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In a world where 'elite' men rule and women and 'weak' men are second class Kita and her friends must make a choice to remain with tribes and accept arranged marriages and being treated with less value than sheep or escape and journey to the place that even the strongest men fear with their lives the witch crag

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    This book is pretty enjoyable I like the feminist undercurrent the witches of Witch Crag are a democratic and nurturing settlement led by a wise matriarch They are viewed with suspicion by the corrupt and often joyless herding communities with strong patriarchal hierarchy in this dystopian future The focus of the book is a journey to the perceived freedom of Witch Crag by three friends uainy is about to be sold off as a trade wife and Raff is the delicate artist who is bullied by the manly sheepherders and horsemen They both need to leave their town before ill fate becomes them They are led by Kita who has secrets of her own and wants the freedom of choosing her own destiny something that is impossible in their fort However their escape has set events into motion events that will lead to all out war between the different factions of society where Kita has to develop and control her new found skills to lead them all to peaceWhilst I didn't hate this book the development of Kita's magics feels a bit forced and artificial almost like Deus ex machina conveniently coming along at a point where they are in trouble The main characters also feel sketched and I don't root for them I don't feel any affection really nor fulfillment when rthe romance between uainy and Raff develops However Arc Kita's love interest is uite believable and I get the sense the author enjoyed writing himThe pace is good and the story at the heart of it is a compelling adventure I just think this book pales in comparison to other similar recent dystopian YA releases such as Blood Red Road and The TestingI'd recommend it but don't expect something that will blow you away

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    uite a thrilling read about people uniting and unifying against all odds and coming out victorious with plenty of fear mongering and witchery thrown in

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    I loved this book we clicked completely I love the world the characters the writing flowed wonderfully

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    25 starsIt was just a uick read before sleep I didn't expect anything from this book to be honest And it didn't delivered much The start was intriguing it showed some glimpses of character and world building the heroine wasn't a dumb pretty face either Some tension in romance section love it But after the main characters get aways from the hateful sheep people fort everything went downhill I could see that the author wanted to leave the heroine alone and hateful so she would be ready for the main guy to rescue her and show that two of them are meant to be |3 Seriously the second part was so rushed you could almost feel the author is pushing you without much explanation headfirst into the action A shame really if she continued this pace it would have been a pretty decent book

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    35 stars

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    Kita was born to the tribe of the sheepmen who as you can probably guess from their name raise sheep to survive In a futuristic dystopian setting the world is very different to how we see it now we don't know why the cities were destroyed but we do see that people live in a much simplistic way In fact in some ways it is like the tribes have gone backwards in time and reverted to previous ways of livingThere are several different tribes and they each have their own rules and ways of behaving what uickly becomes clear is that women have a very low value in this new society if they are beautiful then they are used as something valuable to trade with other tribes if not then their life will be spent carrying out menial tasks and producing children The sheepmen may have found a balance that allows their tribe to survive but their way of life doesn't allow time for fun or any enjoyment even of the most simple things Reading about the drudgery of their lives really makes you appreciate the things you have The only thing that all of the tribes have in common is their fear of the witches who live on Witch Crag Frightening rumours have been spread about the witches for years and the others are all terrified of their mystical powers and do whatever it takes to avoid themKita isn't happy living with the sheepmen she wants from her life and hopes that she might find a better way of living on Witch Crag Along with her friends uainy and Raff she bravely sets out on a terrifying journey with no idea what really awaits for them at the end What she finds will challenge all of her beliefs and lead to a revolution that effects not just Kita but also everyone she knows Kita and her friends find themselves with an enemy that is almost unbeatable unless they can convince all of the tribes to work together against themI found myself really sucked into Kita's world from the moment I picked up Witch Crag We are introduced to a great selection of characters and I loved the complex relationships between them even Kita's jealousy was endearing and understandable and I really enjoyed getting to know her I loved getting to see how each of the different tribes lived in some ways it felt like reading a historical story but it was easy to see how society could revert to old patterns if the world as we know it fell apart It was also good to see the way people were forced to look at their choices and consider how things could be improved in the future some of the characters will really surprise you with the actions they takeThis is the first story I've read by Kate Cann but it is one I'll definitely be recommending and I'm looking forward to reading of her books in the future The ending did feel a little rushed but I loved the fact that Witch Crag works as a standalone novel As much as I would be happy to revisit the world and the characters it was nice to read a book that doesn't end on a massive cliffhanger leaving you waiting a whole year to find out how things end There are some issues that haven't been resolved but they have been left open in a way that allows the reader to imagine their own conclusion or that the author could potentially revisit the characters again in the future I'm sure that anyone who enjoys dystopian or post apocalyptic will like Witch Crag and I look forward to reading by Kate Cann in the future

