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Give me six months and I'll give you the worldBrandon McKinney is a man reborn Newly awakened to the notion of consensual power exchange and the submissive urges inside him he begs for a second chance from the man who opened his eyes to this world Silicon Valley superstar Jonathan Watkins But no birth is absent pain and Brandon’s is no exception He fears he’s not strong enough to see it throughJonathan knows better He’s seen the iron core inside his new submissive and the wounded heart inside him too He means to teach Brandon to heal the one with the other They have five months left on their contract after all and Jonathan has done with less beforeIt’s tough to stay objective though when you’re falling in love Shame Brandon doesn’t feel the same He’s only there for the three million dollar payout at contract’s end—a fact that Jonathan nursing his own wounded heart reminds himself of each day For even as Brandon’s barriers break and his mind expands even as he grows to love his place at Jonathan’s feet he’ll never love life with a sadist—especially one who cannot escape the public eyeNOTE This title is a seuel to Power PlayResistance and should be read in series order for maximum enjoyment

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    Cat Grant and Rachel Haimowitz are my DommesWhen I started in their service it was so hard you know? It hurt I mean Jonathan was such an asshole and such a bad Dom Not even a Dom Just a sadistic wanker It was difficult and painful ProlongedBut rather than fighting the pain I let it wash over me Through me I found the pleasure inside that pain And that painpleasure was goooooodAnd then it got really challenging and scary because I didn't know what was coming I was worried the second book would suck I was so afraid But despite my fear I made myself believe in my Dommes I just let that worry go I let myself drift I trusted that they would bring me back safely from the place they'd taken me toAnd then they did Please do not read beyond the spoiler tag if you have not read book one Just go read it No actual spoilers for book two followview spoilerBook two is not so much a continuation of the story from book one as it is a re boot This is not one long novel Rather it is two sides to one storyBook two starts immediately book one finished and Jonathan straight away recants everything He apologises calls himself an idiot view spoiler Even Devon admits he was wrong hide spoiler

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    35 StarsI have some mixed feelings about this one I don’t know I liked it or hated it At some point this story took me out of my comfort zone and I don’t know in a good way or bad It was just at the same time I didn’t want to read it any and I couldn’t read it faster Yes I found the love between them but I didn’t like Jonathan in this book I think I liked book one because of Bran’s fighting back but in this one he seemed so calm and I wanted to see that fierceness again Told in dual POV 3rd person It’s the second installment in the Power Play series and has to be read in order All in all I don’t know what’s my feeling but nevertheless I hope you enjoy it

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     I've been so scared to read this book ever since I read Power Play Resistance  I kept asking myself ♦ Will Jonathan find creative ways to torture Bran? ♦ Would Jonathan learn from his past mistakes?♦ Will Bran ever like Jonathan beating him?♦ Will the sex be hot this time?♦ Can Jonathan and Bran have a real life HEA? and all of my uestions were answered to my satisfactionof course I'm not going to spoiler on ALL the details Maybe a few  Some of the reasons why I loved this book ♦ The writing is so beautiful and descriptive even though some of the content is hard to stomach at times ♦ The authors were able to get me to like Jonathan  I even felt sorry for him on occasion  ♦ Jonathan was patient with Bran and actually took the time to teach him during the scenes ♦ There was communication this time even if it was in the form of  A sessions involving demerits than rewards♦ The sex was so intense Every scene was a turn on for me and I think the one with the clothes pins was the most beautiful BDSM scene I've ever read  view spoilerJonathan will always be a sadist but when Bran finally accepts that and welcomes itdamn I have no words  It was a true turning point in their relationship hide spoiler

