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From The Author Of Drowning Ruth, A Haunting, Atmospheric Novel Set At The Closing Of The Frontier About A Young Wife Who Moves To A Far Flung And Forbidding Lighthouse Where She Uncovers A Life Changing Secret Trudy Is A Polished, College Educated Young Woman From A Respectable Upper Middle Class Family, And It S Only A Matter Of Time Before She Ll Marry Ernst, The Son Of Her Parents Closest Friends All Should Be Well In Her World, And Yet Trudy Is Restless And Desperate For Stimulation Than Milwaukee Will Allow When She Falls In Love With Enigmatic And Ambitious Oskar, She Believes She S Found Her Escape From The Banality Of Her Pre Ordained Life Alienated From Trudy S Family And Friends, The Couple Moves Across The Country To Take A Job At A Lighthouse In The Eerily Isolated Point Lucia, California Upon Arriving They Meet The Light Station S Only Inhabitants The Crawleys, A Family Whose Plain Appearance Is No Indication Of What Lies Below The Surface It Isn T Long Before Trudy Begins To Realize That There Is Going On In This Seemingly Empty Place Than She Could Ever Have ImaginedGorgeously Detailed, Swiftly Paced, And Anchored In The Lush Geography Of The Remote And Eternally Mesmerizing Big Sur, The Edge Of The Earth Is A Magical And Moving Story Of Secrets And Self Transformation, Ruses And Rebirths, Masterfully Told By A Celebrated And Accomplished Author

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    i LOVED this story Had a flight to DC and started it sitting at airport and did NOT want to put it down Beautiful story, takes place in the 1890 s Trudy, raised in a well to do family in Milwaukee, her life pretty well planned out, marriage and family suddenly falls for the brother of her fiance and even suddenly, finds herself traveling across the country to the coast of California, current day Big Sur to be the wife of a lighthouse keeper Remote is not even the word to describe where she ends up But what a time in history it must have been Meeting the other light house keepers and their family, Trudy slowly finds herself changing as well as her outlook on life and marriage Amazing detail of characters and locale will draw you in and not want to leave Pay attention to the first chapter, as it starts in present dayand then takes you back..backbackto that time, to Point Lucia, CA., where the Pacific, the ever present fog, the lighthouse, the geology and sea life as well as the amazing characters will leave you hungering for

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    The Edge of the Earth is a difficult read At no point is it swiftly paced to keep you interested or riveted It plods along in a greyness with very little vibrancy It does not elicit any real emotion from the reader until well past the 200 page mark.Understanding when the novel takes place is important to the development of the characters and story Trudy is likeable enough Unhappy at home, uncertain of her choices later on She relies on her infallible husband and stands behind his increasingly disturbing choices Oskar is an enthusiastic young man with energy than he knows what to do with Unfortunately he is flighty, selfish and dismissive, completely sure of his import over anyone else He creates such feelings of disdain late in the books.Neither of the primary characters are very entertaining and the supporting cast, while they play important roles, are completely mundane The novel really made me feel nothing No excitement or fear, no hope or anger I rate this book on how little it brings the reader in and makes them feel a part of the story It was far from a page turner.I was lucky enough to have won an advanced readers copy of The Edge of the Earth by Christina Schwarz through a Goodreads Giveaway.

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    Anyone that knows my preferences in reading material would never dare suggest this book as one for me to read.Sometimes the bad decisions we make, lead to discoveries we didn t know about ourselves.Trudy is a young well educated lady living in Wisconsin in 1898.Her life is pretty well pre planed in that she will be marying her lifetime friend Ernst in a double wedding with her best friend and she ll live happily ever after However when Ernst s brother Oskar returns from a long absence and starts spreading his boyish adventurous and daring charms around, Trudy is swept off her feet and before you know it, she and Oskar are married But soon, we the readers, soon realize that Oskar is not really a very responsible person There is no doubt that his love for Trudy is real as are his scientific passions, but his passions do have a way of going from going on tangents.Through all this, Trudy is transported to an isolated lighthouse where she starts discovering her personal values and matures very quickly into a very responsible woman.I loved this story, I loved the way it was written and I loved that I got to read something which was, to me, different than what I normally would read.