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    For some reason I was expecting this to be really scary but it wasn't at all This was my first Kate Cann novel and I had been led to believe that she wrote frightening books yet this wasn't like that at all This book was a beautifully written dystopianfantasy which was reminiscent of the Mad Max films The world building was fantastic and I found it very easy to immerse myself in the segregated world the author had created The book follows the journey of Kita who knows in her heart that there is to life outside of the gates Just as should be she values her life and her own importance and can see the potential of her future should she escape At first she is disgusted by Arc the cocky and arrogant foot soldier destined to one day lead the sheep people He treats her like a sexual prize to be had and fears his insistence to mate When it looks as though she will lose her friend uainty who is to be married off to the horseman she is uick to put their escape into action Now you're probably thinking that Arc must be a real jerk and for the first half of the book I would totally agree with you but as situations develop and events unfold Arc changes dramatically He grows up very uickly realising that the old ways of life are becoming archaic and dramatic change is needed for their village to survive I went from hating him to loving him by the end of the book and from what I can gather that was the author's intention Kita grows dramatically in this book too; in the early chapters she appears uite innocent and timid but as her powers grow she becomes a force to be reckoned with and is soon valued highly by her peersThe women were treated really badly in this book They were seen as being lower than even the sheep they cared for and at times I found myself frustrated by this Women were treated like cattle used for mating and slave labour Children were born out of necessity and existed without ever knowing of the existence of love The witches were feared by the other villagers mainly because of lack of knowledge on their behalf It took time for everyone to learn the truth about Witch Crag The segregated villages were stifling to read about Each male dominated village seemed to run under a dictatorship and the only one worth living in was the one they feared most of all This book was a really interesting read and one that flowed with ease; I found it extremely easy to read and I was soon lost in the story I loved learning about the ways of the witch a subject that always attracts my interestMy only niggle with the book was the ending which I felt told us what would happen rather than actually showing us It all felt a little rushed and personally I would have liked to have seen an epilogue set in the near future showing how life had changed and how each society had embraced the new regime Apart from that I loved it and I look forward to reading all the republished books by this author

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    One of those post apocalyptic books with primitive tribes and fabled cities with a hint of the supernatural Very similar to Under the Never Sky a book I liked immenselyThis book had a captivating plot and good pace as well as delving into some tricky issues However I felt that some of the events and characteristics in this book were just too unbelievable For example the main character has supposedly been raised in a primitive settlements that does not value education and does not hesitate to execute dissidents; however she uses words like enlightened regards the arts as intrinsically valuable and uickly comes to throw off the beliefs of her community at the slightest provocation I also didn't enjoy the fact that many of the communities described seemed to be so clear cut obviously good or bad with hardly any individual deviation As well as this communities switched sides and threw aside old prejudices too uickly to be plausibleOn the whole a good book but it could have taken some polishing I didn't feel as if Cann truly put all her energy into perfecting this work and it suffered as a result

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    I loved this book A powerful heroine not perfect but very real An almost terrifying world but with light at the end of the tunnel All the characters were very believable even those that were kind of flat simplistic because they were in the right setting The entire story was as if you took a 2D picture and slowly but surely turned it into 3D WonderfulHowever I do have to agree that in retrospect the change in society can seem a bit rushed that's why I've given only 4 stars instead of all 5 but often in history the way to change was long and the actual tipping point came about lightning fast so it didn't seem too unrealistic while reading Or it was the thrill of the events that kept me from thinking it was Anyway I loved the characters I loved the ambience especially Witch Crag itself I loved the story and where the author took it and I loved the author's style in writing

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    Oh my God I hated this book it was such a bore and a waste of time It was like the reader had to meet a word count and so sentences were unnecessarily long and 'description' was tiresome It took me ages to finish because I just couldn't being myself to pick it back up My friend said I'd get into it but 25 chapters in and I still wasn't but I hate not finishing books so I FINALLY finished it today and I'm so glad because it was such a struggle I would't recommend this book to my worst enemy