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Warrior of the Light A Manual is an inspirational companion to The Alchemist an international bestseller that has beguiled millions of readers around the world Every short passage invites us to live out our dreams to embrace the uncertainty of life and to rise to our own uniue destiny In his inimitable style Paulo Coelho helps bring out the Warrior of the Light within each of us He also shows readers how to embark upon the way of the Warrior the one who appreciates the miracle of being alive the one who accepts failure and the one whose uest leads him to become the person he wants to bePaulo Coelho is one of the most beloved storytellers of our time Now in the long awaited companion to his first novel Coelho presents a collection of philosophical stories that will delight and guide seekers everywhere

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    Manual do Guerreiro da Luz Warrior of the Light Paulo CoelhoOriginally published 1997Warrior of the Light is a collection of texts that for the first time are gathered from the internet writings of Paulo Coelho In his inimitable style Paulo Coelho helps us to discover the warrior of the light within each of us In these volumes readers are invited to travel through the life and imagination of a pilgrim writer عنوانها رساله دلاور اشراق؛ سلحشور نور؛ رساله دلاور نور؛ نویسنده پائولو کوئیلو؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه نوامبر سال 1998 میلادیعنوان رساله دلاور اشراق؛ نویسنده پائولو کوئیلو؛ مترجم محمود سلطانی؛ تهران، جامی، 1377؛ در 152ص؛ شابک 9645620708؛ موضوع راه و رسم زندگی سده 20معنوان سلحشور نور؛ نویسنده پائولو کوئیلو؛ مترجم حسین نعیمی؛ تهران، ثالث، یوشیج، 1379؛ در 162ص؛ شابک 9789646404885؛ چاپ دیگر تالث، 1386؛ چاپ سوم 1393؛ شابک 9789646404885؛ چاپ چهارم 1395؛ عنوان رساله دلاور نور؛ مترجم مهدیه جدیدی؛ تهران، ئانیال، 1395؛ در 286ص؛ شابک 9786008136255؛پائولو کوئیلو در کتاب «سلحشور نور»، به راه و رسم سلحشوران و عیاران می‌پردازد، و طی قطعاتی کوتاه و مرتبط با هم، اندیشه ی چگونه زیستن و نیرومند شدن در برابر زندگی را در قالب آئینی باستانی با خوانشگر در میان می‌گذارد؛ داستان «سلحشور نور» با لحنی شاعرانه و به صورت نمادین با گفتگوی زنی زیبا، که جامه‌ ای متفاوت دارد، با کودکی جستجوگر، روایت می‌شود زن از کودک می‌خواهد که به ساحل دریا برود و در آن جزیره‌ ای را مشاهده کند، که دارای معبد عظیم و ناقوس‌های بی‌شمار است، اما کودک هر چه جستجو می‌کند، چنین معبدی را نمی‌بیند و حتی صدای ناقوسی را هم نمی‌شنود؛ او پس از مدتی با رویاهای کودکانه ی خویش، گمان می‌برد که صدای ناقوس‌های معبد را شنیده است، و از اینرو شادمان می‌شود، و برای سال‌های سال آن ساحل را ترک می‌کند؛ او که اینک به مردی بالغ بدل شده، دوباره به کنار ساحل می‌آید، و آن زن را با همان هیئت و زیبایی می‌بینید که منتظر او بوده است؛ زن در این هنگام دفتری به او می‌دهد، و به او می‌گوید «بنویس، یک سلحشور نور نگاه کودک را میزان می‌داند، زیرا، کودکان قادرند دنیا را معصومانه بدون نیش و نوش ببیند، پس، سلحشور هرگاه بخواهد شایستگی و اعتماد یک نفر را بسنجد با نگاه یک کودک به او می‌نگرد»؛ و مرد از او می‌پرسد سلحشور نور کیست؟ و او چنین پاسخ می‌دهد «آن کس که قادر به درک معجزه باشد و به خاطر باورهایش تا پای مرگ بجنگد و؛صدای ناقوس‌های فروخفته در دل دریا را بشنود»؛ ا شربیانی

