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It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls in this hilarious novel I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that my crush Brandon volunteers at a local animal shelter He’s SUCH a sweet guy—OF COURSE he wants to help those adorable puppiesThen Brandon tells me that the shelter is in danger of closing and I know I can’t let that happen especially when I discover a SHOCKING secret about Brandon that makes keeping that shelter open important than everSo I enter an ice skating competition with my friends Chloe and Zoey to help raise money for the shelter but big surprise MacKenzie has to stick her nose in and cause trouble so that SHE can be the one to swoop in and save the dayNo way will I let that happen I’ll just have to come up with some extra creative ideas this time

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    I applaud Nikki for having the guts to enter that ice skating competition to help her crush and friend Brandon Nikki's brave enough to enter even if she lacks the skills even if it makes her looks silly What I like about this series is that teaches teens and readers to be audacious to reach for their dreamsgoals

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    BEFORE THE BOOK HAS BEEN OPENEDREADPURCHASEDWait wait waitSo I was at the store just browsing through the books that they had and I stumbled across a bunch of copies of this book and my first reaction wasOH MY GOD THERE'S ANOTHER ONE????NO ONE TOLD ME THIS Absolutely no one When I finished the first book no one said Hey Theresa there's a 4th book you knowAND WHY NOT? I should know about this I mean I am aHUGE GIGANTIC HYPERLY SUEALING fan of Nikki Maxwell's adventuresSo if there's a 5th book someone better tell meThen again if I knew about the 4th book directly after I finished reading the third one I would have waited for the 4th book in AGONY So the agony was avoided for nowBUT JEEZ I seriously wish I knew about book number 4 soonerSo My review for this lovely lovely installment of Dork Diaries AWAITS Jeez I can't wait to read it I should have bought a copy but alas I have no moneyI need to read this book This is definitely happening within the next month because if it doesn't I'm afraid heads might roll As of July 29 2012 AFTER THE BOOK HAS BEEN CHECKED OUT FROM THE LIBRARY AND READLet me just say that Nikki Maxwell isONE HUGE DRAMA UEENI know I know I'm such a hypocrite Because I'm a drama ueen TOO Y'know except I say Oh my god instead of OMG If you met me about 3 years ago you would have met my OMG selfIf1 You get bugged by the use of OMG2 You get bugged by dramatic pessimism3 You get bugged by the voice of your average overly dramatic teenage girlTHEN this book is not for you SeriouslyBecause I know a bunch of people that get SO ANNOYED by the use of OMG and LOL and TTFN and whatever other acronyms there are that they would KILL SOMEBODYAnd me being the very cautious and caring reviewer I don't want anyone getting hurt because you got annoyed by the overflow of teenage girliness in this bookAnyway I LOVE the teenage girliness in this book mostly because well as cliche as it SEEMS and as many girls that walk this planet that go around shouting OMG every fifteen seconds there aren't many books like thisI mean she's a fourteen year old girlI've read books about fifteen eighteen year old girls who don't go OMG They just narrate with descriptions and loooooong words and melodramaticnessNikki doesn't There's no purple prose here SHE JUST GETS RIGHT TO THE POINTAnd I LOVE ITExample A hot guy walks by the main characterMelodramatic Typical Paranormal Romance Lead Girl ew He was so beautiful as he walked down the hallway he seemed to glide like an angel His muscles flexed gracefully as he walked towards the door His skin glistened as he reached for the door knob and he twisted it so slowly and angelically that I almost fainted Please note that this particular lead girl was describing a shirtless guy opening a doorNikki Maxwell LIKE OMG This totally hot shirtless guy went to open the door and I almost FAINTED from how gorgeous he wasSee how much time you save with Nikki Maxwell?And seriously No teenage girl can be as melodramatic and descriptive as the paranormal romance lead girls that I read aboutWell this is just another opportunity for me to bash on paranormal romances I dislike themAnyway the way Nikki words her words made me LAUGH She made jokes along the way and they were actually FUNNYNot the cheesy kind where there's the drum set in the background that goes Bah dump pah and there are crickets chirpingOh and yeah the view spoilerhappy ending was pretty predictable hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book It is my favorite one so far in the series but there were a few things I would have changed It had the best plot out of all of them currently published that I have read however it was a little predictable It was fun to read and I couldn't put it down and I am glad I bought it I will probably read it again and it is fun if you're looking for a uick read I would say it is the girl version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and much enjoyable for me and the illustrations are cute and funny Overall I really liked it