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    Even though I had VERY mixed feelings about the first volume I was determined to read this mostly to set my mind at ease about Brandon whom I'd really come to care for And it was him too who saved this book for me He's really such a strong personality someone who despite the bad cards life dealt him took his fate into his own hands and made the best of what he had The methods he resorted to in order to achieve his goal were a bit extreme after all it's not to forget that it was him who sold his freedom and bodily autonomy away in the first place even though I still can't forgive Jonathan for dangling this particular bloody schnitzel in front of a starving lion serves him right he had his hand bitten off metaphoricallythough in the end I wasn't wholly satisfied with Brandon's answer to Jonathan's uestion Neither did I buy it nor made it an awful lot of sense blurted out like thiswhich was the only real issue I had with the story arc and the writing in itself by the way Plot writing and editing were otherwise amazing I still don't like Jonathan an awful lot though he too redeemed himself somewhat I know I wrote this the last time too He did come to be a better manthough; still the terribly clichéed super rich Dom but he was supplied with at least SOME human traits this timeThis book was much easier to endure than the first one for several reasons For one the authors wisely kept the bestiality down this time; this is still heavy BDSM but not the tasering starving dehumanizing mess the other one was Secondly this time Jonathan finally bothered to TALK to Brandon to take Brandon's inexperience into consideration and to EXPLAIN things to him The dynamics between them worked much much better this time; it really felt as if Jonathan had done some serious thinking and did his share of the work instead of leaving all the heavy lifting to Brandon Come to think of it yes I think I ended up liking Jonathan anyway Well Perhaps a little Some Orthere this is what bothered me most about both books While the first depicted Brandon being brainwashed by every trick in the book take any random guy beat him up starve him deprive him of useful tasks isolate him and threaten him with electroshocks and whippings long enough and often enough and he WILL kneel at your feet suck your dick feed from your hand and sing any song you want him to the second one was somehow even worse in this regard because Brandon agreed He kissed the hand that wielded the whipview spoiler came from being fucked with the whip that broke him hide spoiler

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    Wow Okay I read that in record time I may have saved time by forgetting to breathe This was intense Brandon's transformation was nothing less than spiritual or maybe all that talk of offering up sorrows is talking me right back to when I used to hang around the local Catholic Church as an impressionable teenager Just for that one young priest who wore a Batman t shirt a cheeky smile and spoke Latin But that's probably not relevant so I'll start again This was intense I know that some other reviewers have had an issue with Brandon submitting to pain when it wasn't one of his kinks but that felt like kind of the point to me Brandon's submission meant that he put Jonathon's needs first and that was a huge deal for both of them I'm still not sure how I feel about Jonathon he seemed to jump from sadistic asshole to cuddly teddy way too uickly I'd like to spend time in his POV to really get a handle on him I loved Brandon's journey and the scenes between the guys were hot It definitely feels like of an HFN than an HEA but that's okay because that means we might see the guys again More please?

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    This book was AMAZING I LOVED IT I cried I laughed I melted Oh dear lord Jonathan is bi I'll lay down at his feet Absolutely FABULOUS This is a must read I hope my official review will be approved so it can be posted soonOkay to tide people over until my official review comes outRACHEL You delicious heart ripper you Just rip out my heart why don't you? Yes I'm talking about you I was That Japanese character is also a Chinese one which means hitAt one point I wasthen for the China trip I wasthe end of the tripBecause honestly Bran felt likewhile Jonathan saidand I'm going And the ending I'm goingand when I read the epilogueSo now hopefully my review will be posted and I'llMy Official review is here Mine is the second reviewYou can't swing a cat without hitting a male Dominant in this city Jonathan tells Bran Seriously? Where is this city? I can't walk several feet without tripping over a submissive For a Dom less submissive this city Jonathan and Bran live in must be amazing In POWER PLAY AWAKENING Bran is back with Jonathan to finish out his contract In the first book Jonathan is supposed to be this amazing Dom who is much sought after by many a submissive The first book captures Jonathan at his worst because he was not a Dom I would ever respect He crosses so many lines and breaks a man for no other purpose than his own selfish desiresI prepared myself for the follow up There was no way Jonathan could redeem himself in my eyes Within the first chapter Jonathan not only turns from hated villain into loved hero Dom but I'm also falling hard for him Jonathan completely owns up to his mistakes to Bran and in this story we are allowed into Jonathan's mind than in the previous Jonathan tries very hard to help Bran and his methods are what he should have done all along This is not to say the five months are perfect In fact there are several instances of one step forward and two steps back Those are realistic and make the story poignantMs Haimowitz and Ms Grant do an excellent job showcasing the TPE Ds SM relationship The breakdown of Bran's walls until he understands why he built up these walls was difficult to watch As Bran transfers and of his power to Jonathan it's a beautiful submission blossoming Seeing Bran long to eat out of Jonathan's hands is sexy as well as endearing Learning that Bran is into BD with his preference for restraints despite his adamant denials is definitely a hard epiphany The hardest for Bran is the SM part He does not handle pain well in the sense that his childhood of parental abuse is too tied with beatings Unfortunately Jonathan is a hardcore sadist There were times I couldn't fathom how the authors would be able to overcome this obstacle Ms Haimowitz and Ms Grant soar over this hurdle in a manner that is believable and movingThere were a couple of drawbacks to this story which did not decrease the five star rating It's due to some of the secondary characters Sabrina the housekeeper and Solange a former submissive are both despicable They do not understand where Bran comes from and they are immediately judgmental Both of them should know better Yes they are friends with Jonathan and are protective of him However that does not mean they should treat Bran so callously Sabrina is the bigger disappointment with her lack of compassion and specifically her hateful words It appears she can only tear a person down instead of help build a person up She's spiteful and a poor teacher Solange is just a jealous bitch Her cruel words are uncalled for and if Bran were a lesser person tattling on her Jonathan will most likely cut Solange out of his life She's pettyThe BDSM scenes and specifically the punishments are much milder in this story If the first is about punishment this second one is about self discovery While it is unrealistic to expect BDSM to be therapeutic and cathartic this story thrives on both for Bran Jonathan is completely masterful and while he still makes mistakes he works them out with Bran Bran's growth in this story moves me to tears He makes Jonathan proud and the reader sighs with relief and pride This lovely artwork in writing is highly recommended to BDSM lovers who enjoy a window side seat to a breathtakingly beautiful relationship in the making Buy this book now

