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Velveteen How Dare You I Never Asked For You To Hunt Me Down No, Velma Martinez Hadn T But When You Had Once Been Velveteen, Child Super Heroine And One Of The Junior Super Patriots, West Coast Division, You Were Never Going To Be Free, Even If Your Only Power Was To Bring Toys To Life The Marketing Department Would Be Sure Of ThatSo It All Came Down To This One Young Woman And An Army Of Misfit Toys Vs The Assembled Might Of The Nine Members Of The Junior Super Patriots, West Coast Division Who Had Come To Take Her DownThey Never Had A ChanceVelveteen Lives In A World Of Super Heroes And Magic, Where Men Can Fly And Where Young Girls Can Be Abducted To The Autumn Land To Save Halloween Velma Lives From Paycheck To Paycheck And Copes With Her Broken Down Car As She Tries To Escape From Her Old LifeIt S All The Same World It S All Real And Figuring Out How To Be Both Velveteen And Velma Is The Biggest Challenge Of Her Life, Because Being Super Human Means You Re Still Human In The EndJoin Us As Award Winning Author Seanan McGuire Takes Us Through The First Volume Of Velveteen S And Velma S Adventure

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    Velveteen is a has been junior superhero, sort of like a Disney child star, buffed and marketed, and now she s an adult who s held down a bunch of jobs barista, cleaner minimum wage, minimum reward Right now she s got a golden opportunity in Portland, if only she can nurse her beat up car from southern California across the northern border in time Unfortunately, there are roadblocks, many of them in the form of old comrades now turned adult star heroes who believe that she, like other washouts, has turned supervillain.All Velveteen wants is a real life away from the Super Patriots and their Junior arm Even importantly, she wants to get away from their Marketing branch, which took her from her grateful parents, taught her and plenty of other youngsters and tested them, costumed them, then presented them on a national contest show which had them performing various tasks against one another until the best liked and the best winners and somehow they are always the same are given a chance as junior superheroes.Is this starting to sound familiar Satirical Subversive Welcome to Seanan McGuire land.I could not put it down, and I wailed because it was a skinny book Wailed, I tell you.

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    A fun and snarky 3.5 Stars What do you mix the power to animate cloth representations i.e doll and teddy bears of humans and animals with a sarcastic and reluctant super hero You get Velveteen, the hero of this fiercely imaginative and entertaining book.I could say this was a full on 4 star book for a few simple reasons While the story was entertaining, it was disjointed and lacked some focus This may be a bit unfair as I have learned that these were stories the author had posted on her website and ultimately put together into a book This explains the holes in the story That aside, the characters are very entertaining and the superpowers are very specific an entertaining with power rankings My favorite part of this book was the satirical nature of the stories As a reluctant superhero, most of what our MC says is a riff on Comic books and superheroes Neither Velveteen or the author takes herself very serious Entertaining all around I recommend this book.

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    VELVETEEN VERSUS is a series which I first became acquainted with due to the crossover done with GRRL POWER and WEARING THE CAPE The premise is Velma Martinez is a retired superhero except she was a teenage superhero so it was doubly traumatic who was exploited and abused by a marketing company that didn t care whether she lived or died The fact she was a toyetic adorable heroine who had the power to animate toys made her doubly valuable to the company, though, and they re pursuing her in order to try to force her back into their mega publicity marketing machine.VELVETEEN VERSUS THE JUNIOR SUPER PATRIOTS is a collection of short stories following Velma as she struggles to cross from California to Oregon Along the way, she encounters her former teammates and deals with her conflicted feelings regarding them I really recommend these stories for being fun, dark, and meaningful all at once.It should be noted that ebooks are currently unavailable for this book but Seanan Maguire has posted the stories in this book online

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    Seanan McGuire is my new to me favorite author, just record the second book by her in the last few days and loved them both.This was a great read and I d recommend it to anyone who likes super heroes and hates corporate marketing My favorite scenes are the seasonal themed superhero sequences, and the Princess and Hailey Ween my favorite characters along with Vel being a thoughtful protagonist Oh and a character introduced late in the book quotes Buffy so I m already to read book 2

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    This was pretty fun especially as audiobook I never got around to reading these stories on her website so it was good to have them collected You can kinda tell this is earlier Seanan and her later works have developed characters I really did enjoy it and am looking forward to listening to the sequel at some point.

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    I m rating this three stars because it seems like it s only half a book.It s not really a novel it s an open ended series of short stories which is not what I expected I expected a story with a beginning, middle and end, like Superfolks or Soon I Will Be Invincible, instead it reads like a comic series, with each prose chapter similar to a self contained comic book issue with ongoing subplots The story is very meandering.She fights the Junior Super Patriots in chapter 5, and I expected a followup on the repercussions of their battle, leading to a climactic final fight by the end of the book, but instead it s followed by Velveteen vs The Eternal Halloween, and the author is doing a Nightmare Before Christmas riff, then Velveteen vs The Ordinary day, and she s going drinking with some Disney Princess type characters, and I m like What about the Junior Super Patriots I m actually surprised this book has so many good reviews on It s not bad, and it s filled with nice character moments and satirical ideas, but it s very anticlimactic.There s only one other book so I guess I could buy book 2 to maybe get the equivalent of a complete novel review updated after reading book 2 to note book 2 does bring the story to a finish, so if you read both novels, you do get a satisfying story with a beginning, middle and end view spoiler My favorite part is probably protagonists frustration and anger in the beginning on how tough life is, it makes for a compelling character I like the betrayal and melodrama with her former best friend turned arch nemesis, Sparkle Bright Unfortunately said subplot was dropped I also really like the chapter when the Junior Super Patriots come after her hide spoiler

