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A classic masterwork of spiritual tension and realization from Paulo Coelho this powerful story of one man’s battle with self doubt and fear is now available in a beautiful new package from HarperOne An essential volume alongside Coelho’s other bestselling and influential books such as The Alchemist The Pilgrimage Brida and The Winner Stands Alone the searing and unforgettable narrative in The Valkyries asks the uestions most central to all literature—and all of humanity’s uest for understanding Why is it that we destroy the things we love most? And how can we learn to let go of the past and believe in the future?

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    What i learned from this book? The reason why we always try to destroy the thingspeople we love And what our angels really look like And how to broaden our horizonsThey said this was the most boring book Coelho ever wrote I say they're wrong

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    Okay This may sound like I'm dumb or something but really I didn't get the point of this novel I read from somewhere that the book is about journey of faith of trust of forgiveness of love of self discovery and of battling the darkness within ourselves and wanting to change Okay so I got these messages but only vaguely In addition I read somewhere that this book is semi biographical but is it? Did all those events REALLY happen? I find myself wondering which events were real and which were fiction For this matter I categorized The Valkyries under my literature fiction bookshelf Moreover I got disturbed by how the male protagonist treated his wife I mean I felt like he was just taking her for granted Last but not least I got bored with the story and how it progressed Due to these factors I didn't finish reading the novel I finally closed the book shortly after the wife had a battle with the leader of the valkyries As of this writing I still haven't opened The Valkyries again but I'm hoping I will some day Also I bought other Paulo Coelho books and I hope that when I get to read them I will see for myself why many people like his works

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    Not the best work by Coelho I would say A good baseline but the story was at times haphazard Liked the title very well thought “Valkyries” also served as the temptation which led me to complete this book

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    I do usually enjoy Coelho's books and often take something inspiring away from them however with The Valkyries I am not too sure Coelho tells the story of his spiritual journey and experiences gained travelling through the desert Throughout the journey we witness Coelho fighting his inner demons and working towards spiritual enlightenment and self development We are also introduced to his wife Chris who accompanies Coelho and in her own way faces her own inner struggles and spiritual enlightenment Throughout the book I found myself sympathising with Chris becoming annoyed at her husband and following her journey closely On some occasions I become frustrated with Coehlo his sense of importance and often self indulgence But having said this I believe this is what Coehlo wanted to portray and what was involved in his journey of battling against the ego and inner demons Coehlo's books often bring spiritual messages that can be inspiring and insightful However I feel The Valkyries has nothing further to add except maybe the possiblity of seeing Coehlo stripped bare and laying out his vulnerabilities for all to see which is uite a difficult and admirable thing to do

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    I never pay too much attention to the plot of Coelho books because the plot is merely a means of this author to get his point across The chapters of this book do culminate in to a satisfying climax however the messages in the book are woven in to the detail of the text throughout rather than the end I found the third person narrative uite annoying to begin with it is very perplexing to me as to why someone would choose to write about themselves in the third person However writing is a continuous process of experiment so I will cut Mr Coelho some slack This must have been a difficult book to write it was certainly a difficult book to read because it was so crammed with wisdom that I wanted to remember every sentence I would suggest rereading many pages as you go along and taking your time with this piece you will be rewarded with many great things to churn over in your mind I read it in six days but I wish I spent ten or days on itI gave this book five stars because Paulo is a gifted thinker and the ideas he produces in his work amaze me at the genius one person can possess I can understand that many people might be uncomfortable with the topic of angels and associate his work with the oddball wave of the ‘New age’ authors that have surfaced within the past two or three decades but I beg you to go with it nevertheless

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    Why do we ever forget our long conversations with angels as children?We all grow up and deny wonderful spiritual experiences only to try so hard to find them again as adultsThe book tells of Coelho's journey in the late 80s with his wife in the Mojave desert in search of a band of warrior women dressed in leather preaching about faith called the Valkyries so he can learn from them how to see his guardian angelMy favorite part was when the leader of the valkyries told Paulo that he needs not just courage but the courage of a woman That was so powerful and amazingThis book is about the spiritual uest many of us experience in different ways in search of the same thing Embracing love and light can lead to our finding what we are looking for