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    I have been a fan of Christina Schwarz since reading Drowning Ruth, so I was excited to receive an Advance Reader s Copy of her upcoming novel, The Edge of the Earth Ms Schwarz has a flair for her vivid descriptions of her novel s locations in this case a remote lighthouse on the California Pacific coast in the late 1890 s There, young newlywed Trudy Swann, who gave up a pampered and privledged life in Wisconsin to follow her husband west, learns unexpected truths about herself, her husband and the Crawley family who man the lighthouse Trudy s story is really a case of be careful of what you wish for, as she finds life in her remote outpost not at all what she expected There are a few twists towards the novel s end one is fairly easy to figure out earlier that give The Edge of the Earth a darker tone I liked this book, but I wish Ms Schwarz had spent time on developing the story, as it seems she brings it to a climatic end almost abruptly The Edge of the Earth will be published in April and should appeal to her current fans and new readers as well.

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    The perfect book for a rainy weekend Semi isolation on a rocky lighthouse island with a few strange residents Lots of foggy atmosphere Brilliantly written Characters that are as deep as the surrounding ocean I LOVE this book This was my first introduction to Christina Schwarz and now I want to read everything else she s written.

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    It is 1898 and Trudy is a well educated young woman living with her parents in Milwaukee, having some doubts about her long time planned future Engaged to be married to Ernst Dettweiler after her graduation from Milwaukee College, her life is set up to be one of the ease, comfort, and predictability that mirrors her parents lives She wonders if there isn t something exciting, meaningful, and when she meets Oskar Swann, she falls in love with the man who she believes can give her the adventure and excitement she craves Oskar is certain that he will make his mark on the world and takes a job as an assistant lighthouse keeper at Point Lucia, California to start them on their journey to the exceptional As the title reveals, Point Lucia is like living at the edge of the Earth Another couple, their children, and the woman s brother are the only other inhabitants of this island, and Trudy must adapt to leaving her loved ones behind and learning to be self sufficient with only marginal help from the Crawleys The Crawley children, however, are fountains of island information and direction There is one other inhabitant known to the Crawleys and to the brother, one whom the children call the mermaid who dwells in the rocks Trudy learns much about the tidal pool dwellers with the children, and she learns much about herself Oskar becomes obsessed with first one thing, then another, as he tries to find the one area in which he can distinguish himself and dazzle the world The honeymoon is over quickly, but Trudy tries to be supportive while finding her own path.I loved the images the author creates with the description of the lighthouse and the island The unspoiled life of the tidal pool communities was fascinating The character of Trudy had much to admire, and I enjoyed watching her transform from the pampered society girl to the self reliant lighthouse keeper and ocean life chronicler Oskar was an overbearing, self absorbed jackass What impressed Trudy about Oskar at first, his confidence and take charge attitude, became tiresome and ego maniacal The information gleaned about traveling across country and to the island was historically interesting, too All in all, a good read and a fascinating story.

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    Eyiyiyiyi At first I thought I was going to throw this over the railing of the ship myself The switching back and forth in time was making me sea sick The wimpyness of Trudy made me want to throttle her But then I realized that she just did not know how to make good choices neither did Oskar, he just wanted to show off Oskar was an idiot She just couldn t see it Neither could anyone else He wanted fame and fortune but had no way of obtaining it He was going to get it at any expense Trudy loved the sea and when she ended up at the lighthouse she was terrified of it until she realized that this was where she belonged The family that lives there takes her under their wing and she becomes the children s teacher, or was it the other way around Trudy seems to learn from the children, and the wildlife than from her pompous husband.She wanted to know everything there was to know about the island, and even takes over Oskar s job as lighthouse keeper when he stupidly goes out in the dark and falls, injuring himself Her curiosity leads her to discover the island s deepest secrets, which she mistakenly shares with the ever scheming Oskar Oskar makes his own plans to become rich and famous, contacting the authorities His ego has made him insane with powering he thinks he can do no wrong.When the Inspector and his men arrive, Trudy realizes that Oskar has betrayed everyone, and makes a last minute decision that changes the fate of even the most innocent resident on the island.

