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More than 200 truly rewarding reads are covered with a non spoiler synopsis background information discussion points and suggested companion volumes With so many fantastic books out there book clubs and avid readers can have difficulty choosing what to read next—thankfully this comprehensive guide brings together the best and most loved titles for easy reference Featuring a diverse selection from Pride and Prejudice to The Handmaid's Tale  The Kite Runner to Cloud Atlas the guide includes interesting discussion points and facts as well as potential companion books with similar themes honest opinions from readers and razor sharp reviews from critics so readers will know they're making the right choice every time Top ten lists are also included such as Top Ten uick Reads Metamorphosis The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Top Ten Challenging Reads Anna Karenina Possession Top Ten Gay Reads Giovanni's Room Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and Top Ten Chilling Reads The Stand Ring Compiled by a range of English literature experts and avid readers this book is sure to inspire any book lover

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    Lionel Shriver is an American journalist and author She was born 18 May 1957 in Gastonia North Carolina USA and is best known for her novel We Need to Talk About Kevin which won the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2005 So when I noticed that she had written the forward to The Book Lovers' Companion I knew it would be worth consulting this book as I now lead the village book group having inherited that distinction from my friend Evelyn Hood Going through the table of contents actually feels a bit like being at a book club Some of the choices made me beam with delight; others left me spluttering with disbeliefOf course such a good book club discussion can be the forging of a new friendship but deciding what to read next can be a daunting task for a lot of us You want a book that is different enough that it will not suffer from a comparison from the last book you read While books and stories can be social; reading itself is a very individual process There are a plethora of factors that impact on reading Mood alone can change how you respond to a book Getting recommendations from friends and family or a trusted book reviewer is probably considered the safest route to sourcing your next read You will have a first hand positive review to work from There are over 200 entries including many of the usual suspects Pride and Prejudice Brick Lance or The Great Gatsby in The Book Lovers' Companion There are also gems that do not normally make their way into an anthology of this type including Perfume and The Story of Lucy Gault Each entry in The Book Lovers' Companion is divided up into sections These include spoiler free summaries discussion points reader’s notes and background information Similar titlesthat might be of interest are also includedI started off reading about books that I had already read so that I could get into the style of The Book Lovers' Companion However there were a number of reviewers involved in the compilation of this book resulting in a diverse range that are humorous personal and topic specific I love top tens and look forward to spending a bit of time contrasting theirs with my mental lists The Book Lovers' Companion contains a great range of books reviewed Importantly each review reads honestly albeit briefly It is particularly enjoyable to pick out the entry of a really uniue book and watch the struggle to succinctly condense it into a few sentences However perhaps if each review were a page or two longer it would allow for a slightly in depth look at each book The summaries were uite impressive and I enjoyed reading the opinions offered

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    This is definitely a book for book lovers and readers everywhere Packed full of potential reading ideas suggestions and top ten lists there's plenty of options for what to read next and after that and after that and after that and after that and after that and after that and after that and so Each of the books has a synopsis that whets your appetite without giving too much away critics and readers opinion bookclub discussion points background and companion books just in case you need a few ideas My only critiue of this is how broad it tries to be while keeping to a reasonable numberI would've loved either genre specific volumes or a huge tome packed with reads for every eventuality but I think I have a slight obsession when it comes to books so I would love something like that A great read and reference book and now I have yet lists to read fromI do like a reading list you know

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    One of the best book on books👍I totally agree with the briefs given about the various book recommendations givenBut what I am most grateful about picking up this book is the various book recommendations from classics to the most highly rated relatively new books mentionedI now know what to read next😊

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    Some great suggestions of books to read some that will now go on my to read listOnly minor criticisms of the book are1 The majority of the books are recently published not a lot from prior to 19902 There seemed to be a bias towards stories with female lead characters nothing wrong with this but a even balance would have been good

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    Eclectic collection Not simply the same old boring list of must read classics though there are plenty of those A good bit of late 20th and 21st century suggestions in the mix including some post colonial foreign lit I've read about a third of what's listed and rate most titles inside the union set of our Venn diagram at four stars or better Feels fairly safe to assume the pattern continues So why this book of books over another? I would argue two reasons First each major title listing includes a handful of others to try along with what they have in common For example frok Heart of Darkness we are pointed next to Things Fall Apart Lord of the Flies Jekyll Hyde and The Waste Land Alongside Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell we get The Earthsea uartet The Crimson Petal and the White and Sense and Sensibility One would be hard pressed to argue these rabbit trails are without varietyThe second point in favor here is the inclusion of a Reader's Opinion for many listings These aren't all fawning either which makes for a nice change On Buchan's The Thirty Nine StepsThe character of Richard Hannay was a bit two dimensional Hear hear

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    I really enjoy books about books and books written with the sole purpose of literary discoveryIt is always difficult to rate them however since it would be impossible for such a book to satisfy everybody or to present any kind of exhaustive listThat being said I felt like The Book Lovers' Companion was a well edited compilation one that would surely help people trying to discover new works or to get into reading A nice diverse selection of exciting important and entertaining works as well as some challenging ones

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    I am going to be buying everybody I know this book for Christmas The introduction is written by one of my favourite authors of all time there are enough books that I have loved in there to make me trust it and it has already started answering my most often asked uestion What should I read next?

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    This small paperback hopefully will save me and other book lovers time when searching for the next book to read Classic and popular fiction are included in this book Many of my favorites are included in this edition such as Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee amongst othersI definitely like the concept but with a book like this it would have to be reviewed and kept up to dateThere are also included different lists such as Top Ten British and American Classics Top Ten uick Readsand Top Ten Non Fiction Books These also would have to be reviewed and changed when necessary This book or the concept of this book has great possibilities if reviewed and kept up to date 3 12 4 stars

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    Perfect for book lovers especially if you go to a book club I must admit that I'm not a member of one myself but from what I've read from this wonderful collection of recommendations I'm sure it'll be very useful for book club membersIt's full of many recommendations from a variety of genres facts about the books a summary critic comments and discussion points for book clubs I will definitely be referring to this when in need of ideas on what to read next Loved the introduction loved that each page about the books was written by a different person giving it an unbiased opinion and I just love it Got it for Christmas 2018 and couldn't be happier about it I haven't read it from front to back yet but the beauty of this is that I can pick and choose which book I want to know about Highly recommend

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    Found some books that sounded interesting enough to add to my want to read list but overall these are bland predictable suggestions The ones that are boasted as hidden little gems couldn't sound ordinary