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In this first installment of the exciting new psychosexual thriller The Flesh Cartel orphaned brothers Mat and Dougie Carmichael are stolen in the night from their own home Taken to a horrifying processing facility they are assessed microchipped and subjected to unspeakable brutality—all in preparation for sale to the highest bidderIn a world where every person has a price the beautiful and subduable PhD student Dougie is highly prized His brother a rough edged MMA fighter is less desirable—and potentially too dangerous—but he still has his own appealAbused and locked up under round the clock surveillance with no idea where they are or even why they’ve been taken escape seems impossible which leaves staying together their only hope And after being separated once by the foster system they'll do anything to keep it from happening again Anything at allPublisher's note This title contains material some may find objectionable or trigger inducing including explicit violence non consent and forced incest

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    Amazing and unbelievably compellingNo hearts and flowers No beautiful prose or fluttering of eyelashes No sickly sweet honeyed words of endearment This is a Psychosexual Thriller This is dark This is raw and it will hurt your heart Before I impart my incoherent ramblings on you as to just how wonderful this Novella is I would like to give you some information to help you understand this series a little betterThis NovellaEpisode is the first in the series of a Serial Story A Serial Story being similar in concept to a TV Show such as; Lost Vampire Diaries Fringe which are divided into episodes and seasons with each novella being an episode Therefore as in all good TV shows each episode will end on a cliffhanger or note of suspenseyou know the typical 'OMGdid you see' that has us all chatting round the coffee machine in the morning This particular season being two novellasWith a TV Show especially the first in the season you would expect it to start hard and fast capture the imagination and to keep the viewers attention for the whole 60 mins WellOMFG I was captured my imagination on overdrive and if this is the first in the series I am in two feet fully planted and totally invested in the next novella series seasonwhatever Sign me upI picked this book up and ran with it No easy jog not even a marathon It was a sprint for 90 minutes I was running totally oblivious to all and everything around me the whole time on an adrenaline high There are two main characters Mat and Dougie we learn their story through alternating POVs they are brothers totally devoted to each other orphaned young and separated by the foster system Mat will not let that happen again He will do anything to take care of and support Dougie through College even if that means he bounces in a local bar and cage fights for the extra money needed for tuitionoften getting beaten to a pulp as a result Dougie hates Mat fighting refuses to watch him his stomach in knots having to endure horror scenarios running through his head and the dread of seeing just how badly beaten up Mat will be when he returns home If they thought life was difficult before when four men break into the house and kidnap them their nightmare beginsI spent the rest of the book with my heart hammering in my chest stomach clenched mouth agape nails chewed and fear running through me I felt like a ghost watching what was going on seeing everything but powerless with no effect on the proceedings or the outcome no matter how loud I screamed I knew these characters personallyintimatelyI went through each and every atrocity with them my heart breaking I didn't have time to think I just had to keep reading even through tears I had no time for tissues 'read on' my head was saying 'oh no' my heart was shoutingEvery thriller has a bad guy but in this series it is a womanBITCH If I could have crawled into the pages of the book I would have gladly clawed her eyes out with my own fingernailsPhew and breath These two boys mean nothing to her all she wants are pretty faces to auction for the best price possible To prepare them for this they go through unbearable torture and degradation all in order to de humanise themMat was helpless but defiant every instinct wanting to resist but despite fighting against his restraints he could do nothing Powerless to their torture he just hoped they were kinder to his brotherDougie so young and sheltered by Mat He wasn't used to pain humiliation Like a child he was lost Despite his Ph'd he couldn't read these people didn't understand He just wanted to go home He wanted his brotherSoI guess you now realise I loved this and the whole concept of this series the excellent writing and the great character development Unfortunately I will not be able to have the gossip round the coffee machine in the morning but I recommend that my friends who also like dark and dangerous NOT for the feint hearted will read this so I can spill all these painful emotions and vent with others Just a note this is not an mm romance novel there is sex between menbut it is definitely NOT of the romantic natureHeidi Belleau Rachel HaimowitzExcellent You need to write uicker I need pleaseSinfully Sexy Book Blog

