Chloe and Zoey to tackle the topic of love Dork Diaries style SUEEEE

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    I'm on my 30s already but yes I really enjoy reading this book series Nikki and Brandon's cute lovecrush story makes anyone who is in my age to reminisce about their first crush and the time they unintentionally broke our hearts

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    I would absolutely adored this book if I'm younger than my age now BUT STILL I love Nikki's character and she's growing up Ha Briana and Oliver are so cute And never forget Nikki and Brandon The sweetest thing '

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    best dork diaries yet

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    Holiday Heartbreak is the sixth yes sixth book in the excellent Dork Diaries series I'm not sure where the time's gone since book one was published but Nikki's now getting very grown up and things finally seem to be progressing with her crush Brandon YayIn this book Nikki is getting mixed messages from Brandon and thanks to a not so handy magazine article she thinks he doesn't like her Of course ueen Bee Mackenzie is interfering as per usual leaving Nikki a bit confused There's also a school dance where the girls have to ask the boys which causes all kinds of anxiety among the students Ah adolescence; how I never wish to go back there Usually I find that after six books a series can become somewhat repetitive but thankfully that isn't the case here Each Dork Diaries book seems to be even better than the last one with drama and laughs than expected I think Holiday Heartbreak is actually my favourite of the series so far and if I had the next book I would have read it straight awayAimed at the 9 age range the Dork Diaries series is easily the best available for girls of that age I really do love it and would have absolutely adored it when I was younger funny books have always been a favourite of mine and they still are now Dork Diaries is effortlessly entertaining includes lots of drawings to compliment the text and should be on every girl's book shelf Really I think they should just be mandatory reading Nikki Maxwell is a great character to read about and is the best Dork around

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    You simply must read this book it is really really really really good it has so many surprises and every page leaves you hanging you feel so embarrassed for Nikki that you don't know whether she'll have a happy ending with Brandon and Mackenzie finally gets pay back read the book and find out

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    I rated this book because it is like you having a connetion with the book and they understand how I feel or I understand how they feelThis book talks about a girl named Nikkei and she has two friends called Chole and zoeyThey always hangout with each other and do everything togethersoon Nikkei meets Brandon and becomes friendson February 14 there was going to have a danceNikkei is sacred that Brandon will go out to the the sweetheart dance with MackenzieNikkei's arch nemesisWhen Nikkei and Brandon go to crazy burger Nikkei asked Brandon to the dance and he says yes she was happy that Brandon was not going to the dance with MackenzieI learned in this book that not to worry so much and to all ways listen to everything or you will not be saying the truthone thing I liked about this book that it teaches you a lesson and I will like if everyone will read it because it is a great book

