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Rainbow Award winner Atom Heart John Beloved chronicles the lives of two boys who become friends at age thirteen The story is told by eighteen year old John who quietly whispers to his best friend one night in bed Do me This novel is a breathtaking love story and an intense coming of age story that resembles no other book John's narrative voice is one of the most unique in gay literature Atom Heart John Beloved is literate intimate erotic and delightful delivering unexpected moments of grace

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    What a bustI haven't read any reviews beforehand but I read the blurb and got super excited at the mention of Rainbow Award winner which by itself was already enough to set this bar very high But that was not all besides the Rainbow Award winner mention was stated John's narrative voice is one of the most unique in gay literature Dad worked for an established electrician several years before starting his own company Matt works for him regularly now and will someday take over the business I imagine Matt is going to school part time now so that he will eventually be certified too He already knows just about everything there is to know but it helps to be listed in the phone book as certified I just work for Dad enough to keep myself in gas and date money Usually Nathan or Mary was with me Mom had taught herself how to make some Mexican and South American dishes and she did a decent job of it I loved her chicken enchiladas She was a great cook We were a lucky family I felt sorry for my friends who had parents who could not cook good meals That was not us We rarely ate out because the food at home was much better and of course cheaper and healthier But when we did eat out as a family we usually came here I also loved variety so I placed one order for taco de carne asada one taco de carnitas and one taco al carbon and a side of rancho beans The rancho beans here were loaded with onion tomato and cilantro Perfection Does this voice sound unique to you?Well I must be deaf because I can’t hear the uniqueness mentioned “But we both know I want to And we both know you want it And we both know you want to do it to me too And we both know I want it And we both know that even if I was the only one of us who wanted it you couldn’t stop me” At this point I felt a Déjà vu of reading a Kristen Ashley book One of those moments where you have to read her same sentence twice I am here frying my brain trying to make some sense about John's narrative voice being one of the most unique in gay literatureI honestly don't know how I finished this book I had a hard time trying to connect with the guys and their story and I ended up completely detached from it all I found the characterisation poor We get a reasonable pic of John but who the hell was Natan? What about their lives? Interaction with family school and friends? There was so much missingI hardly toss 1 star but if I am to be honest I can't find a single thing to praise about this story I didn't enjoy it at all Peace