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    I remember I used to date a boy who knowing my almost legendary loathing of Coelho bought me this book as a joke I honestly can't believe this was published It doesn't even make senseEach time he came over I would greet him with a uote from the book and we would meditate over it for a bit This was another installment of MenBooks in my life I will write a proper memoir with this theme one day

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    It was a book full of proverbs words of encouragement and wisdom filled with so much realization on life As you go along reading each page you would realize that you can relate to what the author is sharing to us that in each one of us there is a warrior of light hiding beneath our folds of fear doubts and loneliness We are a Warrior of Light whether we believe in it at first or not because we are servants of the longingness to find our dreams to conuer our fears and live life with pure happiness and contentment A Warrior of Light is not perfect and than we could imagine have flaws than what eyes can perceive;but a Warrior of Light is not afraid to admit his mistakes and go through about his chosen path with the hope that he will soon find his way to his Personal Legend He believes that no one can fulfill his destiny but he alone; and that without God he is nothing but a mere dust on the face of the Earth This book is not only a book of inspirational uotations but a book reflecting our own personal endeavors and feelings; it's a mirror of our ownselves seeing through it that we are capable and we can be strong with always in our minds and hearts the gift of faith hope and love I recommend this books not only for those who wants to read somethings new but most especially for who feels discouraged in life for those who thinks that his life is meaningless and filled with loneliness Be not afraid to reflect on your life and discover that you are than what you think you can be

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    A Warrior of Light values a child's eyes because they are able to look at the world without bitterness When he wants to find out if the person beside him is worthy of his trust he tries to see him as a child would I mean totally Little kids are so great a spotting immediately if an adult is trustworthy or not That is why paedophiles have such an impossible task “A warrior cannot lower his head otherwise he loses sight of the horizon of his dreams” warrior steps in dog shit “To travel is the experience of ceasing to be the person you are trying to be and becoming the person you really are” But what if I am trying to be a person who travels? And have set up a cool Instagram account just for that reason? “So a warrior of the light must be prepared to be patient at difficult times and know that the Universe is conspiring in his favor even if he does not understand how” Ah It would have been so much easier for those in Auschwitz if they knew this Then they could have like totes chilled about the whole thing I truly despise this man and his entire ridiculous output not least because of the poor millions of readers who give their hard earned money to him on the basis of a complete con trick I am convinced he knows very well that everything he writes is bullshit It is all marketingThe only good thing about him is he has given the wonderful Margaret Jull Costa some translating work

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    I am now reading this book for the third time With each reading I underline and highlight something newly discovered that connects and validates my current experience and understanding Why this book is fascinatingly useful to me is its a compilation of seeds that grow when watered by my personal experience and meditative thought In and of itself it does not do the dirty work or heavy lifting for you as many other books intend to do This book is not entertaining you It waits for you to mix your perspective and thought with it before it shows its true value potential and colour Because we change and grow spirituallymentally and in so many other ways this book takes on and reveals many new insights and personal validationsconfirmations as we change Simply put this book presents windows of opportunity through which to view yourself if you take the leap and see yourself as a potent individual living a meaningful life So this is not simply a novel a story a fable or a biography etc it a compilation of thought prescriptions that when taken with a dosage of meditative silence expands the perception and perspective of the self and by extension the depth of our every experience This book like all books is what you make it and what you see reflected in it A simple treasure that you can grow endlessly

