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It S A Bad Time To Be A SuperheroWhen The World Turned Its Back On Metahumans, The Golden Age Of Superheroes Came Crashing Down But Now A Mysterious Supercriminal Is Making One Final Bid For Power, And With No One Else Left To Protect The World, Ex Hero Spook Must Risk Everything To Take Him Down There Will Be No Reprieve, No Negotiation War Is ComingPut On The Mask There S Work To Be Done I received a free eBook copy in return for an honest reviewDon t Be a Herois set in an alternate but parallel world to ours in which metahumans, humans with x men esque superpowers, emerged due to concentrations of radioactivity in certain areas Following a period in which superheroes were revered and welcomed as protectors from evil, crime and supervillains, the world s attitude changed and became hostile toward anyone with powers Anyone too strong was given a kill switch, a device that will terminate the individual when activated with a particular radio frequency Heroes, then, disappeared from society.That s where the two main characters, Niobe and Solomon, come in They re still around, doing what they can even to help humanity in their community of Neo Auckland even though their superhero group was disbanded The book started off slow By that, I mean I wasn t hooked until around chapter six or so when I started to care whether Niobe and Solomon succeeded or failed in their quest to find a missing boy The jargon threw me off a bit at first until I got used to it, and some of the description fell flat that being said, some of it was also quite well done Each chapter begins with a superhero entry Although the entries were interesting, at first their significance was unclear Some of the characters we meet in the story have entries, and those particularly intrigued me The others seemed to be there to show a bit of how the world changed, how superheroes were perceived then versus now The antagonists in this story were well crafted Morgan Shepherd, a.k.a Quanta, was not a black and white villain He had strong motivations for what he did, although his means were naturally not ethical or moral Morgan reminded me a bit of Sylar from the first season of the TV series Heroes Doll face, one of his henchmen metas, was decidedly creepy view spoiler and I sighed in relief when he was dead hide spoiler As a teenager, I probably spenttime in comic books stores than was wise, and certainly spent farmoney there than I care to remember I witnessed the rise of of superstars like Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee, enjoyed Tim Burton s stunning cinematic rebirth of Batman on the big screen, and suffered through Sidney J Furie s death blow to the Superman franchise on VHS I saw comic books stores explode across North Americaand then slowly die of attrition a the coolness factor of comic books waned once again.While I stepped away from the comic book world when the reboots and restarts made it clear the writers had run out of stories, I never lost my love of superheroes As a result, I m always on the lookout for new books that feature superhero themes They re generally hit or miss, but Don t Be a Hero is definitelyhit than miss From the writing style, to the characters, to the storyline, to the dialogue, it s clear Chris Strange has not just a love for the genre, but an understanding for what makes it work.Yes, it s derivative and cliched at times, but honestly so Strange wears his superhero cape proudly, and tells precisely the kind of story you might expect Simultaneously, it s also daring and original at times, with some rather unique touches that undeniably make the story his Rather than reuse another nameless, faceless, booming North American metropolis, he transplants us to the streets of New Zealand, giving us a setting that s familiar, but which has room for invention It s a world where mankind has made it to the Moon, establishing a colony for unwanted superheroes, but still gets by with steampunk ish technology.Similarly, he resists the urge to go with either the super masculine or the endearingly geeky hero, giving us instead a lesbian superhero one who s disillusioned and cynical, but otherwise quite ordinary Heck, there s even a sidekick with the corny guess my power name of Carpenter, but he provides a nice balance to Spook As for the villain of the story, he s very well crafted, a character who serves as both a worthy foil and source of tangible menace and who, it must be said, has some memorable henchmen Strange clearly understands that at the heart of every great superhero tale is that balancethat conflictthat dichotomy of good versus evil Without a worthy adversary, even the greatest superhero is just an impressive guy or gal in tights, and Quanta certainly helps to make Spook matter.After a pair of superhero themed novels that I left unfinished last year, and another pair that I quite enjoyed, I was curious to see how Strange would tilt the balance Fortunately, this is another story that I quite enjoyed, and one that has me anxious to see what he ll do next Not only does he keep superheroes cool, he makes then fun again Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins Didn t finish this one The writing seemed passable, but the world seemed way too dark, the main characters too distant and the story depressing that I just couldn t go on This might be a fault of mine and not that of the book I mean, none of the qualities above are problems per se but they re problems for me I came looking for genre fiction Didn t expect it to be all sunshine, but there didn t seem to be anything to hang to on here. What if the world isn t always black and white but full of shades of gray That is the premise for Don te Be a Hero In a time of war superheroes emerge to take away the blackness that war brings Metahumans can be both good and evil Superheroes were much loved and hated by other metahumans and normals Supercriminals always want to rule the world yet come up short in the end Gloomgirl now named Spook along with her partner The Carpenter take on a case of a missing child Yet they are not told everything they need which is a great hindrance There is a new criminal on the loose named Quanta trying to get the heroes to return Quanta doesn t want to be seen in a bad light yet that is what he s planned for To Quanta s mind the heroes are all but forgotten Can the missing child be found Will Spook and Carpenter rescue the child What is Quanta s ultimate goal Will the heroes return Your answers await you in Don t Be a Hero.I really enjoyed the whole shades of gray concept in regards to heroes and villians You constantly wanted to cheer and yell at the heroes for screwing up like they do I found that all the characters were relatable and rea I really enjoy Mr Strange s work and will definitely continue to read what the author writes next. Spook isn t a classic hero She s not out to save the world In fact she doesn t like the world very much What she wants