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One of The New York Times Book Review's 10 Best Books of the YearOn the morning of December 26 2004 on the southern coast of Sri Lanka Sonali Deraniyagala lost her parents her husband and her two young sons in the tsunami she miraculously survived In this brave and searingly frank memoir she describes those first horrifying moments and her long journey since She has written an engrossing unsentimental beautifully poised account as she struggles through the first months following the tragedy furiously clenched against a reality that she cannot face and cannot deny and then over the ensuing years as she emerges reluctantly slowly allowing her memory to take her back through the rich and joyous life she’s mourning from her family’s home in London to the birth of her children to the year she met her English husband at Cambridge to her childhood in Colombo all the while learning the difficult balance between the almost unbearable reminders of her loss and the need to keep her family somehow still alive within her

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    Not a book for me Wave is compelling and extremely well written but is just page after page of pain The pain and depression are relentless and I don't understand the appeal of going to a grey formless universe of awfulness and just sitting there while the anguish seeps into your skin I have no children and I can't imagine the masochism it would take to read this if I did But there's another thing I'm at risk of being seen as a jerk totally lacking in compassion but here goes There's a sense I get not from Deraniyagala herself but from readers of this and from the initial publicity that her tragedy is special tragic worthy of a memoir because it was the result of a tsunami If the same loss was experienced because of a car accident something that happens to families every day the resulting book wouldn't be nearly as pardon the word I use it only as a marketing term sexy This gave me a feeling of unease as I read itBut if you like misery lit this is it for you The apotheosis of grief pain and guilt I've got to go read a Terry Pratchett to cheer myself up