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    Secrets and secrets.I liked this book very much I loved the way the book opened with the youngest daughter, Jane, narrating the chapter It was soft and appealing and served as a great springboard into the story of Trudy Trudy s story kept me very interested throughout the entire book As a reader, you know the author is leading into many secrets but she doesn t disclose them until she is ready I totally disliked Trudy s husband and wanted to shake her to wake her up so she could see her husband for what he really was I found the author s writing superb You felt like you were in this isolated setting along with Trudy and the author kept the pace moving quite nicely There was suspense building and when it broke, you were ready for it All in all, a charming book, a quick read and I think book clubs would enjoy this book as the symbolism is so rich in the story.

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    I ve visited numerous lighthouses over the years and, while exploring the light towers and the residences, always wonder what it was like to serve as keeper Christina Schwartz gives us a beautifully crafted, finely textured story of discovery that allows us to fully enter that world Bookended by a provocative prologue and epilogue, we follow Trudy Swann as she sheds an all too predictable life of comfort in Wisconsin to inhabit stark, lonely Point Lucia that has seemingly little to offer than harsh natural elements and equally craggy neighbors in the form of head keeper Henry Crawley s family.Schwartz could have failed badly with such a premise The cast of characters is very limited and the setting is isolated it could have been yawner But Schwartz narrates in Trudy Swann s bright, confident voice that makes us bond with the main character immediately And there is enough of a period inflection in the narration that we glide onto the stage of late 19th century.Schwartz plops us onto a secluded morro then allows us to grow into that landscape with Trudy, becoming increasingly aware of the rhythms of the place the syncopation of the tides and the demands of the lighthouse itself which, like an infant, must be constantly attended to and pampered We explore, wide eyed with Trudy, as we re treated to the rich detail of life on the morro, from creatures in the tide pools to the members of the Crawley family The drama is well paced and many of the characters are expertly drawn In particular, Schwartz gives us a remarkable person in Euphemia Crawley If there s a weakness in the story, it s with the male characters She gives us the dashing and unpredictable Oskar but later seems unable to keep him fully formed Mr Crawley has some texture to him but never really emerges And Euphemia s brother, Archie Johnson, seems as if he was chiseled out of stone with ill suited tools, almost incomprehensible.This is one of those books that you ll keep, that you ll reread The story and its themes are enduring and cut deeply into the grain of our humanity.

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    In The Edge of the Earth, Christina Schwarz weaves a story around a remote island off the west coast in the very late 1800s The inhabitants of the island are few but they are all connected Even though there are very few people on the island, there is still an unknown entity there I really enjoyed this fantastic historical fiction story.This book is very much a character driven story I enjoyed reading about the characters even if I didn t like all of them I really liked the main character, Trudy Trudy isn t sure that she wants the life that her parents have pretty much planned out for her She wants something different and something exciting She makes a rash decision to leave it all behind and marry Oskar, who seems amazingly intriguing and adventurous Even though they don t know each other well, Trudy follows him across the country and she has no idea just what she is getting herself into I think we ve all at some point in our life at least wondered if we were being adventurous enough On that, I found a lot of common ground with Trudy She s a great character and I loved seeing everything unfold on the island through her eyes On the other hand, I hated Oskar and as the story progressed He is so stubborn and pig headed He has no reverence for people that he doesn t understand, such as Helen, who is different from Trudy, Oskar, and the Crawley family He s kind of terrible but I still enjoyed reading about him.I also have to mention the setting of this book Oskar and Trudy come to Point Lucia to run the lighthouse on the island and for Trudy to teach and mind the Crawley children Schwarz gives a great description of the island and its beaches and caves You really feel like you can see the island It s remote and beautiful.Overall, this would be a great pick for when you want your historical fiction with a side of fascinating characters and a great setting.