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Poetry You wake up with your hopes for sprinklers that don't cost too much Then you start your walking and thinking of what the first moonwalk cost us There's the us yes whomever in your life you want to take over your long standing nights You and the day and the us and the thinking all start together and NO NOT TODAY starts there over and over Wise out of the side of the mouth funny and pillow talking these are daily delvings clearly intimate and at home in the country impressed and terrified by the consistency of life and love Reading the poems of Jordan Stempleman is like becoming your own trust fall partner

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    The surprising and surreal poems in Stempleman’s winning collection move and twist because the language moves and twists “There are long standing nightsthat I am hoping you’ll take over So many morningsof thuddingly unsure supremacy instead ofsuddenly I’m sure there’s a pharmacy I love youYou are sick and I am not helping” These poems are hard to pin down which is what makes them fun to re read The reader at least this reader feels like it’s an enjoyable game of backtrack and catch up or a pleasant struggle to corral the seductive sprawl so a better look can be had In these poems that beg to be read slowly Stempleman has created a narrator who communes with all things including his insides “Blood I may cease for a moment and enjoysomeone’s poor hatched scam” It’s the internal barter we go through every day our way of making sense of things choices Beneath the simple titles the poems are all titled as days of the week exist structures that expand and contract—small universes—explorations made manifest Are these poems linear? Perhaps only in that they have by necessity textual starting and stopping points though beyond that they’re like trains of thought happily derailing and shifting looping back and then forward Time folds over but invariably thrusts onward at least again as the eyes of the reader move from top to bottom It’s the sheer unpredictability of these poems that make them so wonderful and Stempleman exhibits a warm hearted control throughout “According to the standards of a photograph of a dirtybottomless lake I can’t say anything is almost beautifulunless it’s lurking to come apart” Whether identifying beauty by what it’s not or by its ability to change—as a thought or a physical body—Stempleman keeps plenty busy stuffing his poems with the confetti rice and rain of life Instead of a bending to a bearded god or some such deity these poems urge the reader to submit to originality They’ll find plenty of that within these pages

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    'The oldest premise is aiming at what I was aiming at and thensomeone reminds me you can change''It's about time we dig It's about time we tormentthe unseen I'm coming to as slowly as I began''There are atoms that are gloriousand have no say''I like my warningsall in one day When I am having a hard timeI am having a hard time''Once I finally told you that I likedthat you heard me It seems that you heard meThe temperature as we know it is risingfrom this point on'

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    she was the one who called you overas I leaned like a forest gone soft

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    We should all turn in our badges hang up our pistols and throw ourselves on the mercy of poets like Jordan Stempleman if we can find them

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    seemed like the kind of book that has to be read in the right setting and ideally in one sitting started reading at night while really sleepy not ideal then continued reading in the morning while under covers with the light on in very uiet conditions seemed ideal and finished reading at night in bright lighting while a tv was on in the next room not ideal some parts i found strange and relatable and funny others seemed to be trying too hard like the poems had become too precocious and they'd filled up on unnecessary words a comforting construct that for me overshot its own execution

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    I want my hands to scare the shit out of me

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    Exuisite Transcendent Invigorating Unlike anything I have ever read Gorgeous YES More please