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    Ok I'm a literary masochist of sorts because every so often I end up reading books about 247 TPE relationships and really those fuckers really hurt me even physically Anyway I was curious about this story since long ago even though I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it very much So why not? what could be possibly go wrong? And there was book one I hated it I still do will do forever maybe; I can't even bring myself to rate it I wanted to Burn it One thing is not uite enjoying a book like in Uneven or plain disliking it like in Duck but Power Play Resistance was simply tortuous gut wrenching torture Jonathan was most definitely NOT a Dom simply a sadist I had absolutely zero sympathy for him I wanted him arrested chocked andor death and I'm getting pretty tired of the not wealthy but freaking billionaire Dom like no money no whip right? sigh but that is not this book fault so let's move onBut I put on my big girl panties and carried on keeping in mind book one was so awfully distasteful book two can't possibly be worse it can only get better right?It does but I still hate Jonathan and didn't enjoy this plentyThis book is all about growing up both Jonathan and Bran really grow up as individuals and as a couple I found it really touching the pacing and flow of this book The way they evolved they learned BOTH for god's sake not just the freaking dom teaching the sub like a god The sex is intense at times way too intense but the tender moments are wonderful they learn to communicate beautifully in this book Actually everything that was absent in book one appears here in all its glory Sex both partners enjoy communication carefulness patience tenderness happiness But I still think Jonathan and Sabrina are distateful characters and Brandon is always in the worst end of everything It seems to me he's scared of his partner and his punishments until than half of the book which really can't mean they're in a healthy sane relationship And I can't over the last punishment I hated how Jonathan was cleansed of his mistakes by doing nothing If anything my last impression is that Brandon is brainwashed and he's the only one sacrificing anything for having a relationship with Jonathan He is not a masochist and never will be yet he's up for canings and whippings because 'Jonathan deserves his pleasure' I also don't think he's a full time slave like a bedroom submissive yet Jonathan goes for 100% or nothing In my mind I like to imagine there is a third book in which either Brandon leaves Jonathan for good or Jonathan has to sacrifice something andor loses anything he's way too spoiledAlso I still feel cheated with the epilogue I dislike when the authors skip showing and they just tell what happened view spoileryeah he wouldn't let me back but he did and now I'm here it was hard but let's no talk about it hide spoiler