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    whatthefuckThere are no spoilers so there's no need to tread lightly but maybe you should anyway Contains cussing and explicit scenes 5 “Around here you kneel when a better walks into the room” starsHere's a picture of me just after finishing just like Jesse high off of drugsNo matter what your secret tastes or dark desires the Flesh Cartel—for the right price of course—will hand design the plaything of your dreamsMe Did that just Book YesMe But Book Deal with itDougie is on his way to getting a PhD to get him and his brother out of the money rut He works hard and comes back late and always enjoys a steaming hot shower before his brother gets home He wouldn't let him waste that much hot water He starts freaking out because Mat has come home early By the footsteps it sounds like he brought friends but it wasn't really his brotherMat fights in illegal boxing matches in order to pay for Dougies's tuition and travel But he has just lost a round and another and another He lost the match He leaves early and when he gets back he finds his brother naked with someone's fingers up his ass ScreamingThe Flesh Cartel an international multi billion dollar black market that trades in lost souls Or specifically their bodiesThe order of the kindle book is weird why? There is a uick and scary summary of The Flesh Cartel business right at the beginning Which I was like holy shit this is gonna be good But we don't get straight in to the story no we get spoilers It's the blurb but because I hadn't read the blurb it was a giant spoiler for me I really recommend skipping the bit that says Episode 1 Capture even if you have already read the blurbAnd even then we don't really get to the story we are shown Nicolai who is waiting to purchase for himself or his client? some slave candy Which I was confused with because that should have been after the main body because it was in the futureAnd then we get Mat and Dougie's perspectives both separate which is when it starts to get really good But the beginning was genuinely confusing as fuck But from their parts I was addictedBecause I had tried to erase the blurb and spoilers from my mind I had somewhat forgotten a little bit So when Dougie was funny I was amusedIt was a rare joy to have a good long soak in a shower as hot as he liked without Mat flushing the toilet or chiding him about their electric bills Rarer still to be able to get out of the shower and sit around naked in front of the TV drip drying onto his towel and letting his balls air outbut it then uickly took a turn for the worse and my adrenaline was pumping and I was like Oh fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck noMat and Dougie are really cute with their brotherly love where they're both willing to take the brunt of the agony for each other in order to keep them safeBut he clung to the one consolation amidst all the shame the humiliation the agony the misery At least Mat was okay At least they were leaving him aloneThey were right to keep Mat in the cage He didn't care if his legs were asleep he’d learn to fly if it meant he could kill these fuckersIf I'm going to be brutally honest I cried and cried and cried It's genuinely just so powerful and scary and heartbreaking This is not dark This is like there being moaning from your attic while finding your dead cat under your covers and your entire family being murdered darkIn order to make these last I'm rationing one per week breathes a deep shuddering breath I gave in 20 hours laterDo I recommend? No FUCK NO Save yourself the painTo see my next review for The Flesh Cartel please click the link below Auction The Flesh Cartel #2 HERE

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    This book is the first instalment of The Flesh Cartel series The 90 page instalment 'Capture' is fast paced complete with angst pain misery trauma and indescribable cruelty towards the two brothers Mat and DougieGuards subject them to sexually depraved acts which made my face tighten with tension then relax once it was over only to repeat the trauma again a couple of pages later The scenes were relentless and yet I still wanted to read furtherThe love the brothers have for each other is the only positive element to this book Their willingness to suffer each others pain broke my heart and filled me with even compassion for themI was hooked from the first word until the last and had to delve straight into the 2nd volume FAVOURITE UOTES But he clung to the one consolation amidst all the shame the humiliation the agony the misery At least Matt was ok At least they were leaving him alone The beating stopped Matt blinked sweat out of his eyes and swallowed back a moan part misery part relief Short lived though A moment's shuffling behind him and whatever they hit him with next was a thousand times worse than what'd come before I have a feeling if I read books like this all the time this rhyme would be true of my soul Would I recommend this book to others? Yes but only if you don't mind unrelenting sexual pain and torture Why did I like it so much? Because I have a seriously warped mind which loves to be fked with