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    if other readers choose rich dad poor dad or the secret as their book bible i prefer to drift away with the warrior of lightpaulo coelho writes the philosophy of warrior of light for the ones who appreciate the miracle of being alive and to guide each soul to embark to their own destinyuoted these from paulo's blogThe Warrior possesses the art of the blow and the art of pardon He knows how to use both with eual skillThe Warrior of Light listens to Lao Tzu when he says that we must detach ourselves from the idea of days and hours and pay and attention to the minutesThe Warrior of Light contemplates the two columns beside the door he plans to open One is called Fear the other DesireThe Warrior looks at the column of Fear where he reads “you are about to enter an unknown and dangerous world where all that you have learned up to now will be of no use whatsoever”The Warrior of Light looks at the column of Desire where he reads “you are about to leave a known world where all the things you always wanted and all that you have fought so hard for are kept”The Warrior smiles because nothing can frighten him and nothing can hold him With the confidence of those who know what they want he opens the door

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    Re read 0719 I love this book It's the perfect little book to flick through when you need inspiration You gotta have an open mind and some of the interpretations can be a little strange but if you are looking for inspiration this is a great place to startIt's a gentle reminder to trust your own morals and instincts and pay attention to the world around youLove it Original Review Great little guide for the spiritually minded this is simply written yet profound Taken literally it will seem bizarre and possibly boring but take the time to reflect on the meaning of these passages and you will be rewarded with some important life lessonsThis collection needs to be read slowly and ruminated upon otherwise it's a wasted read Its strength lies in its simplicity; the passages are easy to read and enjoyable individually so that one might enjoy them out of order As the title suggests this is very much for the warriors of light those of us trying to live a fulfilling life of mindfulness and appreciation those on the spiritual path those seeking to learn about themselves and so grow For those not yet on such a path this will prove to be a dull meaningless read For the former though I highly recommend

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    This was a book club choice and chosen mainly because we were looking for a book in Spanish that would be a fairly easy read I thought the overarching story of the boy on the beach was worthless and the advice on being a warrior of the light was contradictory and simplistic If vaguely spiritualistic babble really motivates you this is your book

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    This book was very inspiring to me It was the right book at the right time And with being a psychotherapist I have often had very similar thoughts as Paulo Coelho when I work with people helping them through their pain and suffering The book is beautifully written and full of symbolism The Warrior of light served as metaphor for those who serve God and are not perfect but human striving toward God's light Thought I would include some uotes below from Paulo Coelho's book Like the fighter the Warrior of Light is aware of his or her immense strength and will never fight with anyone who does not deserve the honor of combat A Warrior of the Light might not understand the Almighty's intentions but he allows his life to develop according to His creator's plans He asks to be spared suffering he asks for joy in the Good Fight but he never forgets to add Thy will be done The Warrior plunges unhesitatingly into the river of passions always flowing through his life A Warrior can distinguish between the transient and enduring Why bother to sword fight when you are so much better than they are? asks a traveler regarding the Warrior of light sword fighting with his studentsBecause in challenging me what they really want is to talk to me and this is my way of keeping the dialogue open replies the Warrior A Warrior of light does not waste his time listening to provocations he has a destiny to fulfill He tries to establish waht he can truly rely on And he always checks that he carries three things with him faith hope and loveIf these three things are there he does not hestitate to go forward

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    “As I finish reading the prologue it strikes me that we spend an incredible amount of time and effort fighting to achieve We determine what is to be done and plow through all the divine messages that cross our paths in the name of our objectives Perhaps it’s only after we’ve fought for long enough lost a sufficient amount of blood in our self imposed battles and come to terms with our permanent scars that we finally give in just enough to actually realize what’s around us“The pandemonium of modern day madness has become too much for us to control so we turn to ourselves – not inward but simply in the general direction of ourselves – and begin to prune We snip away the illogical as we see it we clip the creativity and shave the originality until we create sterility all in the name of order But it’s those longer branches and fallen leaves that grant us access to a broader perspective – one that includes passion and joy and courage to bet on faith In this space of acceptance achievement becomes a natural state and the belief in the necessity to fight for whatever you believe should be yours is dissolved into the lush backdrop of humility authenticity and grace”From The Uncustomary Book Review