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    Fucking yes This book man I swear to god I freaking loved it When the first book has been a little bit all over the place with the Dom Sub relationship that was going on between Bran and Jonathan this book took a whole 180 and turn the whole thing around in a good way Like I said in the first book I believe in learning curve And it seems that my trust in Jonathan and his ability to guide Bran to realize what he needs and who he can be has proven to be true Despite his errors in book one he than redeemed himself in this book “All this the whips the chains the Yes Jonathan and No Jonathan and even the fucking cages all this was here to push him into all the things he wanted all the things he needed—the secret things the shameful things the things he thought he couldn’t have or didn’t dare ask for the things he wasn’t strong enough to face on his own” And when I thought I just couldn't love Jonathan and Brandon any they just turn around and prove me wrong I swear my heart is bursting with love for these two Often when I read books I will always find myself love one character than another and for me that is normal Until I read this series I have never love both characters as eually as I did with these two Not to mention all the sex BDSM scenes are awfully hot and I might or might not have been suirming in my seat the entire time I am reading this book Despite all that I mentioned above the one thing that got me coming back and always wanting ? Is the connection these two have with each other They are so well attuned to each other that sometimes they don't even need to speak to understand what the other needs And it's justI'm at loss for words I can't uite exactly describe the connection they have with each other my vocabularies are not vast enough for that But trust me when I say what Jonathan and Bran had together was everything I'd imagined a Dom and Sub have in a BDSM relationship Thank you Ms Haimowitz for bringing me along on such a wonderful ride Both Jonathan and Bran will be characters I will keep close to my heart and treasure forever Thank you for writing such a wonderful masterpiece and sharing it to the world “I’ve got you And even if I didn’t you’re plenty strong enough on your own But I do have you of course Always” For of my reviews click here

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    I cannot say after the emotional wreck I was from reading the first in this series that I wasn't ready for a break I liked this one You get the same fabulous writing at least through about 50% in or so After that it feels a bit different This is regular BDSM themed and not so heavy with the tortureabuse like the first one was I was still absorbed just not uite so emotionally invested Warning Spoilers likelyI thought Jonathon calmed down and became rational here I didn't like him any better than the first one though I did hate him less I didn't see true evolution of him at the level I expected though at least he seems to get what he's done to Bran and what the impact of that is going to be He talked and explained He did not lash out in anger Those are good things I was also happy he accepted Devon's advice to get away Unfortunately that meant it still had a Stockholm Syndrome feel due to isolation and control Even being in Bran's head didn't help me to conuer this feeling Jonathon is still too much all about Jonathon He does whatever he wants when he wants too bascially He seems selfish and that may be what I react too and why I don't really believe him capable of the level of love Brandon deserves Mostly it seemed like he did things for Bran only because it was the only way to not drive him completely away with the pain I never felt he wanted to do it out of love That's what I needed for this to hit 5 stars I wish he had expressed or we'd of viewed it the carrot pieces of the pie It does start to evolve mid way through but it was too slow for me As much as he wanted Brandon to give him everything I don't really see what he was willing to give up? Then I found it incredibly ironic that in his marriage there was no SM Mmhmmso clearly he could temper that to meet in the middle I mean he didn't die or anything for not being able to give hardcore pain to a spouse Yet he never does even give an inkling that he is willing to compromise Why? Perhaps this is being colored by my own personal BDSM beliefs as someone who is in the lifestyle at least on a low level but right or wrong I always read characters and think about whether I'd want to be with them Hazard I guess He's a no go for me Not even for all the luscious yummy pain he could giveHe does get kudos for not reacting so much out of anger actually living up to his word on the limit cooking and for coming through with the contract payment I did like that he was able to be sort of flexible with the shopping Given Brandon's past I was very happy with how Jonathon dealt with it One of the few times I actually thought good of him However it got kind of ruined by the set a sub up for failure which is pretty close to a deal breaker for me It destroys trust which is a hallmark Brandon was also just ok here I didn't really hook line and sinker the whole transformation I expected the peace to come naturally if it was supposed to be what he needed wanted but nearly every time he had to overcome a natural reaction that seemed authentic and honestInstead of him actually changing it had the feel of him freaking out figuring out what he should be feeling and then changing his reactionaction to fit that Pavlov's dog than true discovery Seems like it would be exhausting Instead of truly believing he had to translate into action I wanted him to just believe Corny maybe I couldn't shake the feeling that I was supposed to be thinking he had gained everything when I just couldn't see it I REALLY hated the airplane when Brandon acted like a 3 year old I felt like he regressed rather than progressed I was like oh man the bratty sub thinggreat He pushed everything in the first book but I wouldn't class him as bratty And towards the end when he was constantly spacing out I still don't get that but that's probably personal I have no desire to be able to do that I don't like being unaware of my surroundings Nicky and Devon being included actually made the contrast between the relationships so profound Much as I liked seeing them I'm not sure it was helpful at all It just emphasized how different it could be if the pain was matched uphow good Because I still have major issues with the pain level I don't think they are well matched at all in this and I don't see it surviving It is important for me to note it is NOT about the pain itself I'm a masochist and I love a good caningso my problem is not pain per se I guess I prefer in consensual stories that pain levels match up better I mean it's one thing to give a 6 cane stroke punishmentuite another to beat someone with a vicious rubber flogger I make a distinction in what I like to read and I don't like punishment much which definitely affected me in these two books It is all about beating and punishment There is almost no correction or discipline used that is not about pain Given the huge voluminous ways you can discipline or correct someone I didn't understand why it always was about the pain The only reason to me was that Jonathon was only willing to offer the one way of correction Sorry That's a fail I like balance I don't feel like there was any achievement of that here I get that a sadist likes to see someone in pain Hell I'm a masochist who LIKES pain Yet I think that gets tempered by love should it exist into some sort of compromise if the match isn't there even if not all the time a nice percentage Perhaps it is just too difficult a concept for me to understand the mindset that needing to be pleased and needing to see and be offered suffering in noncon or reluctant ways over rides the love for another Platitudes notwithstanding no amount of good boy's could shake this feeling for me Clearly there is a dependency relationship that Jonathon has done his best to cement and Brandon is very dependent I just didn't think it fit at all who Brandon was or who really was meant to be I would have maybe felt different if the ending was over YEARS instead of mere months I don't think months are enough time to really figure things out I wanted to see Bran be successful and achieve some goals and then make decisions He bought a business built a house and started college in 14 weeks It would have felt real to me believable if he had gotten his degree and THEN gone back Though the last chapter or so had one of the better feels to it and for the first time I really got that glimpse of what Bran might have achieved really with his confidence level with the teacher I don't know that I ever got the impression though that confidence was a problem before downtrodden yes Confidence no Great smooth and clear writing Clearly a great duo