is to go to the lunar colony that the metahumans have and the job she takes guarantees the money to get there All she has to do is find a missing boy Except it s not so simple as that It turns into something muchsinister.Spook did have a classic sidekick in the hero named Carpenter Carpenter has an affinity with wood as his superhero name would suggest He can communicate with trees and manipulate wood to do what he wants He s also a prefect foil to Spook s cynical outlook He s an idealist who believes that the world will always need superheros Carpenter also believes it s their duty to protect the normals from villains and criminals alike no matter how society views him.Quantra is a complex supervillain He is multi layered and has many facets to his character His motives were manifold and varies, too many to really penetrate and delve into in one review It gave the story a lot of dimension and depth I became very invested in finding out what made him tick and what his true objective was.The world the story takes place in is a contradiction in itself It has rocket ships yet it doesn t have advanced computers It has dirigibles and helicopters yet doesn t have things like cell phones I found it intriguing and different It gave it a Sam Spade feel with a technological or steampunk edge.Don t Be a Hero was a pleasant surprise I wasn t expecting it to be as great as it was I thought it would be passingly entertaining Instead it captured me and held me in its grips I wasn t completely sold on the concept of superheroes in a novel versus an action movie but I am now I consider this book a win A free copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.This review was also published on The Akamai Reader. I really enjoyed this novel set in a gritty, noir type world where superheroes have become hatred and feared by the people they used to protect Most of the action takes place in Neo Auckland in a post nuclear New Zealand, and it s a fast paced, action packed read.The main protagonist, Niobe, quickly became one of my favourite superheroes She shard boiled detective than spandex wearing superhero with her trench coat, jaded attitude and reluctant nobility I also like her ability to move into and out of shadows, and the way she uses it Her partnership with Solomon a.k.a The Carpenter creates some delightful banter and her troubled relationship girlfriend Gabby formerly The Silver Scarab were well done.I wasn t as fond of the main nemesis, Morgan I found him too smug and self justifying to be either sympathetic or threatening His hench psychopath, Doll Face, is nightmarishly creepy and sadistic, and the scenes involving him were wonderfully chilling and unsettling.I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of superheroes or noir esque fiction, or anyone who isn t for matter because it s a brilliant read. This is a good superhero book, not great, but good The story is pretty predictable but in least a lot of thought has been put into the meta humans powers as they do have weaknesses and limits to their abilities Which makes a great change from the usual all conquering hero I loved Morgan and his crew, especially Obsidian as though they were the villains of the piece they were still working for a cause and a belief rather than the usual lets just destroy the world Morgan is a very developed character and someone i really looked forward to reading about I loved how each innocent death affected him, he wasthan just a ruthless murder and was a very complicated character.Spook on the other hand is a little flat I couldn t truly warn to her and The Carpenter, at times I found their progress quite boring and would skip ahead Though I do like how her sexsuality was not ab issue.So as i said i think this is a good book, but not one I would read again I was perusing for a good detective novel, when Don t be a Hero happened to catch my eye I was not a comic book kid, but I ve seen most of the movies and am somewhat familiar with the superhero ethos.The concept of a superhero detective intrigued me I decided to click through to the preview of the writing.After the first few paragraphs, I easily determined that Chris Strange knew how to write both a well constructed sentence and an interesting storyAnd so I contacted the author and asked him for an advanced copy of the book for Faerytale Magic, which he generously provided.Don t be a Hero is the story of Spook She s a Kiwi of Asian descent, lesbian, ex superhero turned private detective scraping out a living solving cases the police can t or won t take on I applaud Chris for his position that anyone, male, female, gay or straight, can be heroic, regardless of race, religion or any of the other biases we use to label people.Niobe aka Spook and Solomon aka Carpenter her partner in crime fighting, have been hired to find a missing 13 year old boy named Sam Who took the kid, why do they want him, how is his kidnapping involved with super heros The hunt for Sam will pit Niobe and Solomon against some of the world s most dangerous super criminals, land her on the cape coppers wanted list and drive a wedge between she and her lover, Gabby With no leads, Niobe gives up a piece of herself to the blind man for a glimpse into Sam s mind Theshe learns, theNiobe knows she should turn the case down and walk away, but once a hero, always a hero.Writing the action in this book must have been a real challenge, one that Chris pulled off masterfully His characters are well developed and compelling Doll Face was one frightening psychopath, one worthy of his own comic book series His alternate version of history is well thought out and rich with detail I could have personally done without the brief glimpse into Niobe s sex life, as I don t read romance novels and tend to skip through those kinds of scenes in any book Consider this my parental warning.American readers will notice a few differences in spelling and turns of phrase, but you quickly adjust.Overall I gave the book 4 stars and highly recommend it to fans of the superhero genre or anyone who enjoys a good detective story. Superhero novels aren t easy to do well I have read some of the mainstream Marvel and D C novels and they mostly not very good.The best non mainstream story is Soon I Will Be Invincible but to be honest this story by Chris Strange surpasses even that.There are a lot of comparisons between this story and that Both have female leads and both have a great villain But The author has placed the action in New Zealand and not the usual New York and that has lifted the story out of the norm.The use of light and shadow as the main rivals plus not the obvious either.light is evil ish And shadow is good.One of the heroes also has a unique power over wood Such innovation and characterisation makes this the Watchmen of novels.Nice and dark with splashes of pure brilliance makes this a 5 star read.So if you liked any of the stories mentioned in this review this is the book for you.I hope Chris Strange writes a sequel