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    Dork Diaries Holiday HeartbreakProbably the worst book I have ever read in my entire life This heap of cow dung was farted out by Rachel Renee Russell This novel was concerning our infernal main character; Nikki as she goes through brain melting drama The book can hardly be categorised as having a plot it’s like this girl rambles incoherently into her diary and we are supposed to laugh Never in my life have I seen a worse representation of pre teen human beings This girl is supposed to be a likable character while she comes off as just evil making what she categorises as mistakes but come off as hate filled acts of psychopathy and brutality I think that lightning was captured in a bottle with Diary of a Wimpy Kid beautifully illustrating the inner frustrations and thought process of the youth of the western world but DD is just a failure in all ways Diary of a Wimpy Kid was successful The way this book was written is very bizarre and irritating with varying sizes of text unnecessary use of exclamation points and smiley faces which from a literary standpoint is sloppy and pandering This book comes off not so much as a novel but like the diaries of a Psychopathic young woman who cares about nothing other than dancing with her air headed crush The illustrations in this book are simply horrendous Looking at them is like a kick to my testicals they give me the eye euivalent of a nose bleed they are clustered unattractive awkward and overall unpleasant to look at DOAWK had pictures that were simple but I thought that a kid had drawn them and I think they even did a good job of conveying the story in a humorous way It looks like Rachel really wanted to look better than DOAWK by having human appearing detailed images but it failed so badly because they are so uncomfortable to look at All of the characters don’t have fingers as much as they have mittens on all the time which I can’t even begin to understand why it only adds the weirdness of the images If you asked what the worst part of this book was I would definitely say it was the main character; probably the most unintentionally horrible person in literature Greg from DOAWK had some very unkind and mean spirited moments but this girl is just awful my mouth was agape for the whole time due to how shallow and cruel she was She created infernal dramas for no reason and her intentions were always so confused She is uncomfortably obsessed and an over all terrible representation of our modern youth Rachel clearly does not understand anything about what it is like to grow up or be in those situations It would make me sick if I discovered that this character was in any way based off of a real person because whoever it is desperately needs psychological analysis The style in which this book is written is disgustingly inept It at some points wants to be a simple DOAWK style journal with occasional unrelated stories and instances that don’t necessarily contribute to the story at other points it wants to act as a straight forward story jam packed with vomit inducing stereotypes and archetypes which simply do not exist in the real world Unfortunately for this heap of pandering vomit it fails as a traditional coherent story and as a DOAWK style journal As I said earlier DOAWK deviated occasionally from the story into little stories that were charming and delightful When this book does it it is simply cringe worthy Almost always DOAWK would even if it was minimal bring these little stories so that they had at least something slightly to do with the story In Dork Diaries when it does little deviations it is simply awful It tries to tell these stories that from what I can tell are trying to exist in the realms of reality but are just painful to read the author stumbles through the text trying to be humorous The worst of these little sub stories was where our main character was going to swim class and for some reason adorns a floating pool toy to insure she will not sink when she swims the device then sadly gets stuck to her waist and she is humiliated by her swim class This story hurt me on levels that I had only felt when family members died or when I watched terrorist acts on the television And as I said earlier this little sub story has absolutely nothing to do with the overall story and it doesn’t even make very much sense that they are having a swim class in early February I can imagine that many would think that I am not the intended demographic for this book and that is something I fully acknowledge I had also stumbled across and read a Barbie book and a My Little Pony book and both of them while I did not enjoy them; I acknowledged that for their demographic they were decent and harmless I feel as though this book is actually harmful Should any young girl look to this monster of a character and think that these actions are ok is terrifying All of the advertisements of Dork Diaries feature a hip cool stylish girl and so do all of the dreadful pictures in the book and if they wanted to portray a flawed main character her appearance would be far different She is most undeniably the character that is meant to be related to and always feels justified in all of her acts and yet is filled with such wickedness With Diary of a Wimpy kid the cover and the illustrations portray a not very attractive indifferent pre teen who is as soon as you see him not a perfect guy I am all for flawed main characters but especially with children when your mentally deranged protagonist is seen wearing trendy clothing and winking with an appearance of pure self justification in all of the pictures in the book it is simply terrible Greg in DOAWK was obviously sometimes having some inner turmoil when he did something bad and if not he did get in some sort of trouble for it It showed that when you do bad things there are going to be some unpleasant repercussions but with Nikki in Dork Diaries she gets away with almost all of her wickedness she doesn’t even learn any sort of lesson she just keeps on prancing through her cutesy fruity little world I hate this book so much I hope that if you have not read it you do not

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    I want to read it now

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    A girl named Nikki Maxwell goes to a school called Westchester Country Day WCD at this school she is in 8th grade WCD is a expensive private school so Nikki's dad got her a scholarship What is the scholarship for? Nikki's dad is the schools exterminator She is so ashamed about it Although without her dad's scholarship she would have never met her new best friends Chole and Zoey Also she would have never met her major crush Brandon One thing Nikki hates about this school is her enemy Mackenzie She is the most popular girl in school and Nikki is the dorkiest Also both of them are crushing on Brandon At her school she already has enough problems but at home Nikki also has an annoying little sister named Briana She is always bothering and embarrassing Nikki Who will Brandon pick Nikki or Mackenzie? Well you will find out in this book because I don't want to give anything away for youThis was I book that was so juicy and romantic I just could not put it down I hope you like it

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    I just finished Dork Diaries #6Nikki hopes Brandon and her can go to the Sweet Heart DanceBut with an embarrassing photo texts an enemy worries the flu and a crazy little sister will this be the best night of Nikki's life?I like how none of the characters change completely in this series Nikki is still funny and dorky Mackenzie is still rich and mean No personalities changeI sense this book will be hit because of the humor and creativity the author used