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    The only good thing about this book was that it was a relatively easy read Otherwise the entire plot and the characters are like the yawn inducing bland portraits found in some struggling artist's repertoire Overused hipster enigma of fabled tales doesn't work here as well as it did in The Alchemist The result is boring colourless and instantly forgettable

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    review in English belowDevo ter comprado este livro depois de ter lido O Diário de Um Mago do mesmo autor há cerca de 25 anos Recentemente e após perceber ual era o tema decidi libertá lo sem o ler mas acabei por não resistir e experimentei ler alguns capítulosA narrativa revestiu se de um maior interesse para mim depois de ler a Nota do Autor e perceber ue este é um relato de acontecimentos ue aparentemente foram vividos por Paulo Coelho e pela sua mulher No entanto isso não chegou para o ler até ao fimAté à página 140 consegui manter me minimamente interessada na história contada através duma escrita muito básica mas eficaz A partir daí comecei a aborrecer me com tanta parvoíce e finalmente depois do capítulo ue termina na página 179 e ue me desagradou particularmente decidi dar por encerrada a experiênciaAcredito ue este relato possa fazer sentido para algumas pessoas e algumas passagens até fizeram algum sentido para mim daí o benefício das 2 estrelinhas I must have bought this book after I read The Pilgrimage by the same author some 25 years ago Recently upon realizing what the subject really was I decided to realease it without reading it but I gave in and I tried reading some chaptersI took interest in the story after reading the Author's Note and realizing that this is an account of events apparently experienced by Paulo Coelho and his wife However that wasn't enough to make me read all of itUntil page 140 I managed to keep myself slightly interested in the story told by way of a very primary yet effective writing From there on I started to get annoyed with so much nonsense and at last after a chapter which I rather disliked I decided to end this experimentI believe that this narrative might make sense to some people and a few passages even made some sense to me hence the 2 star rating

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    Desert Solitaire meets Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance but this is not as good as either oneI see how much Coelho struggles to be a good writer and appreciate his effort to capture something mystical but it doesn't work I suppose he can make all the deals with the devil he wants but the gift of writing has not been bestowed he was cheated ; pI wonder if he was very jealous of the success of JK Rowling when Harry Potter came out? Much better telling of a sort of similar story but in a work of fiction How is Coelho as popular as he is? Perhaps because of the simplistic writing? Can non fiction and fiction be compared? Overcoming a cursed past is story many of us want to hear about would be refreshing to get something like that with a Catholic perspectiveAt the end in the authors note he mentions that he needed to write so that the story was accessible to all readers does this mean he lied about using drugs? It seems like he was dealing cocaine in Brazil and probably used peyote or mesclun in the American Southwest desert The book Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos came to mind A well written memoir of a famous children's book author who had a rough start in his teens and early 20's A real honest telling of going from a bad guy to becoming the famous author of the beloved Rotten Ralph series Life can be long and trajectories can change Gantos story is worth reading

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    This is a novel about Paulo's journey to find his guardian angel as advised by the master of his secret order His wife joins him on this one and the story is told in the third person It starts in Rio and somehow and some reason I forget they go to the Mojave Desert Foolishly one day they go on an outing into the desert and get sunstroke Luckily they are rescued and spend a couple of days recoveringThe Valkyries turn out to be a bunch of biker chicks or warrior women they meet at a truck stop The leader is an attractive woman with long red hair who notices him wearing the ring of his secret order The married couple's encounter with them and further interactions provide some intense moments I thought it unfair for the main character to be open to advances from the other woman and put his wife on the spot to protect or even fight for her marriage AssholeAs for when he stands at the mountain roadside waiting for his angel to appear I didn't get it Did his angel actually show or was it all a hypnotic experience?The only reason I stayed with it was looking for any connection between the original meaning of the Valkyries a battle of sorts and my own life altering experience I had reserved this book weeks in advance at the public library in the fall of 2003 with interest to read it after The Pilgrimage and very much interested in the study of angels At times I tired of reading it due to the weight on my bandaged healing handsI saw it as a tedious story by a man experiencing mid life crisis I was relieved when I finally finished it