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    Book DescriptionNikki Maxwell isn't at all surprised to find out that her crush Brandon volunteers at a local animal shelter He's such a sweet guy of course he wants to help those adorable puppies Then Brandon tells her that the shelter is in danger of closing and Nikki knows she can't let that happen Especially when she discovers a shocking secret about Brandon that makes keeping that shelter open important than ever So Nikki and her friends Chloe and Zoey enter an ice skating competition to help raise money for the shelter but big surprise Mackenzie has to stick her nose in and cause trouble so that she can be the one to swoop in and save the day No way will Nikki let that happen She'll just have to come up with some extra creative ideas this timeMy ReviewThis book is truly amazing Nikki is doing a holiday on ice show and the charity is called fuzzy friends since its in danger of closing down Brandon volunteers there so that's why she is helping Mackenzie is mad that nikki chloe and zoey got it first so she goes out of her way to sabotage their act When u read this book u'll figure out some secrets about brandon

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    I thought this book was funny of how girly the characters sounded The genre of this book is fiction I really liked how Nikki was willing to do anything for her crush Brandon I thought it was cuteNikki and her friends were going to do make a performance for a charity to win ten thousand dollars but they didn't know who they could sponsor Their routine was fine just that Nikki wasn't such a good skater and they fact that they couldn't find someone to sponsor was a bit worse But things took a bit of a twist when her crush Brandon asked her to help him with some puppies at an animal shelter and obviously she said yes so when she went with Brandon to help him out she had such a good time She later then found out that the owners of the shop were going to close and Brandon was upset Nikki later then found out why he was so upset it was because The owners were Brandon's grandparents and if the place closed they would have to move and Nikki wouldn't ever get to see Brandon ever again So Nikki tried getting her act together to help Brandon out but when it was close to performance her group's outfits disappeared and they went out as clowns and well they ended up doing their routine like clowns and they were falling The thing is that everyone loved it and they ended up winning the ten thousand dollars for charity Everything turned out fine for her and BrandonI thought this was really funny because of Nikki's enemy MacKenzie how she was being really prissy and thought she was better because she was popular I think a lot of girls can relate to this because there's always that one chick trying to get in between you and your crush like um no honey booboo childI liked this book very much and i would rate it a 85 out of 10 because it was funny and a pretty decent book I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a fun time reading or for fun

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    While the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is by far the most popular series in my school library Dork Diaries is also very popular I must confess that I find Dork Diaries enjoyable Maybe it's because I don't find Greg very likeable maybe because I can relate to a girl main character better But I think that it is most likely because Nikki personifies so well the dramas of middle school I have to laugh at how horrified she becomes at things that I no longer would even blink at but which really are so important to kids at that age I also like Nikki and her friends because they are real with talents and weaknesses who often make poor decisions and then have to live with the conseuencesIn this particular book Nikki and her best friends are putting together an ice skating routine to help save an animal rescue organization But then Nikki tries ice skating and discovers that she has trouble just standing up She decides to try to get out of the charity event and then finds out that her crush Brandon has a special connection to the shelter and she must do something to help At the same time Nikki's nemesis Mackenzie does everything she possibly can to make Nikki's life difficult With plenty of drama as well as humor I couldn't help but cheer Nikki on as she struggles with her challenges both at home and at school Girls especially will find much to enjoy in this series The humorous illustrations add the perfect touch I highly recommend this series to middle grade readers looking for something beyond Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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    Try thinking about entering an ice skating competition when you can't even balance on ice Doesn't it sound dreadful to you?Sadly Nikki has to skate for an animal shelter to let it stay open Even worse she finds out an unbelievable fact that affects Nikki and Brandon's relationship Nikki is determined to stop the animal shelter from closing and the only way to prevent the shelter from closing is to skate and raise money This may sound like a very easy task to accomplish but actually it is extremely hard Especially when you have your arch enemy planning to cause disastrous trouble Nikki faces so many conflicts in this book and has so many ideas that can hide her terrible skating skillsI really recommend this book to you if you have enjoyed the former Dork Diaries books❤️

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    So far this book has been the most emotional It is just sad to see Nikki all stressed out about ice skating and it doesn't help that Mackenzie is there to put her into even stress Although the book does end in a really good ending I cannot wait to see what happens next

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    How do I read it on here?? HELP

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    Nikki's school Westchester Country Day is studying ice skating in gym so that students can participate in the Holiday on Ice charity show Nikki signs up with her friends Chloe and Zoey in hopes that they can beat the awful MacKenzie The only problem? Nikki can't skate This is an even bigger problem when she chooses Fuzzy Friends as her charity and her crush Brandon has a big stake in that because it is run by his grandparents and if the animal shelter has to close he might have to move Nikki has other problems like her goofy parents and annoying sister having to read Moby Dick in school and do a project on it and of course figuring out whether or not Brandon really likes her When MacKenzie sabotages Nikki's act for the ice show will she be able to survive? Apparently because Tales from a Not So Smart Miss Know It All came out on October 2ndStrengths This is what 6th grade girls mean when they want to read about romance and reluctant readers zip through these because the pictures delude them into thinking that there isn't as much text Very popularWeaknesses Strained my credulity on several counts ice skating for gym? Moby Dick? I also wanted to slap Nikki just a tiny bit for being shallow At least she's not as annoying as Wimpy Kid