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    Blearily surfing TV Tropes for inspiration, I stumbled upon the Velveteen vs The Junior Super Patriots entry, chased the link to and read the Look Inside pages, then bought the Kindle edition and read it in four hours Velveteen is as amazing as her world, and I wish I d thought of her myself In the Velveteen Vs stories, Seanan McGuire gives us a superhero world where the heroes, while real enough and heroic enough, are mostly under the control of a publicly benign and secretly ruthless corporation that recruits them, trains and conditions them, packages and markets them, and uses them for its own possibly nefarious ends Velveteen is a child hero who grew up and tried to get out of the superhero game, only to find that they are reluctant to let her go.For fans of superhero stories, V vs JSP works on every level Velveteen is human and relateable and her power is just hugely cool and not the standard superpower package at all her world, while epic and grand, is also grittely realistic enough to hang a dramatic and very human story on and McGuire s skewed sense of humor keeps it from getting too heavy.If you have enjoyed stories like Confessions of a D List Supervillain, Wearing the Cape, and In Hero Years I m Dead Deluxe Edition, you will enjoy Velveteen s adventures and wait impatiently for McGuire s next foray into her Patriot Verse.

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    I am a definite fan of Velveteen and her battle against Marketing, especially after having been on a marketing team in the past Kidding mostly D

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    A good idea for a story but the executionanyway it was a ok book.

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    Velveteen vs The Junior Super Patriots by Seanan McGuire is the first collection of the Velveteen vs stories It s out of print in ebook so I wasn t actually able to get the book, but the stories themselves are all available to read on the author s website, so I m counting it as having read the book Because of how I ve been reading and posting mini reviews of short stories, you might have already seen my comments on some of the stories, but I still think it s nice to collect them all in one place.The stories in this collection are set in a world with superheroes and, importantly, organisations managing the licensing and public appearances of superheroes It s also set in the US, which gives it a pretty different vibe to Girl Reporter and the preceding stories by Tansy Rayner Roberts, even while it deals with some of the same themes For the record, I like the Roberts series , mainly for its Australian ness and humour, but that s not to say I m disliking the McGuire which, as I said, is a very different take The Velveteen stories deal with Vel s life as an adult after having been a child hero and after quitting the life before turning eighteen and hence avoiding some legal troubles However, as an adult, she s not allowed to be a superhero without going back to the organisation she s escaped and wants nothing to do with Her only hope in escaping them is to make it to Oregon, which has different state laws and where she can be safe Meanwhile, she s been working minimum wage jobs and living pay check to pay check, so life hasn t been super fun The stories in this collection follow her journey and eventual arrival in Oregon with a few detours for world saving and flashbacks.Overall these stories had a bit of bleakness to them, especially when the Junior Super Patriots were juxtaposed with Vel s adult life Some of the stories felt like chapters or instalments in a bigger story, which was fine since I was reading them in order although not all in a row For others looking to dip into the series, many of the stories work fine out of order, but some don t quite stand alone, in my opinion as noted below In general, I recommend these stories and this collection to fans of superheroes, especially cynical takes on the superhero genre.And now the stories Velveteen vs the Isley Crayfish Festival A quick, fun introduction to a retired for now superheroine, who features in several stories Recommended for fans of Tansy Rayner Roberts superhero stories and vice versa.Velveteen vs The Coffee Freaks A fun superhero story about a retired child hero that just wants to get to her job interview in Portland.Velveteen vs the Flashback Sequence More of a chapter establishing character than a properly stand alone story in its own right Nevertheless, an enjoyable read Velveteen vs the Old Flame A less fun read that dredges up some unfortunate back story from Velma s time as a junior superhero As with the previous story in this sequence, it feels a bit like a chapter than a self contained short story.Velveteen vs the Junior Super Patriots West Coast Division The plot thickens as Velma, our retired superheroine, faces off against the new generation of her former child hero team New characters with interesting back stories are introduced and Velma s road trip comes to an end.Velveteen vs the Eternal Halloween A story set entirely during Velveteen s teenage years and featuring a Groundhog Day like Halloween and the world of Halloween A solid story It inadvertently had me wondering how the world of Halloween would fit in with the Wayward Children, but this story was, of course, written much earlier It was also kind of fun less cynical than adult Velveteen.Velveteen vs the Ordinary Day Another chapter in adult Velveteen s life Having made it to Oregon, Velma reunites with some friends An entertaining read.Velveteen vs Patrol A first look at Velma s new life superheroing for Oregon Mostly a pleasant read about her working out her new life, with and additional dollop of foreshadowing doom thrown in.Velveteen vs the Blind Date Velveteen is set up on a blind date with another freelance superhero It seems like a terrible idea at first, but they have complementary powers and hit it off Another entertaining read.4 5 starsYou can read of my reviews on my blog.