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    OMFG THIS BOOK IS AMAZING 5I don’t even have the words to express how awesome this book was no freaking words This will be another review where I am unable to express the awesmazingness packed into 292 pages Cat and Rachel has outdone themselves with PP A and after fangirling over book 1 I am stone cold obsessed with Power Play Awakening Jonathan and Brandon are a tattoo on my heart and in brain Impossible to Forget Power Play Awakening picks up right after the first book which left you wondering how things were going to work out between Brandon and Jonathan Their relationship was a disaster from the beginning but there were glimpses that something beautiful would be the result if both men were to let go of their hang ups Well Brandon is willing to give it another go and what a sweet second chance it wasWith 5 months left in their contract Brandon has to completely submit and face things about himself that aren’t pleasant He is willing to try and when his head lets go of the things he believes a man shouldn’t be doing and his heart accepts that there is no shame in submitting Together the men create a rhythm filled with such sweetness such pain and loveA love not recognizable from the beginning but you can feel it in their actions the moments of tender vulnerability and the fact that they are willing to do anything for each other However it is not always rainbows and sunshine with Jonathan being a hardcore sadist and Brandon not being a fan of pain It’s a freaking match made in heaven y’all Because he want’s Brandon not to want the pain he want’s his real tears and he wants his suffering above all else he wants Brandon to take the pain for him To willingly suffer for himJonathan has come a long way from the man he was in book one He is patient loving and so freaking sexy he made my pants lose pants His character spellbinds me and I think I dream about him at night Brandon broke my wee little heart His headspace was bit fucked up but I loved those moments when he gave in It came so natural to him and makes you wonder why was he fighting it in the first placeYou could argue about whether both men feelings are genuine based on how the relationship was started I think a long the way the money became a lesser issue because the money became an excuse for Brandon to stay It was the only way he could cope So Brandon you ain’t no ho because sometimes we need that anchor to keep us to a place If you are a ho? You sure are a smart one ^Overall I loved the crap out of this book The writing was superb the story excellent and the characters the freaking best I am a huge fan of BDSM books and they are sometimes never done right never written with the respect that is needed The Power Play series was written with respect and a sure knowledge of the scene This will forever be one of my favourite reads Just Simply the Freaking Best Thanks to Rachel Haimowitz for providing me with extra pants because yes a lot of pants were lost in the reading of thisSideNote That fucking book cover That Is All