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    5 DARK and full of PAIN stars DARK erotic BDSM and NON CONSENT such a FRIGHTENING cocktail This story is disturbing and heartbracking This review has been posted at Dirty Books Obsession I was very curious about this series after my friend Ralu recommended it to me She told me this is not an easy read and it may not be my cup of tea even if I don't get scared easily In fact I am pretty hard to shock But THIS BOOK SHOCKED THE HELL OUTTA ME I fell in love with the writing style of Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau They created such a heart wrenching story I just I can't even pun into words what this book did to me It tore my heart open and made me want to cry for Mat and Dougie I hated the plot of course I hoped with every chapter they will escape and find a place to hide from the tortures but nothing prepared me for ALL the pain they had to endure I already read some of the next books and I am amazed and still shocked by the way this story is developed As you are a witness to ALL the horrors but your hands are cuffed and it pains you so much that you can't intervene and stop everything I can't give it less than 5 STARS because these authors are geniuses

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    Posted at Outlaw ReviewsI never cared for serials because I couldn’t stand waiting a whole week to find out what was going to happen Thanks to advances in television I can now watch my favorite shows whenever I want to I no longer have to worry about missing an episode if I can’t be home a certain night I can wait until an entire season is out and spend all weekend watching itI am the same way with books preferring to start a series when it is completed rather than impatiently waiting for the author to finish the next installment Now that I’ve read the first episode in The Flesh Cartel series I will have to delay gratification until the next installments are done And thank goodness for that because this story is very dark intense erotic harsh and brutal It is best digested in smaller bites If you are thinking of reading this heed all the warnings This story is definitely not for the faint of heart Flesh Cartel #1 Capture is told from the perspective of two brothers Mat and Dougie Mat the older brother is a Mixed Martial Arts MMA fighter He also works as a bouncer to support his younger brother and enable him to complete his PhD in psychology Unexpectedly both men are kidnapped from their home and subject to unspeakable terror They are then carted away in a van where Mat is caged and forced to watch Dougie being brutally raped by multiple assailants Later they are taken to a facility where they are processed hosed down sexually abused filmed and soon to be trained in preparation to serve the very rich and kinky clientele the Flesh Cartel caters to There are enough loose ends and unanswered uestions to make me want to continue reading despite the fact that I was a trembling mess by the end Dougie and Mat care deeply for each other and I care enough about them to see how they cope with this unexpected twist in their lives I am left wondering why the Cartel has targeted Dougie and what will the brothers have to do in order to stay together and survive Mat has the brawn and Dougie has the brains but the way things are right now their situation could only get worse before it gets better I will definitely be tuning in for Part 2 ARC received from Riptide Publishing through NetGalley

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    Just like the main characters I'm left terrified and looking for answers Sublime service made to orderThe Flesh Cartel an international multi billion dollar black market that trades in lost souls Or specifically their bodies Some books reuire a stern warning for the unsuspecting readerThis book goes beyond graphickidnapping and abusegang rapeforced incestemotional tortureProceed with extreme caution Highly Organized and frighteningly efficient the Flesh Cartel could teach even the KGB a thing or two about breaking a human mind Fortunately for their ultra rich clients they're just as skilled at putting people back together again as perfect pets well trained and eager to please As JaHy told me this series isn't just dark it's pitch blackIf you find the stomach to take on the seventy five haunting pages of this story then you'll be rewarded with a tale full of dark intrigue which hooks you immediately You can feel the darkness settle around you even after you've put the book down No matter what your secret tastes or dark desires the Flesh Cartel for the right price of course will hand design the plaything of your dreams Brothers Mat is a MMA fighterDougie is a PHD studentThey were struggling to keep their heads above water and now they're fighting for their lives Ripped from their home by a group of strangers and forced to endure a series of unspeakable acts Forced to watch each other sufferBut Why?I do not know what this series holds for Dougie Mat but let me be clearThis is not BDSM RomanceThis is not MM RomanceThis is not Stockholm Syndrome disguised as Romance He almost whimpered Don't hurt me again but managed to bite it back Like it'd mattered worth a damn anyway Hadn't yet They actually seemed to like it when he begged This is a thrilling terrifying tale packed into an unassumingly small packageAnd I can't wait to go back for I read this book as part of The Flesh Cartel Season 1 Damnation which was provided to me by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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    25 abused shocking starsCertainly not for the faint hearted Boo It was heavy Even for meIt was good written no doubt But the storyPoor guysHow I hated myself for not be able to put it downThough as I had seen that there were already 10 parts of this series at least it was on the 27 September 2013 I've got a bit confused Do I really want to read all this depressive stuff?I don't have a certain answer to this uestion Not yetBut I'll read the next part Definitely

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    I do not say this lightly PROCEED WITH CAUTION Seriously There's a reason Riptide and the authors put warnings on this bookIf you live in a fairly normal vanilla world and your only real exposure to things shocking and violent and cruel are through books me this could be a very difficult one to read not that it would be any easier on those who have experienced such things first handI can't sayAs I read this book I cried screamed NO and STOP please STOP retched felt nauseous horrified and found myself desperately begging to believe that this can't POSSIBLY be happening in any corner of this world in real life After finishing this I'm still in shock and want to crawl into a fetal position wrapped in a warm blanket and read a Winnie the Pooh book or something Book 1 as a setup to a greater story is fantastic However be aware that you don't get to know much about Dougie Mat other than their fierce loyalty to one another And you feel about as lost as they do as to what's going on So this story's success to entertain that feels like the wrong word to use here but I don't know another will lie in how book 2 plays outAuthors There's a point to all of this yes? Meaning everything laid out in this book is part of a bigger storyline I hope There's a reason you're taking us through this I have to believe I don't need a HEA I can't even imagine there could be one in this story but I need to know there's a reason I'm reading this and you're setting it up to reveal that would make it worth it Last thing this is NOT a BDSM book nor a MM ROMANCE at least book 1 isn't I'm not sure why its categorized as such but it has NOTHING to do with either genresAnd nowdeep deep breaths

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    AttentionPer Riptide PublishingReader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes explicit violence forced incest non consentTrauma Shock It's too big too fresh to be real yetBrutal graphic terrorizing and rawThis book was a sprint with hurdles Flying right out of the blocks there was no slowing down until crossing the finish line when I was gasping for breath and shakingTHE CHARACTERSI found the two main characters to be vivid real and so likeable that they are uite the antithesis to the crude nature of the story Fascinating Mat The fighter The underdog just trying to survive so that his brother can liveDougie Sweet breakable and intelligent His gentle nature is heartbreaking He loves his brother than himself and is smart enough to know that's a terrible weaknessTHE WRITINGI found the writing flawless I think it would have been easy to spin me right out of the story if the writing hadn't been spot on With the seriousness of the subject I was so focused that I would have noticed a lack of perfectionTHE STORY Brutal erotica focusing on the raw world of skin trade We start with the abduction of the two brothers which barely gives us a hint of what is to come Scary graphic and even gruesome None the less captivating and gripping The story in fact is all the consuming for it's intensity Honestly I don't think this story could or should be told with less violence and in your face realismMat and Dougie are the only reason I was able to catch my breath I found myself grasping on to their humanity and begging that they will be able to hang on to it Which is precisely why I have to read on Even knowing the story will hurt me I have to know Take a look at my MaleMale Romance Book Blog

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    5 huge fkingly terrifying starsIt was dark it was non con it was hardcore it was twisted and it was sick and fked up as hellBut what a writing style Definitely a most intense start of any series I've ever read but at least the readers know right from page 1 what to expect And I'm on it